What is Michael Robinson’s Digital Gold Rush? [Nova-X Report]

Michael Robinson pitched one of his newsletters by releasing a pitch about “The Digital Gold Rush of the 21st Century.”

He talks about showing everyday investors 1,000% in returns by 2026 and it has to do with investing in crypto assets.

This review will cover the key takeaways from the pitch to allow you to decide what to make of Michael’s ideas and offer.

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What is Michael Robinson’s Digital Gold Rush? (The Pitch)

Michael Robinson’s Digital Gold Rush is an ad for the Nova-X Report, a newsletter overseen by Michael that we will be taking a closer look at later in this article.

Michael Robinson's Digital Gold Rush (Nova-X Report)

The premise of the pitch, besides promoting the newsletter, is to introduce us to the idea that you can invest in what Michael refers to as “The Digital Gold Rush of the 21st Century.”

What he means by this is that you should invest in cryptocurrencies:

“And let me tell you, I’ve never seen something so potentially lucrative.

Sure, blockchain gives a lot of people pause – but it’s actually quite simple.

There are two types of crypto assets: coins and tokens.

There are big household-name coins like Bitcoin…

And then there are little-known coins – diamonds in the rough – that are seeing outsized gains this year.”

These “little-known coins” are technically referred to as Altcoins – an alternative coin to Bitcoin.

As Bitcoin has surged over the past few months, they too have followed suit and sometimes even surpassed the trillion-dollar crypto.

He gives examples of altcoins like Ethereum and Litecoin and showcases the gains they’ve registered not just over the past few months, but the past few years too:

“In March of 2020, ETH was trading at $130.

Today, a SINGLE Ethereum costs over $1,200…

That’s about 10X higher within a year.

And if you had invested in ETH just five years ago…

A $1,000 investment would be worth over $800,000.

That’s a whopping, rare, and extraordinary 80,000% gain.”

With gains like those, he notes that billionaires are dropping traditional asset classes in favor of cryptocurrencies “at alarming rates.”

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How Michael wants to invest in “The Digital Gold Rush of the 21st Century”

He makes it no secret that he prefers investing in altcoins to going for stocks or other assets:

“But, folks, we’re here for the small coins.

See, even as the market was shedding hundreds of points in 2020… smaller coins held their ground.

We’ve seen the proof with Bitcoin…



And Litecoin.

When the markets were tanking back in March, digital tokens rebounded far more quickly and dramatically than the stock markets.

And history has proven that when Bitcoin soars, so will a host of other cryptocurrencies.”

He says that although “specific-use coins” have the same fundamental architecture as Bitcoin they are much smaller and have the potential to make a lot more money in a shorter amount of time than Bitcoin.

This has been echoed by other gurus who’ve presented their versions of the spiel. I have reviewed presentations like Andy Snyder’s Three Coins to Profit From 2021 and Tom Gentile’s 20X Bigger than Bitcoin Pitch, just to mention a few.

He has identified three plays:

The first one is a pick and shovel play that has created a unique platform that allows people to create, transfer, and exchange blockchain tokens. One of its main sources of revenue is the transaction fees of those transactions. In early 2021, it was trading for $5 but Michael sees it reaching $24.42 by 2026.

The company’s technology is used for:

  • In-app purchases for games
  • Managing your crypto wallet
  • Wagering on sporting events
  • Blockchain-powered tool kits

The second pick is in the Internet of Things (IoT) and self-driving markets. It has partnered with Jaguar Land Rover and in early 2021, it was trading for $0.20. Michael expects it to jump to $1.29 by 2026.

The third pick has a CEO who once spearheaded web browsers like Firefox and in his latest venture, he is working on a privacy-focused browser that awards coins to users when they view ads. Publishers receive most of the ad revenue. In early 2021, it was trading at $0.26 but could rise to $1.02 by 2026.

From the descriptions he gives, I couldn’t quite tell whether he is teasing a cryptocurrency or the companies behind the crypto (which must be a specific-use coin). Therefore, it was hard for me to decipher what coins or companies he was hinting at as I typically do when reviewing a teaser.

To find out what he was teasing, you have to sign up for his newsletter, The Nova-X Report.

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Who is Michael Robinson?

On the Money Map Press website, his profile indicates that he has had a career spanning over 36 years as a Silicon Valley veteran and top tech and biotech financial analyst. This means that he has been analyzing the startup market and advising his clients on how to navigate it.

Tying in with his work as an analyst, he is also a consultant, senior adviser, and board member of venture capital firms that focus on Silicon Valley startups.

He says that his long career has afforded him access to pioneering CEOs, scientists, and high-profile players which has enabled him to learn about new opportunities like a Silicon Valley insider.

He also edits newsletters and his publications include Strategic Tech Investor, The Nova-X Report, Bio-Technology Profit Alliance, and Nexus-9 Network.

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What is the Nova-X Report? (The Newsletter)

Michael offers to help investors navigate the cryptocurrency market if they subscribe to the Nova-X Report. He says that it is open to anyone interested, including people who “have no knowledge of cryptocurrencies whatsoever.”

Nova-X Report is typically focused on small, relatively unknown companies in the tech industry and Michael points this out in the pitch:

“The Nova-X Report is your investment research newsletter focused on small, little-known companies from Silicon Valley and the tech industry.

With the Nova-X Report, I’m looking for small companies with a stranglehold – could be a technology, a medical treatment, a process innovation…

If it gives them an edge in a sector with billions of dollars of potential – that’s what I’m looking for.”

He believes that four trends can be particularly lucrative if you find the right companies to back. They are Big Data, Nanotechnology, Autonomous Vehicles, and 5G technology.

When you sign up for the Nova-X Report, you receive:

  • Regular updates about his recommendations.
  • Cash-in alerts that give you full details on how to sell an investment and maximize gains.
  • Intelligence presentations that give you an insider view of the most profitable breakthrough industries.
  • Cell-phone notifications that let you know when there is an update, alert, or presentation.
  • Video alerts with information regarding new opportunities.
  • The Nova-X connection
  • 24/7 access to the Nova-X HQ. You can access the website where you can check out every archived update, alert, and presentation.
  • A recording of a talk that Michael held with a legendary 5G dealmaker.

How much do you pay to join the Nova-X Report?

A one-year subscription costs $39

Does the Nova-X Report have a Refund Policy?

The Nova-X Report has a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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Closing Remarks on Michael Robinson’s Digital Gold Rush

Michael Robinson’s Digital Gold Rush is an ad for his newsletter, the Nova-X Report. It is a tech-based newsletter where he recommends small tech companies to people who join it.

However, in this pitch, he deviates from that and talks about investing in cryptocurrencies; altcoins to be precise. He wants his subscribers to get involved in the booming cryptocurrency market by investing in specific-use coins because he sees them appreciating in the next few years.

Although they can be lucrative, altcoins have their shortcomings. For example, they are more volatile than Bitcoin and are, therefore, riskier. You should be wary of that if you decide to sign up for Michael’s newsletter and possibly invest in his recommendations.

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