What Is Dark Burst Solar Technology? [Is It Legit?]

Have you come across Michael Robinson’s presentation titled “Dark Burst”?

The presentation was meant to unveil a new technology that will generate $153 billion and increase the value of one tiny company drastically.

In this article, I expound on the presentation to enable you to make a better judgment regarding Michael Robinson’s proposal and newsletter service.

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What is Dark Burst Solar Technology?

The Dark Burst Solar Technology presentation by Michael A. Robinson was designed to spike interest in his investment advisory service, Nexus 9 Network (although at the time it was called Radical Technology Profits).

Dark Burst Solar Technology

The “Dark Burst” phenomenon concerns a small solar device that is installed together with solar panels and works even when the sun is not shining.

In doing so, it overcomes one of the biggest hurdles solar energy faces as it goes mainstream; its inability to produce electric power when the sun goes down.

Here is how he described it:

“For the First Time Ever, Solar Can Now Work Virtually around the Clock.”

… “Instead of squeezing out juice for only a few hours per day, this game-changing breakthrough will allow any solar energy system to work day and night…”

Robinson wants you to invest in the startup producing the device as it is likely to increase in value due to a rise in demand for solar energy. The increasing need for solar panels and the “dark burst” devices will be necessitated by a new law passed by California.

The law, which he calls “the new solar law,” will impact the industry. By that, he was referring to the new change to California’s building code that requires all new homes built from January 1, 2020, to have solar panels.

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In light of the new developments, Michael was pitching a small company that makes the “dark burst” device:

“Then you’re going to want to go ‘all-in’ on one tiny company that’s perfectly positioned in the heart of California.

The moment that the new solar law goes live, this company’s breathtaking achievement will likely become mainstream news…

Sending the company’s revenue potential skyrocketing practically overnight.”

The new demand will be quite high:

“18 out of 20 of California’s largest homebuilders – including D.R. Horton and Pulte Homes – inked partnership deals to secure their supply of this incredible technology.”

“43.3 Million Dark Burst Devices Will Begin Distribution across the State…”

“Sparking the Potential for a Staggering $32.5 Billion Windfall.”

Therefore, he wrote a report sharing details of the small company. It was titled Dark Burst Radical Demand Tracking System (RDTS) and the only way you’d get it was by subscribing to the Nexus 9 Network.

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Who Is Michael Robinson

Michael A. Robinson is the technology investment analyst at Money Map Press. Money Map Press is an independent publisher of investment advice.

He publishes Strategic Tech Investor, Nexus 9 Network (former Radical Technology Profits), and the Nova-X Report.

Michael has been in and around Silicon Valley for 36 years. He works as a consultant and board member for venture capital firms that target promising startups in the technology field.

He published a book called Overdrawn: The Bailout of American Savings that predicted the Global Financial Crisis before it inevitably happened. He is a regular panelist on Fox Business and CNBC and is also a Pulitzer Prize-nominated reporter and writer.

He writes for publications like Signal Magazine, Defense Media Network, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and American Enterprise.

During one of his assignments, he attended one of the early meetings that laid the foundations for cloud computing. He was also in attendance when the CEOs of GM and Chrysler discussed the possibility of using robots to manufacture cars.

He also has access to scientists, CEOs, and other influential players in Silicon Valley.

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What is the Nexus 9 Network?

When Michael Robinson released the presentation, he was touting an advisory service called Radical Technology Profits. The name of that service has since changed to Nexus 9 Network.

Through it, he talks about new, radical technologies that are about to take the market by storm (according to his projections). However, he believes that the industry is too broad. So he focuses on the nine sub-sectors that he considers the “best of the best.”

According to him, you improve your chances of bagging the biggest returns in the tech industry if you focus on these nine sub-sectors:

  1. On-Demand Businesses
  2. E-Commerce Players
  3. Robotics Firms
  4. Social Media Startups
  5. Internet Software Developers
  6. Big Data Corporations
  7. Consumer Electronics Manufacturers
  8. Cyber Security Organizations
  9. Biotech Firms

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The subscription fee for one year of the Nexus 9 Network is $5,000. It comes with a satisfaction guarantee that entitles you to full credit if a $2,000 investment doesn’t grow into $20,000 when you’ve followed his investment advice for one year – if you don’t see 10X returns in 12 months.

This means that you can use your subscription fee on any other service offered by the publisher that has the same subscription price.

When you subscribe to the Nexus 9 Network, you will be entitled to the following benefits:

  • Instant profit alerts via the Nexus 9 Investor’s Decks. The Investor’s Deck is a communication platform through which Michael notifies you that he is sending a new recommendation.
  • You receive a text alert notifying you that an Investor’s Deck is on the way.
  • Email stock alerts. Robinson discusses the company he is recommending enabling you to learn more about it as you decide how to act.
  • Virtual Deal Briefings. These are videos in which he explains the criteria behind choosing a particular stock.
  • Weekly trading calls during which he demonstrates how to set up a call.
  • Real Demand Tracking System (RDTS) instant phone alerts
  • Access to the encrypted members’ website
  • Access to the model portfolio.
  • Access to all special reports.

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“Dark Burst” Conclusion

Michael A. Robinson presents himself as a viable option if you are looking for a newsletter guru who publishes technology recommendations. He claims to be an independent writer who’s not paid by the companies he recommends.

He wants you to trust in his 36 years of experience and insider access as you sign up for the Nexus 9 Network – the whole point of making the presentation was to advertise it.

When you become a member, he promises to always keep you up to date with the best innovations in the nine tech subsectors and the companies that are likely to change the world.

As for the company he was talking about in the presentation, it is called Enphase (ENPH). It manufactures inverters that convert DC power from the solar panel into AC power, which most appliances in house use.

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