What Are David Fessler 5G Contracts?

If you have come across a presentation by David Fessler titled “5G Contracts” and are wondering what it concerns, you are at the right place.

In this review, I will take a closer look at what he refers to as “The No. 1 Way to Make Money From the Coming $11.2 Trillion 5G Megatrend…”

Hopefully, by the end of this presentation, you will have a good grasp of what the presentation is about in case you decide to subscribe to Fessler’s newsletter.

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What are Dave Fessler’s 5G Contracts?

“5G Contracts” is the title of a presentation by David Fessler where he shared an investment opportunity that will enable you to make money from the 5G buildout. It is also an ad for his newsletter, Fessler’s Flash Profits.

David Fessler 5G Contracts

This is not the first time I have covered a presentation about 5G investment opportunities. In fact, I recently shared reviews of 5G Cash Towers by Zach Scheidt and Tiny Silver Smart Antenna by Louis Navellier.

Now, 5G seems to be what every newsletter editor wants to talk and write about these days, and for good reason.

A study by Qualcomm estimated that 5G will drive global growth, injecting $13.2 trillion into the economy and creating 22.3 million new jobs.

So, it’s easy to see why Mr. Fessler and other editors want their readers to invest in 5G stocks.

Although the economy has been marred by the coronavirus pandemic, it appears that that may not be enough to halt the 5G rollout. In fact, David says that it is the perfect time to invest:

“The coronavirus wreaking havoc on the markets. On the surface, it’s hard seeing the markets take such a beating. But dig a little deeper, and it’s easy to see the silver lining. Stocks – particularly tech stocks – are trading at a remarkable “discount” to their 52-week highs.”

Speaking of 5G, people are genuinely excited about the vast improvements in internet speeds it will bring.

But you could argue that the bandwidth-heavy applications that it will make possible will be its more significant milestone. Things like IoT, Augmented reality, remote surgery, and autonomous cars are just some of the applications that will be realized thanks to 5G.

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What are 5G Contracts?

5G Contracts are different from stocks. Here is how Fessler describes them:

“They involve a special kind of trade typically favored only by billionaires and Wall Street big shots.”

Fessler later reveals that “5G contracts” actually refer to option contracts. He believes they are the most effective way to bag lucrative wins from the 5G revolution for two reasons:

First, they are suited to a short-term strategy:

“The handful of investors who’ve used this type of trade have captured massive short-term gains. I’m talking about top historical gains like 400% in two days… 686% in 20 days… and 893% in 43 days.”

They are also more profitable than stocks, which he demonstrates with an example involving Charter Communications (CHTR).

Dave Fessler 5G Contracts

He says that when Charter Communications beat revenue estimates, the news led to a 21% rise in stock price and a 673% rise in the underlying options (in just over a week), thus demonstrating that options are superior.

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Apple 5G Contracts

Of all the companies involved in the rollout, he thinks Apple will be the best bet. The reason for this is that Apple is expected to bring 5G phones to market in 2020.

With such a development, its stock price will go up leading to an even greater rise in the prices of corresponding option contracts:

“There’s little doubt that as Apple rolls out 80 million new 5G phones, shares are going to pop once more. And one 5G Contract we’ve found is set up to TRIPLE in just over three months.”

He, therefore, wants you to invest in Apple options, which he has written about in a report called 5 for 5G: Five 5G Contracts With Explosive Upside.

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Who is Dave Fessler?

David Fessler is the energy strategist at the Oxford Club, which is owned by The Agora (which also owns the Agora Financial).

He has been publishing newsletters for 12 years, focusing heavily on the merits of investing in cutting edge technologies, renewable energy, and electric vehicles.

At the Oxford Club, he is the editor of Profit Trends, Strategic Trends Investor, and Fessler’s Flash Profits.

He has published a book called The Energy Disruption Triangle. In it, he discusses solar power, battery storage, and electric cars and how they are disrupting the energy industry.

When he graduated from college, he worked for Western Electric for four years before he moved on to LTX Corporations (which deals with semiconductors) where he worked for 25 years. He then retired and started writing newsletters.

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What is Fessler’s Flash Profits?

As I’ve already pointed out, the 5G Contracts presentation was really meant to advertise Fessler’s Flash Profits; he is only sending the special report (5 for 5G: Five 5G Contracts With Explosive Upside) to his subscribers.

Fessler’s Flash Profits is based on what he refers to as “The Million-Dollar Formula.” This formula enables him to isolate companies with the potential for growth and solid fundamentals.

He targets companies with a market cap of between $100 million and $1 billion with the other requirement being that they must also have an “X-Factor,” which is simply a combination of technical elements that enable him to find stocks with profit potential.

In addition to the report, you also receive the following when you subscribe to the newsletter:

  • Weekly Flash Profit Alerts
  • “Options Made Easy” Master Class. These tutorials teach you how options trading works.
  • Options Made Easy Companion Guide. This guide summarizes the content in the video tutorials.

He may also send you bonus reports depending on whatever’s on offer when you sign up.

What is Fessler’s Flash Profits Subscription Fee?

One year of the newsletter costs $1,695.

Refund Policy

There are no refunds. However, Fessler states that you can be rewarded with an extra year of the newsletter if you fail to make 2,800% in returns from following his investment recommendations.

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Dave Fessler’s 5G Contracts Conclusion

Dave Fessler has been quite vocal about investing in 5G stocks. 5G Contracts is not his only presentation concerning the topic. In fact, I recently shared a review covering his Linchpin Device presentation and in that one, he was talking about a company that manufactures a device that connects multiple devices to high-speed 5G internet.

In this one, however, he is backing Apple – he wants you to invest in Apple options. Those options are what he refers to as “5G contracts.”

He expects Apple options to go up exponentially when the company brings 5G-enabled phones to market, outstripping the gains made by the shares.

But, you may have to wait for that and when it does, you can’t be sure that it will be as straightforward as Fessler proposes. I will add that buying Apple options regardless of the 5G situation may still be a good move because it is a solid company.

Fessler’s Flash Profits is all about investment opportunities in the tech sector. If you think that Dave’s ideas are good, despite what you think of investing in Apple options, you can give that a try.

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