What Is Dylan Jovine’s 5G Arrow? [Hypersonic Glide Missiles]

Dylan Jovine did a presentation where he talks about a “New 5G ‘Arrow’ to Replace Nuclear Missiles.”

He expects it to create a massive new market for the defense industry and he wants you to invest in one tiny company that has won the defense contract.

In this overview of Dylan Jovine’s pitch, I walk you through what he means by “5G Arrow” as well as why he thinks it is the next frontier in warfare.

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What is Dylan Jovine’s 5G Arrow?

Dylan Jovine’s presentation is about a weapon he calls “5G Arrow” that he says is on the verge of making nuclear missiles obsolete.

It is a new kind of missile that is the fastest weapon on Earth because it can move as fast as 25 times the speed of sound, roughly 19,810 MPH.

Dylan Jovine's 5G ArrowOn top of that, it can communicate with satellites while it is flying. This enables it to change course in mid-flight.

With those features, Dylan says that this new 5G “Arrow” is impossible to defend against with the current defense systems.

He says that we are about to see “A 21st Century Manhattan Project” because The Pentagon has determined that building these new weapons is their “#1 Priority.” It already has the approval of the government because, on Friday, December 20, 2019, President Trump signed into law H.R. 1158.

This means that new money is going into this; the Department of Defense is ramping up spending.

So, what is a 5G Arrow?

Dylan Jovine's 5G ArrowAs it turns out, he is talking about Hypersonic Glide Missiles.

What is a hypersonic glide missile?

It is a maneuverable warhead that sits on the tip of a long-range missile and, once released, it glides to its target on an unpredictable trajectory that makes it difficult to intercept.

China has been working on such missiles and Russia also commissioned its version of a hypersonic glide missile in 2019.

Dylan believes that the U.S. is working on its version of the missile to counteract the efforts of its biggest adversaries.

He says that mutually assured destruction may no longer be a viable concept because countries will think that with these missiles, they can attack their rivals before they attack back.

He adds that over the past year, top defense firms have invested hundreds of millions in this. He mentions companies like Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Boeing, Aerojet Rocketdyne, and Spirit Aerosystems.

Dylan Jovine wants you to invest in this trend but he wants you to base your decision-making on three guidelines.

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Dylan Jovine’s 3 Rules to earn Massive Profits in the Defense Sector

He says that you should apply these rules when investing in the defense sector. They are:

  • Rule #1 – Breakthrough Science: He says that there’s no better judge of new science than DARPA (The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). DARPA has already identified the 5G arrow as viable and is working closely with one small company to develop it.
  • Rule #2 – Defense Contracts: You should only invest in defense contractors that have actual defense contracts. This way, you know that the technology is solid and has been proven to be cutting-edge enough to be used by the military.
  • Rule #3 – Government Urgency: Even with the best technology in the world and government contracts, he says that you should only invest in something that the government is treating as urgent.

With these rules in mind, Dylan has identified a small company that he wants you to consider investing in as the DoD fast-tracks hypersonic glide missiles.

He says that one company satisfies his three rules. Here is what he reveals about it:

“… at the center of this new massive market is a small company.

It’s only a fraction of the size of the biggest defense contractors like Lockheed Martin, Boeing and Raytheon.

But the smallest company won the contract to be the first to manufacture these new weapons for the US.”

So, it won the contract, and work has begun in earnest:

“Today, the Pentagon’s “#1 Priority” is building these new 5G Arrows.

It’s so urgent, they had 38 scientists from this small company working around the clock at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico when I wrote this.”

He projects that early investors in this small company could make four times as much, or 35,960% on their money.

He has written about it in a special report that you can get your hands on if you sign up for a newsletter he edits called Behind The Markets.

World War 5G – The Small Company at the Forefront of the Military Revolution.

Dylan Jovine's 5G ArrowThis special report contains everything you need to know about the small company and why the government decided that their technology was the best. According to Dylan, you can earn life-changing profits by investing in it.

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Who is Dylan Jovine?

Dylan Jovine is the CEO and founder of Behind The Markets, a boutique financial research firm that targets individual investors with its content.

Dylan Jovine's 5G ArrowDylan started his career on Wall Street in 1991 when he was hired by Peter Jaquith, a prominent investment banker who was known for saving New York City from bankruptcy in the seventies. Dylan Jovine took the opportunity with both hands because he had grown up poor on welfare and food stamps.

Dylan started managing accounts and he then discovered that he had a fascination for researching stocks. He studied stocks and that allowed him to pick stocks right before they were taken over.

In 1996, his clients paid him enough money to start his brokerage firm – at the age of 24. At that young age, he started as a registered broker-dealer and market maker.

Dylan predicted the 2009 Market Crash, which earned him an invitation to Fox Business.

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Behind the Markets Review

Behind the Markets is an investment research service that allows you to look over Jovine’s shoulder at what he is buying and selling in the stock market. It allows you to leverage three decades of experience.

Behind The MarketsWhen you become a member of Behind the Markets, you get access to:

  • Regular Recommendations: You’ll get 12 monthly issues of Behind the Markets sent directly to your inbox.
  • Access to Dylan’s model portfolio: He typically recommends one new stock every month, or 12 new stocks per year and by getting access to his model portfolio you’ll know what to buy, at what price, and when exactly to sell it. He does not just focus on biotech stocks, he covers multiple areas of the market.
  • Regular updates. Whenever there is important news affecting a portfolio company, you’ll get an email from him by the end of the day.
  • 24/7 access to the official website. This is where he keeps all his latest information encrypted so that members can access it anytime, anywhere.

You will also get the following bonus special reports:

Our #1 Micro-Cap for 2021

This report regards a tiny biotech company that stunned the world when it unveiled a new cancer drug that can “switch off” lymphoma in 90% of patients. This was during FDA tests.

The FDA gave this company Fast Track designation for the new drug and a Big pharmaceutical company signed a $1 billion deal to sell the drug overseas.

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Herbert Royalties: How to Collect Entertainment Royalties While You Sleep

According to Dylan Jovine, there is a way for anybody to tap into a pool of growing royalties that “could be worth more than the entire Beatles catalog, all the commercial rights to ‘Happy Birthday,’ and the total value of the Rolling Stones catalog…combined.”

This report shows you how to start investing in this royalty bonanza in less than five minutes.

Income Collapse: How to Buck the Trend and Boost Your Monthly Income with New Investments

Dylan believes that there has been a complete and total collapse of income in the country. This means that it is almost impossible to find bonds paying decent yields – government bonds aren’t paying enough anymore to support a traditional lifestyle.

At the same time, dividend stocks are getting hammered, along with REITS and Muni Bonds.

In this report, he shows you how you can double your monthly income using a secret system to find SAFE alternative notes with target returns of 7% – 15% per year.

Pot Stocks: What the History of Cigarettes Can Teach Us About Investing in Cannabis

Cannabis stocks have been getting a lot of hype over the past five years as we saw in things like The 2021 Empire Cannabis Summit and Cannabis Inner Circle. But Dylan notes that cannabis isn’t the first plant to become a best-selling consumer product – tobacco once held this title.

In this special report, Dylan takes a look at the lessons the rise of cigarette companies teaches investors. He identifies the marijuana segments that he thinks are most likely to succeed and why.

6 Questions to Ask Before Buying Any Stock

Dylan Jovine believes that soon, everybody will be talking about CRISPR and the gene-editing revolution.

He says that he has been around long enough to know that with every legitimate profit opportunity there will be bad actors taking advantage of people à la Bernie Madoff, Worldcom, and Enron.

These are companies that talk a good game but lack the infrastructure, technology, or management in place to deliver. This report shows you how to pick the next big winners and avoid the big losers.

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Bullet-Proof: How to Create the Ideal Small-Cap Biotech Stock Portfolio

Dylan says that this report shows you how to create “a bullet-proof biotech portfolio with tremendous upside.”

Behind the Markets Pricing?

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Closing Remarks on Dylan Jovine’s 5G Arrow

Dylan Jovine believes that the department of defense is working on a new missile system and you can benefit from investing in a small company working on a new missile.

He has written a report about it and you can get it if you sign up for a newsletter called Behind The Markets.

He claims that when you join, you’ll know about big opportunities like Hypersonic Gliders stock early before the rest of the smart money finds out about them. Then as the general public starts buying shares, you will be selling your stock to them.

Before you invest in any such investment, ensure that you only put in money that you can afford to lose.

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