Dan Ferris Prediction: 2023 Stocks Warning?

Dan Ferris Predictions over the years have led his followers to avoid various financial disasters that have affected the market. For example, he claims to have successfully predicted the fall of Lehman Brothers and the top of the Nasdaq.

This time, he is telling his readers that the stock market will likely fall 75% and the biggest mega-bubble in stock market history is about to burst.

He says that you should not buy into any recent market rallies and that you need to prepare for what’s coming next. Let’s take a look at the Dan Ferris Prediction he is touting here.

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What is Dan Ferris Prediction?

Dan Ferris sat down with presenter Amy Gamper to make his new predictions concerning his investments. It will be his newest and scariest prediction to date because Dan thinks that the biggest mega-bubble in stocks in history is about to burst.

Dan Ferris’ prediction is that the situation will be worse than the Dot-Com crash and the 2008 meltdown – combined. On top of that, he thinks that it will impact nearly every asset you own.

Dan Ferris PredictionAccording to Dan, what happens after the devastating crash will surprise most Americans with money in the market… and perhaps ruin the retirements of millions. He says that ignoring this is the biggest mistake investors are making right now but if you’re willing to act immediately… he’ll show you the steps to take to prepare.

As all this unfolds, he says that stocks are more expensive than ever by several measures and bonds aren’t the profitable safe-haven they once were because interest rates are still scraping 50-year lows.

And as this happens, the Fed is raising rates and according to Dan, the economy is in the earliest stages of what’s likely to be the worst recession in our lifetime.

Dan Ferris says that as the Federal Reserve central bank kept interest rates far too low for far too long, cheap money turned into inflated corporate spending and speculation.

At the same time, real estate values soared to unrealistic and unsustainable levels, pricing out young buyers and the stock market continued soaring higher and higher. This resulted in what he considers the biggest mega-bubble in stocks.

He says that where America is today is the same as where 1989 Japan was, right before its stock market bubble burst and crashed.

He says that there is a recession about to happen because the yield curve has inverted. He argues that every time the yield curve has inverted, a recession has inevitably followed:

Dan Ferris Prediction

Therefore, although officials in government are denying that we are in a recession right now, the chart indicates otherwise.

Dan says that during a recession, profit growth for public companies suffers and stocks tend to fall because of that.

Moreover, after a market crash, there tends to be a period of stagnation with minimal to no growth.

Dan Ferris Prediction

He says that you should not start investing in stocks believing that you will be getting them at a bargain. He says:

“Don’t get me wrong… there ARE some bargains out there right now.

There are stocks that I do think you’d be wise to start buying at these levels…

But as a whole, the bottom is NOT in.

And so if you think you can just go grab any beaten-down stock… well… you’re essentially playing Powerball with your retirement savings.

You’re probably not gonna get that money back.”

So, what steps does he want you to take to mitigate the effects of the crash and its aftermath?

He has a simple solution that could help eliminate any of the worry, fear, or anxiety you have about money right now.

He has 2 well-known stocks he thinks you need to sell immediately. The two stocks are Apple (AAPL) and Tesla (TSLA).

Why the two stocks?

Apple and Tesla are among the five largest stocks by market cap in the S&P 500 Index, the Nasdaq Composite Index, the Russell 3000 Index, and probably dozens of other U.S. stock indexes.

However, they haven’t performed as poorly as Microsoft, Alphabet, and Amazon so far this year. These three are all down roughly 30% in 2022.

Meanwhile, Apple is down around 16% and Tesla is down about 23%. He thinks that before the crash is over Apple and Tesla will follow the rest of the large caps in falling at least 30%.

Another thing he thinks you need to do is get out of most of your index funds and ETFs. Dan Ferris is not a big fan of passive investing.

He’s written a report with all the details concerning how he thinks you should handle your investments:

Your Meltdown Survival Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Survive the Coming Crash and 20 Years of Zero Returns

In the report, he provides his exact playbook for how to navigate the markets and it starts with taking everything that’s happened to stocks over the past 20 years and inverting it.

Dan Ferris PredictionThat means learning to invest in a period of higher interest rates not lower, or lower equity valuations, not higher.

It also means learning to manage a portfolio when stocks and bonds are more correlated than ever before.

Besides that, he also shows you how to invest in Gold.

He says that although gold did not soar even when inflation started rising, it has crushed stocks, bonds, bitcoin, and most financial assets since the bear market started.

According to Dan Ferris, people complaining about the precious metal are probably those who lost a lot of money holding tech stocks and are trying to take it out on gold.

Historically, since the U.S. dollar went off the gold standard in 1971, gold has outperformed stocks in the 21st century.

Additionally, it has a long history of preserving wealth because it offers a level of protection you can’t find in any asset that can be manipulated or diluted, like stocks or instruments like Bitcoin.

Dan says that gold has been used by a lot of super-rich families to stay rich for decades despite the crashes and decades of no returns.

The other thing that Dan has covered in the report is all the crazy things that could happen during the coming Meltdown and the no-growth era that follows it.

To get this report for free, you should sign up for a newsletter offered by Dan Ferris called Extreme Value.

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Who is Dan Ferris?

Dan Ferris is an investment analyst who works for Stansberry Research. He was hired more than 20 years ago and has longer tenure than any other analyst at the firm.

Since he joined the publisher, he’s found more than 24 stocks that could’ve doubled your money or more.

He is known for making bold predictions (and sometimes getting them right). Some of Dan’s predictions that have come to pass include the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy, the ‘Bitcoin Crash’, the top of the Nasdaq, and the historic inflation in 2022.

Dan Ferris has been featured on Fox Business and profiled in Barron’s. His work is read by finance professionals at the major Wall Street banks and he is the host of a popular investing podcast that’s been downloaded more than 2 million times.

Over the years, Dan has made a name for himself as someone who has consistently helped readers find some of the best investments to own, no matter the market cycle.

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Extreme Value Review

Dan Ferris’ Extreme Value is a financial newsletter that he has been managing for the past 20 years. It’s where he shares all of his best research, market predictions, and even recommendations, with a small group of readers.

Dan Ferris PredictionOver the years, he has found more than 24 stocks that have doubled or done better.

Now, if you sign up for the newsletter, you will get:

Access to the “10-Stock Portfolio for a 20-Year Go-Nowhere Market” model portfolio

It is Dan’s brand-new fully-allocated portfolio that provides you with a done-for-you approach designed to protect your portfolio’s downside and help you survive the crash. On top of that, Dan will help you unlock massive upside.

If anything changes with one of the positions, Dan will let you know whether to sell or buy more.

Access to The 7-Part Stansberry’s Financial Survival Program.

Stansberry’s analysts and editors have created a specific, detailed, top-to-bottom plan for an uncertain and volatile market. It is meant to help you profit from other folks’ fear and uncertainty.

Dan Ferris PredictionIn the program, they have detailed seven such opportunities. Each of these opportunities is supposed to protect your savings and give you relative safety and stability during a devastating bear market and 20 years of potential zero returns.

They should also deliver up to hundreds of percent upside.

The program has modules:

MODULE #1: You learn how to protect yourself and see the biggest possible upside in gold and silver. They show you how to own it, store it, and the gold and silver stocks to buy and the ones to avoid

MODULE #4: How to potentially 6X your money with lower risk in a market crash. You get two specific tactics that could turn chaotic situations into massive profits.

MODULE #5: This one covers a group of undervalued stocks you can buy at a discount today, hold for the next 10 years, and then quite possibly wake up to a generous retirement nest egg

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How Much is The Extreme Value Pricing

If you sign up for Extreme Value via the link at the end of the presentation, you get instant access to everything you’ve seen for just $1,695.

If you order before the offer expires, you receive 2 full years of Extreme Value – including access to Dan’s new model portfolio, “10-Stock Portfolio for a 20-Year Go-Nowhere Market”…

The Extreme Value Refund Policy

There are NO CASH REFUNDS. Dan explains why they decided not to offer them when he says:

“We do not offer cash refunds. For the simple reason that if we did, too many people would sign up, grab my new model portfolio and report… and then cancel.

It’s happened before!

But this isn’t fair to my paid subscribers”

However, you can cancel your membership for a credit refund.

“In short, you can take the next 30 days and check out everything Extreme Value has to offer… the model portfolio… the reports – everything.

And if you’re not completely happy, you can receive a FULL REFUND in the form of Stansberry Credit. Which means you can apply the money you spend today to ANY of Stansberry’s 20+ research services, no matter the price.”

It’s not a refund. It’s like they let you take the money you paid for this newsletter and repurpose it to pay for another newsletter offered by Stansberry Research.

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Dan Ferris Predictions on the Future of the Capital Markets

In the presentation, Dan does make a few predictions about the markets when asked questions by the host. Here are some of them taken from the conversation.

Concerning the markets bottoming out, Dan does not think that it is happening, and could be the case that the markets are still yet to fall further

Question: Alright, next question. I know you said the bottom is not in yet… but what is your timeline for this crash? How long do you think stocks will continue to fall?

Answer: Well, I don’t know. Nobody can know this. Don’t let anybody tell you that they know when any of this will happen.

But I will tell you this: not only is the bottom not in, I don’t even think the top is fully in yet.

You don’t get brand-new meme stocks like Bed, Bath and Beyond shooting up hundreds of percent in a couple of days at the bottom. That doesn’t happen at the bottom. That happens near the top. So I think we have a long way to go.

The other question concerns investing in Bitcoin and Dan does not think cryptos make for great investments. He prefers to stick with gold and silver that have a proven track record.

Question: You’ve talked about gold and silver being good hedges. Some of your fellow analysts have called Bitcoin a good long-term hedge. What’s your position on that?

Answer: Bitcoin is, I believe, best seen as a really interesting speculation. I wouldn’t put a penny into it that you aren’t ready to lose.

It does not have the proven track record of wealth preservation that gold and silver have for thousands of years. There’s just no comparison.

The last question is about the US dollar. The greenback has done well and Dan expects it to get stronger. However, he is not concerned about the value of the Dollar because he is preparing for any situation (whether weak or strong).

Question: Alright, Dan, are you at all worried the Dollar’s future is in jeopardy? You mentioned scenarios where if rates keep rising, the U.S. wouldn’t be able to afford the interest on its debt… and yet that seems to be necessary for keeping inflation in check. What are your thoughts on the Dollar’s future?

Answer: I think actually the dollar is going to get stronger, mostly because other currencies compared to it are getting weaker, and it’s already happened.

Get yourself a chart of the yen or the euro or almost any other currency, and relative to the dollar they’re already weakening.

But the bottom line is – I don’t really think that this issue matters as much as other people do. Yes, I think long-term the dollar will always tend to lose value, as it has since the Federal Reserve took over in 1913, but this portfolio is designed for a wide range of scenarios.

That’s very important. That’s the definition of risk. If you have a narrow range of possible scenarios, you have little risk. If you have a very wide range of possible scenarios, which could include losing everything or making ten times your money, then you have a lot of risk.

Well, this portfolio is designed for that wide range of scenarios, which includes a very strong dollar and a very weak dollar and lots of stuff in between.

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Closing Remarks on Dan Ferris Prediction

Dan Ferris believes that we are living in an unprecedented time when extreme events are happening – all across the market.

These are events that have never happened before in history and certainly never all at the same time.

He claims that if you don’t fully understand what’s happening, every dollar you’ve spent your life earning, saving, and investing could be wiped out in the coming weeks.

But he has his tips on how to survive the adversity in the markets and he wants to share them with you. You have to sign up for his newsletter though.

But don’t forget that all investments carry risk and past performance does not indicate future returns. You should avoid investing more than you are willing to lose.

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