Is Eric Wade’s Crypto Cash Summit Legit?

Eric Wade, one of the newsletter editors at Stansberry Research, recently released a presentation called Crypto Cash Summit.

The header of the event keeps changing because at one point it was:

“Eric Wade: ‘The Timing Is Finally PERFECT to Take Advantage of the Most Disruptive Phase of the Crypto Revolution.’

Bigger than Bitcoin – take advantage of the most important (and profitable) disruption in the history of the crypto world.”

But it then changed to:

“Why 2021 Will Change the Future of Money in America Forever

When we predicted a dollar collapse 10 years ago… they mocked us. Today, however, the signs are everywhere. Here’s our best recommendation to protect your wealth, and make as much as 25X your money with what comes next.”

Whichever header it is, Eric Wade’s core message and the reason he did the summit was to talk about how you can earn a fixed income by investing in cryptocurrencies.

It is a relatively new concept and in this review, I give you an overview of what Eric talked about at the Crypto Cash Summit:

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What is the Crypto Cash Summit?

The Crypto Cash Summit is an online event hosted by Tom Mustin featuring Eric Wade during which they discuss how most conventional avenues for investment are no longer viable (in their opinion) and why cryptocurrencies and the blockchain are likely solutions to this.

Eric Wade's Crypto Cash Summit

Tom Mustin lays this out right at the beginning when he says:

“In short – we are living through the greatest economic and social experiment since FDR’s New Deal.

Today 26% of the money in the U.S. economy was printed by the government since February of last year.

As a result, inflation has hit almost 5%… that’s the highest we’ve seen in 30 years.

And Eric knows that investors around the world have been presented with a terrible dilemma.

If you are holding any cash, the value of that cash is falling fast.

But where do you put it?

By almost all measures, the U.S. stock market is the most expensive it has ever been in history…

Meanwhile, yields on bonds the lowest in history…

And with home prices in the US surging 24% in the last year alone…

It seems there’s no safe place to put your money in America today.

So, what’s an investor to do?”

In that preamble, Tom highlights the fact that inflation is high and investments like bonds, mortgages, stocks, and savings are no longer as good as they ought to be.

The discussion then segues to how Eric Wade wants you to consider investing in crypto instead.

Eric is not alone in urging people to invest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain stocks. I have seen presentations like Matt McCall’s 2021 Crypto Millionaire Forecast and Ian King’s Next Wave Crypto Fortunes where they each want you to do mostly the same thing.

However, Eric Wade doesn’t just want you to invest in cryptocurrencies conventionally. He wants you to think beyond Bitcoin.

He says that you should “zoom out” and observe the state of the world, the economy, and technology today and see how you can capitalize on the cryptocurrency boom differently.

“investing in a new technology that will create one of the biggest disruptions in the history of finance.

And no, it isn’t bitcoin. It isn’t Ethereum. It’s an even bigger opportunity. And the potential gains could be unlike anything we’ve ever talked about before.”

I won’t keep you waiting any longer; I think he is referring to making money from the decentralized finance (DeFi) phenomenon because, at one point in the presentation, he says,

“In short – our opportunity is to essentially act like a bank in the crypto world.

And as I’ll show you there are a variety of ways we can lend our money and lock in terrific income streams.”

Now, there are a few terms you need to understand to make sense of what Eric is talking about.

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Decentralized Finance (De-Fi)

(Before we begin, I will not go deep into the details of the concepts you encounter in the presentation here because I think there are other free resources on the internet that do a better job of explaining them.

Here, I barely scratch the surface to enable you to follow along with Eric Wade’s presentation because he introduces some of these concepts but doesn’t even explain what most of them are in a way that you can understand them if you are just starting from scratch.)

Decentralized Finance or DeFi, is a financial system that does not have a central regulatory authority like a government agency or a Central Bank. Using a decentralized currency and decentralized infrastructure (a blockchain), this system creates a financial system that offers financial services without a central governing body.

Typically, you need a stable cryptocurrency to carry out transactions within the decentralized system. This is where a stablecoin comes in.

A stablecoin is a cryptocurrency that is pegged to the value of a real-world asset, usually some major currency like the US dollar.

Going back to the presentation, Eric Wade says that now is the perfect time to be investing in crypto assets because of the correction in the crypto market. He says,

“Well, you might think I’d be upset about the current correction in cryptos…

But actually, the opposite is true. I’ve never been more excited.

If it wasn’t for the recent correction, I honestly don’t know if I’d be doing this right now.

But now that prices have come way down, it is going to give us a massive advantage in this next phase of crypto disrupting the financial world order.”

He then says that he thinks the crypto market will rise by 20X in the next few years and it will make for a lucrative investment.

And that’s when the conversation moves to DeFi:

“Yes, most people don’t realize this is possible, but it is one of the easiest ways to earn a big yield on your cash, outside the traditional financial system.

And that’s all thanks to one innovation called stable coins.

Let me repeat that so folks at home can write this down: Stable coins.

The phrase hasn’t gone mainstream yet, like Bitcoin, which is to your advantage. Because I’m saying here and now: THIS is where the future crypto fortunes are going to be made.

Stable coins are essentially the “bridge” between the world of traditional finance, and crypto.

They were created because of the volatility in cryptos.

And essentially, they are pegged to the value of fiat currencies, like the dollar, the Euro, or the yen.”

Although Eric doesn’t explicitly mention DeFi, it is exactly what he is talking about.

Eric believes that Stable Coins are the easiest and lowest risk way to earn income in the crypto world.

“Right now, you can convert your U.S. dollars to a widely respected stable coin like the U.S. dollar coin or USDC for short.

And you can start earning interest…”

What Eric Wade is talking about is referred to as yield farming.

Yield Farming is the practice of putting your crypto assets to work to generate the highest returns. Most investors move their assets around various pools to find the ones that offer the best yield (again, read the page I just linked to, to learn more about pools).

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It is a complex process that has become popular over the past year or so mainly due to the popularization of DeFi. He gives an example of how this can be done:

“Right now, you can deposit $10,000 in USDC, and get paid the equivalent of an 8.6% yield!

And remember, you are getting paid back in the same thing, USDC, which can always be converted 1 for 1 with the U.S. dollar.

And that’s for a one-year deposit.

If you change the term of the deposit, you can earn even more.

If you deposit the money for 5 years, you can earn a yield of 10.2%…

If you deposit the money for 10 years, you can earn 12.2%…

If you deposit the money for 20 years, you can earn 21%…

And if you deposit the money for 30 years, you can earn 36% per year!”

He also talks about earning your interest as Bitcoin, investing Bitcoin to earn interest in form of Bitcoin or another crypto, and other forms of yield farming.

The other opportunity he talks about is earning tokens by investing in the exchanges (learn about tokens here):

“To function properly, crypto exchanges need liquidity – piles of money and cryptocurrencies to facilitate transactions.

And our second opportunity to earn income in this market is by helping these exchanges do their job.

If you post stable coins or cryptos you own to an exchange to provide liquidity, you can earn a part of the fees they charge when people use the exchange to buy and sell crypto.”

All the details about how Eric wants you to go about yield farming are in a report called How to Generate Annual Income of 8%+ WITHOUT the Volatility of Cryptos.

Eric Wade's Crypto Cash SummitIt is a special report where he provides his five favorite recommendations for earning a big yield on your savings.

You also receive other recommendations from him when you sign up for his newsletter called Crypto Cashflow.

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Who is Eric Wade?

Eric Wade is an editor at Stansberry Research. He runs an advisory service called Crypto Capital where he highlights investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency space.

He is an entrepreneur and investor who started trading stocks and futures in college. He later became a certified financial manager at a large American retail brokerage. He sold the domain name,, for over $1 million.

Eric began his career in cryptocurrency trading by mining Bitcoin. He then started mining Ethereum and eventually taught himself to build his mining software.

After the Cryptocurrency bubble of 2016-17, he started mining dozens of other digital currencies.

He recently launched a new advisory service called Crypto Cashflow.

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Crypto Cashflow Review

Crypto Cashflow is a brand-new investment advisory service by Eric Wade that is published by Stansberry Research.

Eric Wade does all the heavy lifting – the research and analysis of crypto income investment opportunities – and hands you the names and specific instructions on how to take advantage of them.

Eric Wade's Crypto Cash Summit

He then gives you an in-depth analysis every month based on the due diligence that few other people in the newsletter business are doing.

To be fair to him, there are very few newsletter gurus offering this kind of service so he has honed in on the niche. I can only think of Teeka Tiwari’s Crypto Income newsletter (of course, there are many others).

When you subscribe to the newsletter, he tells you how to invest, how long each position should be leveraged, and how you can leverage your cryptocurrency or fiat currency to earn income. He also alerts you about when you should exit a trade.

One of the ways he talks about his research is through his special reports. When you sign up for the newsletter, you receive special reports like:

How to Generate Annual Income of 8%+ WITHOUT the Volatility of Cryptos

It is the first report you get and it is about five recommendations that Eric wants you to invest in to earn big yields on your savings.

How to Generate Annual Income of 9% AND Earn Capital Gains Of 2,500%

In this one, Eric talks about four crypto cashflow opportunities as well as a way to earn up to 9% interest on your dollars.

Eric Wade's Crypto Cash SummitThis interest is paid in form of a small cryptocurrency that he says could rise to 1,000% in the next 12 months and up to 2,500% in the long term.

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This 35% Income Stream Could Soon Pay You 700% Per Year

This report centers on a “unique situation” that Eric Wade believes could generate an effective income yield of 700%.

Eric Wade's Crypto Cash SummitHe says that to make it work, you won’t use stable coins, rather, you’ll be depositing a token that powers the top 5 best crypto income projects.

Since you will receive your income in the form of crypto, you could collect annual income worth over 700% more than your deposit in one year.

The Ultimate Crypto Cashflow Guide

This special report is for people who have never invested in cryptos to earn income.

Eric Wade's Crypto Cash SummitIn it, Eric Wade shows you everything you need to do in an easy-to-understand language with step-by-step instructions. He shows you how to get started and how you can start earning income in just a couple of minutes.

How much is Crypto Cashflow?

By the end of the Crypto Cash Summit, they offer you a two-year membership for $2,500.

The Crypto Cashflow Refund Policy

There are no cash refunds when you sign up for Crypto Cashflow.

Eric Wade's Crypto Cash Summit

What they have instead is 60 days after you join when you can cancel your membership and receive a credit to use on any other newsletter published by Stansberry Research.

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Closing Remarks on Eric Wade’s Crypto Cash Summit

Although a lot is packed into Eric Wade’s Crypto Cash Summit, there are key takeaways about how Eric wants you to make money in cryptocurrencies.

To put it plainly, he wants you to yield farm in a few ways:

  • He wants you to invest in dollar-backed stable coins and earn your interest in form of dollar-backed stable coins, OR
  • You can invest in dollar-backed stable coins and earn interest in Bitcoin, OR
  • Invest in Bitcoin and receive your interest payments in Bitcoin.
  • Invest in a cryptocurrency that can rise in value and receive income in a cryptocurrency that may also rise in value. This option is the riskiest but it provides you with the highest possible returns if everything works out fine.

Each of these scenarios earns you a stable rate of return.

If you are going to get involved, I think you need to learn more about all the concepts that Eric Wade introduces here.

The world of Decentralized Finance is an exciting one and it could be the next frontier in cryptocurrencies and the blockchain that will present investors with opportunities to make money.

However, you have to understand these concepts intimately because you need that knowledge if you are going to follow Eric Wade’s advice. Fortunately, there are tons of free resources online explaining these concepts in great detail.

Before you go…

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