Dow Janes Review: Legit Worth It? [BBB & Reddit]

Laurie Ann and Britt established Dow Janes to empower women+ to take charge of their finances and help them in attaining financial confidence and financial freedom. Their motivation was driven by the belief that financially empowered women have a wider array of choices and a stronger voice.

Dow Janes functions as a financial education company on a mission to empower women+ and equip them with the tools to manage their finances effectively.

Co-founders Laurie Anne King and Britt Williams Baker conceived their main program, known as “Million Dollar Year,” as a comprehensive masterclass aimed at providing women with a robust financial education that produces results in one year.

In this Dow Janes review, you’ll gain insights into the nature of the company and the flagship program “The Million Dollar Year”, find out what the “Million Dollar Year” is all about, and ascertain the legitimacy of their offerings as a whole. We’ll also dive into what Dow Janes BBB and Reddit reviews are saying.

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What is Dow Janes?

Dow Janes, a clever play on the more famous Dow Jones (and the Dow Jones Industrial Average), is an online platform that is basically a money mindset course that places its faith in women’s potential to cultivate wealth.

This is aptly described by the company’s website tagline: “Great things happen when women+ have money.”

When Laurie Anne King and Britt Williams Baker started Dow Janes and “The Million Dollar Year”, they wanted it to redefine the experience of managing money as an act of self-care, something they felt resonated more with their audience.

Dow Janes Review

Money management is often associated with complexities and they wanted to change the narrative to appeal to women.

In just a year, members are expected to undergo transformative shifts in their mindsets, habits, and perspectives toward their financial aspirations.

Dow Janes asserts that within a span of 12 months, it’s possible to elevate your current financial standing.

Having said that, they acknowledge that the journey to wealth accumulation might not be effortless but they pledge their support throughout the process.

Their curriculum doesn’t promise to guide you in amassing a million dollars within the initial year (although they won’t deter you from pursuing that goal).

Instead, the year spent engaging with Dow Janes is intended to revolutionize your financial outlook and transform your financial life.

The question is: does it live up to these lofty expectations and noble-sounding mission? We are here to find out and we’ll start by taking a closer look at who the founders are:

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Who Founded Dow Janes?

Dow Janes came into being during the COVID-19 pandemic, with founders Laurie Anne King and Britt Williams Baker recognizing a common trend among the women in their circles: a lack of proactive financial management.

Britt highlights that launching the program during this period was particularly timely, as it coincided with a period when many individuals were grappling with job losses and income instability, providing the initiative with added momentum.

Britt Williams Baker is a Harvard Business School graduate, a seasoned investor, and a coach specializing in money mindset and investment strategies.

Britt Williams Baker Dow Janes

Her mission revolves around transforming saving into an enjoyable endeavor and providing women+ from diverse backgrounds and life journeys with the tools to overcome debt.

Her core belief lies in simplifying personal finance, offering uncomplicated steps that render financial matters accessible to anyone striving to fulfill their monetary aspirations.

Britt learned the importance of sound investment practices very early in her life. At the age of 8, her father introduced her to the concept of compound interest—an unusual topic for family dinners. During her freshman year of college, guided by the teachings of her grandfather, she started investing in the stock market.

Laurie-Anne Dow Janes

Laurie-Anne is a financial empowerment coach and energy healer with a track record of guiding numerous women+ toward transformative life changes.

Laurie-Anne has done well for herself as she has paid off a substantial $60k personal debt and successfully built two 7-figure companies.

In her formative years, the notion of “wealth” seemed distant, as her family’s circumstances didn’t align with material desires. A belief that money equated to negativity was deeply ingrained.

Laurie-Anne’s journey took a profound turn when she implemented the very methods she now imparts through Million Dollar Year.

She mended her relationship with money, gaining mastery over her finances. Today, she’s the proud owner of her dream home and additional properties generating passive income for her family.

Laurie-Anne is passionate about leveraging her personal experiences to elevate women+ from diverse backgrounds toward financial success.

Through a holistic blend of financial education and empowerment coaching, she aids women+ in healing their money narratives and crafting personalized routes to financial freedom.

Other Team Members

Laurie-Anne King and Britt William Baker run Dow Janes with the help of coaches, who have the credentials and experience in the financial industry. As of writing this, the coaching team comprises:

Coach Melinda who teaches debt and credit:

Coach Melinda teaches debt and credit

Coach Kat who focuses on saving and budgeting

Coach Kat teaches saving and budgeting

Coach Craig Wallace, a resident Investment Advisor with a master’s degree in Financial Planning who teaches retirement and investing

Coach Craig teaches retirement and investing

In the Million Dollar Year Group + Private Coaching Programs, you are guided by these financial coaches, who provide real-time support, actionable steps, advice, and accountability.

Throughout the year, the financial coaches host Office Hours sessions each week, enabling you to seek answers to your specific queries, overcome obstacles, and gain insights from fellow participants.

The process emphasizes gentle and nonjudgmental accountability, recognizing that individual journeys vary, marked by distinct challenges and accomplishments.

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The Million Dollar Year

The Million Dollar Year is a step-by-step system that Britt and Laurie-Anne started to help women+ manage money and grow wealth.

They started the program because they found that women face a significant financial challenge, being five times more prone to living paycheck to paycheck compared to men. On top of that, among Millennial women, almost 70% struggle to save due to limited earnings, while 60% of Gen X women possess less than $1,000 in savings.

Million Dollar year review

Laurie-Anne and Brit created the program with a transformative, systematic approach that equips you with the skills and tools necessary to reshape your financial destiny, delve into investments, and embark on the journey to wealth creation.

As a woman+ seeking a stable financial future, one viable path is venturing into the stock market. Although this prospect might seem daunting, you can always gather insights from seasoned investment experts like Nomi Prins, Jeff Brown, and Larry Benedict, but while exercising caution.

The Dow Janes program’s curriculum comprises training modules and valuable resources designed to help you establish responsible financial habits. This encompasses budgeting, savings, investment strategies, and fostering financial growth.

Dow Janes The Million Dollar Year

It aims to be a one-stop shop for everything that you will need to learn about money.

Understanding How The Million Dollar Year Works

The curriculum is divided into phases:

First Phase: Build a New Financial Foundation

This first phase focuses on establishing a solid financial foundation. The program is tailored to guide newcomers through the learning process.

Within this phase, you gain insights into constructing a sturdy financial framework. This involves reshaping your financial behaviors, bolstering your confidence in managing finances, and honing your financial literacy capabilities.

When you are done with it, you will learn how to meticulously monitor monthly expenditures, and embark on a path toward enhanced financial responsibility.

The program provides you with:

  • Money Ritual Workbook: To cultivate an enjoyable money management routine.
  • Weekly Money Ritual Checklist: Facilitating consistent success through weekly checkpoints.
  • Uncovering Your Money Past Workbook: Initiating the process of reshaping your money story.
  • Personal Cash Flow Tracker: A tool to effortlessly monitor incoming and outgoing finances.

Second Phase: Money Management Systems

Moving into the second phase, your focus will shift towards crafting comprehensive, long-term financial objectives and learning how to accomplish them.

This segment of the program will equip you with the skills to operate automated savings mechanisms, ensuring the gradual growth of your savings.

The overarching goal is to enable you to implement a monthly budget that streamlines your path toward realizing your financial aspirations.

Third Phase: Your Future and Building Wealth

In this final stretch of the curriculum, your objective is to formulate a robust financial plan. This entails establishing an emergency fund, strategizing for your inevitable retirement, and starting your investment journey.

Additionally, this phase will focus on credit scores, examining their significance, calculation methods, and strategies for improving your score.

Beyond the technical aspects, you’ll cultivate the investor’s mindset essential for success and gain insights into passive income generation through investment.

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What is in The Million Dollar Year?

This year-long program offers real-time implementation and coaching, purposefully designed to furnish you with the necessary skills and tools to shape your financial destiny.

Dow Janes' The Million Dollar Year

Upon enrollment, the following benefits await you:

  • Community: Access to a supportive community of like-minded individuals sharing your journey. Engage with others, share challenges, seek guidance, and celebrate successes. An accountability buddy further enhances your goal-reaching efforts.
  • Coaching: Expert financial and investment coaches provide guidance for informed decision-making. Weekly live group calls with a Financial Coach offer real-time coaching, feedback, and solutions to your financial queries.
  • Curriculum: A hands-on program providing step-by-step training and resources to establish effective systems and habits for managing your finances. The curriculum serves as a comprehensive resource covering all aspects of financial knowledge.
  • Mindset: This segment guides you through actionable steps for attaining financial freedom. It involves reshaping your financial narrative and enhancing your aptitude for effective financial management.

Elaborating on coaching, Dow Janes offers both private coaching and personal financial guidance. If you have questions, you can post them on the Million Dollar Year Online Community Group a week before the “Weekly Momentum Call.”

If you’re not satisfied with the conversation and want personal direction or financial tips, you can proceed to purchase the Coaching Calls series.

Included Bonuses:

  • Dow Janes Training Vault: Enjoy additional training resources covering diverse topics such as Managing Finances in Partnership, Real Estate Investing, Financial Preparedness for Divorce, Paying off Student Loans, Entrepreneurial Finance Management, and much more.
  • The $1,000 Month: Upon joining Million Dollar Year, you gain access to “The $1,000 Month” video course. The course aims to help you increase your monthly income by $1,000, regardless of time, energy, or ideas.

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How Much Does Million Dollar Year Cost?

Million Dollar Year provides two payment alternatives. You have the option to either make a one-year payment for the entire program or choose their monthly installment plan.

The cost of the one-year plan is $3,998.

How Much Does Dow Janes Million Dollar Year Cost?

Alternatively, you can opt for a monthly payment of $398.

How Much Does Dow Janes Million Dollar Year Cost?

While Million Dollar Year offers substantial value, it’s worth noting that it is relatively expensive.

Other programs (serving other demographics, for instance), such as Tate’s Real World, might not delve as extensively or boast the same level of professionalism as Million Dollar Year, yet they feature experts imparting similar knowledge for significantly less investment.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you sign up for the program but change your mind about it and opt to quit, you have the option to voice your concern within 14 days of your completion date. They will evaluate your complaint and apply a refund fee if deemed appropriate.

Furthermore, they extend a money-back guarantee for an entire year following your enrollment.

In accordance with their policy, if you have not managed to accumulate savings amounting to at least twice the program’s cost, you qualify for a full refund. Here’s a snippet from the order page to provide further insight:

“We’re so confident in this program and our students that if, one year after completing your Million Dollar Year, you have not doubled your investment in the program (i.e. saved at least twice what you paid for it) – we’ll double it for you.

Our hope is that your life is forever transformed through the skills you develop through this training. We also hope you give it your very best effort. That’s why in order to be eligible for our double your investment back satisfaction guarantee, we want to be sure that you did the course work. If you do the full coursework of the Million Dollar Year and do not save twice what you paid for the program, simply submit your work and we’ll  refund you twice what you paid for it.”

The caveat is that you have to prove that you did all the lessons and tasks they asked of you.

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What Are People Saying About Dow Janes? (Customer Reviews)

First, let’s start with the customer reviews on the website. Here are a few:

Dow Janes Customer ReviewsDow Janes Customer ReviewsDow Janes Customer Reviews

You’ll notice an abundance of highly positive reviews.

However, relying solely on customer reviews featured on the Dow Janes website may not always yield a completely accurate or comprehensive understanding for a few reasons:

They exercise control over the reviews published on their site, potentially filtering out negative feedback or showcasing primarily positive ones, leading to a skewed perspective.

Additionally, there’s the possibility of individuals posting fake positive reviews to enhance their reputation or suppress negative comments.

Therefore, while perusing customer reviews on their site provides some insights, it’s advisable to explore additional reviews from external sources to gain a more balanced, impartial, and thorough assessment of the program. We have undertaken precisely this approach.

Dow Janes BBB

The Better Business Bureau is a great source of impartial reviews. Dow Janes has an A rating on BBB:

There are a few complaints about the program on BBB but Dow Janes is active handling all those complaints. A majority of them are about the refund policy where the clients were not aware about the terms of the policy and got frustrated when they asked for their money back only to get turned down.

While some grievances regarding the program have surfaced on the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Dow Janes is actively addressing these concerns.

A significant portion of these complaints pertains to the refund policy. Clients expressed frustration after realizing they were unaware of the policy’s terms and subsequently faced rejection when seeking refunds.

Dow Janes complaint on BBB

Dow Janes Reddit

Over on Reddit, people complained about the high fees insisting that they can find the content elsewhere on the internet for free. Here’s an example:

“I skimmed over their website and it looks like they don’t offer any information you can’t get for free at places like this sub or the Bogleheads forum/wiki. I think it is very unlikely that what you would get would come anywhere close to justifying the prices they are charging.”

Another user added to that and said:

“$999 for a self-study program–that’s expensive. You’ll come out better by taking taking $100, buying a few books from this sub’s Wiki reading list and investing the remaining $900 in a total stock market index fund.”

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Benefits of The Million Dollar Year Program by Dow Janes

  • Access an extensive training program that provides insights on leveraging investing to achieve your financial aspirations.
  • This program is thoughtfully tailored for women, making it particularly advantageous for individuals who identify as such.
  • The community exudes a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • Laurie-Anne and Britt are credible personal finance experts.

Drawbacks of The Million Dollar Year Program by Dow Janes

  • The refund policy might pose limitations, given that 14 days may not offer ample time to evaluate the program’s impact on your financial situation.
  • The course’s pricing is relatively high, exceeding the market rate.
  • Much of the content taught here can be sourced from free online resources. Investing $4,999 for a course might not be necessary.

Is The Million Dollar Year Worth It?

In conclusion, The Million Dollar Year program, presented by Dow Janes, holds promise as a transformative avenue for women+ seeking to reshape their financial destinies.

The program’s tailored approach and comprehensive curriculum are undeniably enticing, promising valuable insights and empowering support within a supportive community.

However, it’s worth noting that while The Million Dollar Year program may be beneficial to some, there are also more affordable options available in financial education.

As you weigh your choices, find a program that aligns with your financial goals and circumstances. Remember that achieving financial empowerment is within your reach, and exploring diverse educational avenues can help you forge a path to prosperity that best suits your needs and resources.

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