Elites Empire Review: Legit or Scam?

Elites Empire is an MLM company that is quite popular on Facebook in the Philippines. It is in the business of promoting products to the public through a network of distributors.

Since Elites Empire has been getting a lot of attention online and there isn’t much information about it for those who’d be interested in the opportunity, I decided to take a closer look at it to find out what it is all about.

I put together this Elites Empire review to share my findings to help you establish whether it is a company that provides its members or other people who wish to join an opportunity to earn money. By the end of this, you should know whether it is a good company worth working for or a get-rich scheme you should avoid.

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Introduction to Elites Empire

Elites Empire is quite popular on Facebook and if you are in the Philippines, you may have heard about it from your friends or relatives trying to encourage you to join for the chance to make money online.

You may have come across one of its live events or ads on social media with photos and videos of people looking happy and talking of how amazing of an opportunity it has been for them.

Elites Empire

Elites Empire has the following mission statement:

“A community of millennial entrepreneurs hustling towards a leveraging business. This is a community of champions and icons of modern entrepreneurship. We change lives and rise by lifting others!”

Irrespective of how you found out about it and from how people talk or write about it, it has the hallmarks of a multi-level marketing scheme.

By that I mean it is always showing you how its members are happy and making tons of money with the intention of tempting you to consider going for it.

Once in a while though, you see someone say that Elites Empire is a bad company that is taking advantage of people or using unscrupulous marketing methods. Usually this is quickly countered by someone else who gives it a glowing review saying how great it is and how much money they made with it.

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Social Media Presence and Community

The company recently held an event at Okada, Manila and there was a lot of attention on social media because a majority of the attendees claimed that it gave them true happiness as they shared their personal victories.

Elites Empire

Elites Empire hosts virtual events online to attract a wider audience around the world, in addition to the meetups. It also runs campaigns to capitalize on the golden age of digital entrepreneurship. They utilize different social media companies to get the word out to the masses about their health and wellness (natural) products.

Elites Empire employs something called “inter-loop hybrid system” and they claim that it converts ordinary people into millionaires.

This system, they claim, is meant to empower ordinary people and enable them to become entrepreneurs and then they become part of their campaign.

Elites started this program in 2020 and have been reporting that since then, the amount of money those empowered consumers have earned has tripled.

Just like you see with most MLMs or network marketing businesses, you cannot find their products in shopping malls or grocery stores. The only way you can buy their products is by finding the distributors.

In most cases, those distributors market their services on Facebook promising you that they offer a ton of value. They take advantage of the fact that Facebook has optional cookies and essential cookies and they track user behavior thus when they promote their products, they are likely to be put in front of the right target audience.

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Elites Empire Products

As I mentioned earlier, Elites Empire sells products in the health and wellness niche. This group of products is quite popular with the MLM businesses and you’ll find it getting a lot of attention on affiliate marketing platforms like Clickbank (usually linked to programs like Inbound Closer and Amazon Prime Profits Payouts.

Here are the products sold by the Elite Empire distributors:


Choleduz is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, a family of unsaturated fatty acids that are required for normal growth and enhancing your health. Choleduz also offers heart-health benefits and reduces heart rate, blood pressure, triglycerides, and atherosclerosis.


Choleduz’s functions in a nutshell include:

  • Preventing Alzheimer disease and Dementia
  • Enhancing visual and neurological development in infants
  • Slowing down the development of plaque in arteries, which is fatal.
  • Fighting depression and anxiety by improving brain health.
  • Improve the functioning of your lungs
  • Reducing triglycerides in your blood. Although triglycerides are important to your body, in high doses, triglycerides combined with high cholesterol raise your risk of heart attack, strokes and pancreatitis.

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Distributors also sell CareLeaf, a thermal relief patch that is natural and non-addictive.


CareLeaf has micro layers infused with adaptogens. It is a natural blend of powerful minerals and herbal ingredients that provide immediate relief to musculoskeletal pain.

A thermal relief patch is meant to work like similar technologies that can penetrate the skin to provide instant comfort to your aching body parts.

Angel E

Angel E is important for providing strong immunity and a healthy skin. It has also been known to enhance the female reproductive system by providing vitamin E, anti-oxidants and increasing collagen properties.


Other benefits of Angel-E include:

  • Increasing collagen peptides
  • Diminishing blemishes and scars
  • Enhancing skin moisture and elasticity
  • Providing Anti-aging properties
  • Skin lightnening
  • Preventing dysmenorrhea. Dysmenorrhea is the occurrence of severe and frequent menstrual cramps and pain when a woman is having her period.
  • Enhancing a woman’s healthy menstrual cycle

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How does Elites Empire work?

Elites Empire is a Multi-level marketing company and a direct sales marketing company.

It has a tiered system where you can recruit people to make money. And just like the typical multi-level marketing scheme, distributors earn more money if they create a downline and bring in more recruits. It is certainly more profitable than when you focus on the products.

Another feature of Elites Empire consistent with this business model is that it does not recruit people by advertising jobs and interviewing candidates.

There are no educational requirements and there are no restrictions regarding the experience you should have. This indicates that most people looking for work online can join and become a distributor but you have to agree to the terms of engagement.

Although they don’t tell you this outright, to make money, you will be at an advantage if you are skilled at marketing because as a distributor, you are basically a salesperson that gets paid based on how much product you sell.

People who are apprehensive about the multi-level marketing model see this as predatory and often liken it to a pyramid scheme.

It is important to learn how to sell products on Facebook. You will be at an advantage if you can manage content on Facebook.

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What’s To Like About Elites Empire?

You learn useful life skills

If you join without the experience, you can learn on the job because it offers people real-life sales training. The experience you will acquire selling products for this company will ultimately benefit your career and professional development because you will have acquired skills that will enable you improve your CV and equip you for other roles (for example, a sales job).

You don’t have to be a skilled marketer to join

Elites Empire gives ordinary people without sales skills a way to make money because they accept just about anyone willing to join. It is an an avenue to earn money even when you don’t have the experience that you will be required to have in most jobs.

You don’t have to be a coder to join

You don’t have to learn the technical skills used in online advertising like manipulating cookies (essential and optional cookies), and other tactics that you’d need as a coder.

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What’s NOT to Like About Elites Empire

The commissions are relatively small

To make the Elites Empire’s business model work, you have to put in a lot of effort generating leads yet the commissions will always be relatively miniscule. Most people who join such programs wind up feeling frustrated because the pay is not going to match the work they put in. Most of the money goes to the people higher up the ranks.

You can strain relationships selling the products

You will also find yourself having to promote the company’s products to your friends and family, and that can strain relationships because most of them will feel like most of what you do is foist a product on them.

Is Elites Empire Legit?

Elites Empire is a legit direct sales company where you can earn money by promoting health and wellness products. Another reason I think Elites Empire is legit is because you can actually make money selling these products. But you should be aware that it will not be as easy as the promotional content they share implies.

The products are legit because they are certified by the resident Product Specialist, Dr. Reina Tanate and Juliemarie Mariquit, RN.

Is Elites Empire a Pyramid Scheme?

If you are dealing with a disingenuous business that has no products or services they sell to the general public, you may find yourself losing a lot of money. Such a scheme will have certain features that distinguish it from a legit business. Such businesses are usually an example of a pyramid scheme if they require people to recruit new members constantly. In such a scheme, you will be paid based on the money you bring in via registration fees with a focus on the referrals and not the product.

If we bring our attention back to Elites Empire, you see that it has a genuine focus on actual products and it goes to show that there is a lot of work you have to do as a sales representative. You can also actually make money selling their products because part of the business involves teaching yourself how to be more effective as a sales representative.

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Elites Empire Reviews

Most people who think Elites Empire is not a good business say that it is predatory while other people think it is the best company. Therefore, the answer you get when you ask depends on who you ask. Objectively, it is legit.

Here are a couple of reviews on Facebook:

Elites Empire Facebook ReviewsElites Empire Facebook ReviewsElites Empire Facebook Reviews

Note that these are on the official page hence you should take them with a grain of salt.

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I don’t think Elites Empire is an unscrupulous operation that takes advantage of vulnerable people. Sure, it has a few aspects about it that don’t work well but brushing it off as a pyramid scheme is not the right assessment. Some people think of it as a great company that provides people with a genuine opportunity to acquire relevant sales skills and experience (giving them more options with their careers) while earning some money in the process. Others don’t fancy it.

Detractors or people who don’t like the company tend to join with lofty expectations only to leave with those expectations unmet. They usually go into it expecting to make a ton of money only to realize that selling products is not easy.

In the end, when you acquire those sales skills, you can utilize them to achieve higher career success even though you weren’t sure about it when you were selling the products. This is what typically happens because when you work in an entry job where you have to push yourself to make money the later career experiences look simpler by comparison.

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