Is Charles Mizrahi’s Catalyst Calendar Legit?

Banyan Hill Publishing has been promoting an event featuring Charles Mizrahi called Catalyst Calendar.

The event, hosted by Steve Gruber, is the very first time, Charles talks about a pocket calendar that he carries around. This calendar is significant because he claims that inside it, he has written about some of the biggest stock opportunities on Wall Street.

Let’s take a closer look at what this is about to enable you to decide what to make of the whole thing.

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What is Charles Mizrahi’s Catalyst Calendar?

Charles Mizrahi’s Catalyst Calendar is a record of all the spin-offs that are likely to take place.

Charles Mizrahi's Catalyst CalendarA spin-off is a new independent company created by an existing company where it sells or distributes new shares of its existing business or one of its divisions. A spinoff is also known as a spinout or starburst.

When a parent company spins off part of its business, it expects that it will be lucrative to do so. The newly formed company will have a separate management structure and a new name but will retain its assets, intellectual property, and human resources. The parent company may continue to provide financial and technological support.

Charles Mizrahi wants you to invest in spin-offs because he says that they have outperformed the S&P 500 by nearly 2-to-1 this century at a time when 95% of money managers can’t beat the S&P index.

He even prefers them to IPOs because he believes that investment banks and corporate insiders put together their IPOs to give the average retail investor the worst deal.

Therefore, he wants you to invest in spin-offs. But which ones does he recommend?

Charles Mizrahi’s #1 Spin-Off Recommendation

Charles believes that the most promising spin-offs the market has to offer right now are in the health care sector.

Before he picks a stock, he ensures that it has good leadership, has a good share price, and is coming from an industry that has a huge tailwind. In this case, he believes that the healthcare industry has a massive tailwind because as the population ages, people will need their doctors more.

He has found one in particular that he likes that he’s written about in a special report called The Mega Spinoff.

The no. 1 spinoff Charles is recommending has something to do with elderly people because he says that as millions of baby boomers hit retirement age, they will inadvertently create a huge tailwind for the health care company.

He also claims that it is led by a “rock star CEO.”

To get the report for free, you have to sign up for an investment research service called Catalyst Fortunes that we will take a closer look at later.

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Who is Charles Mizrahi?

Charles Mizrahi is one of the investment gurus working for Banyan Hill Publishing. There, he is the editor of financial newsletters like

He is a forty-year Wall Street veteran because he has worked for some major entities there. He was once ranked No. 1 by Barron’s and referred to as a “top performer” by The Wall Street Journal.

Charles is also frequently on the media talking about the markets and investment opportunities. For example, he has spoken on Victory News, Newsmax, and in The Epoch Times. He’s been a recurring guest of former Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee, on The Huckabee Show. He’s also been a frequent guest on America’s Voice Live.

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What is Catalyst Fortunes?

Charles Mizrahi’s Catalyst Fortunes is a new advisory service that will now be published by Banyan Hill Publishing.

To explain how it works, Mizrahi says that Alpha Investor, his main newsletter, focuses on “stocks of great businesses that have tailwinds pushing them higher, run by rock star CEOs and trading at an attractive price.”

Therefore, the focus with Alpha Investor is on undervalued companies that the markets have not priced correctly. Therefore, when he recommends them, you have to wait until the Market closes the gap and he has no idea of how long it could take.

Catalyst Fortunes, on the other hand, focuses on stocks with a timetable – a catalyst that should close the gap between his valuation of the business and the market’s mispricing.

When you sign up for the research service, you get:

12 Stock Catalyst Opportunities per year

Every month, Charles will send you a briefing where he publishes details on a stock that he believes is about to climb due to a spinoff, an activist investor buying up shares, a merger, or another stock catalyst set to take place.

Access to Charles’ Model Portfolio

Mizrahi’s portfolio includes stocks on his “buy now” list — including spinoffs. You can monitor the stocks he recommends buying. The portfolio has other details, including his buy-up-to price for each and when he recommends selling.

Weekly Updates

Each week, Charles will send you a brief update on the market and current Catalyst Fortunes positions. It will feel like Charles is right there, by your side, to guide each step you take.

Members-Only Website Access

It is a secure website where Charles keeps track of everything — the model portfolio, new recommendations, weekly updates, his guides and trading manuals, and his entire library of special reports.

A Dedicated Customer Care Team

If you ever have any questions about your subscription you can call customer care or send them an email and they’ll take care of whatever you need.

BONUS No. 1: An Apple Watch

You get a free watch when you sign up for the service.

Optional Text Message Notifications

You have the option to receive a text message notification whenever Charles releases a new stock recommendation.

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Catalyst Fortunes Pricing

A Catalyst Fortunes annual subscription usually goes for $5,000.

However, if you are lucky enough to get the bonus, you only have to pay $1,995.

The Catalyst Fortunes Refund Policy

There is no cash refund. Once you sign up for Catalyst Fortunes, there are no refunds.

Closing Remarks on Charles Mizrahi’s Catalyst Calendar

Charles Mizrahi did the presentation (Catalyst Calendar) to market his new financial advisory service called Catalyst Fortunes.

In the pitch, he talked a lot about investing in spin-offs, which his new service will be focusing on. He believes that spin-offs earn investors more returns than IPOs because they tend to be undervalued.

Therefore, he wants you to start investing in them but first sign up for his service to be getting insights from him on the best ones to go for.

I should remind you that all investments carry risks and you can lose all your money if a deal goes bad. Bear that in mind if you intend to follow Charles Mizrahi’s advice.

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