What Is Brownstone Unlimited? [Jeff Brown]

Brownstone Research recently started offering a new subscription plan called Brownstone Unlimited and they promoted it via a presentation titled “Jeff Brown’s Investment Accelerator.”

It is the highest and most exclusive level of membership they offer because it gives members lifetime access to a variety of publications.

In this article, we will be diving into it to find out what an “Unlimited” membership entails.

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What is Brownstone Unlimited?

Brownstone Unlimited is a package offered by Brownstone Research, a boutique investment research firm run by Jeff Brown.

Brownstone Unlimited

The package allows you to access an array of services offered by the company under one subscription at a discount. It also gives lifetime access to those services as well as other new services that are yet to be launched.

How Jeff Brown’s Investment Accelerator is linked to Brownstone Unlimited

To launch Brownstone Unlimited, Jeff created a presentation where he was interviewed by a journalist called Chris Hurt. It was called Jeff Brown’s Investment Accelerator – I even reviewed the invitation to it a while back.

In the pitch, he emphasizes that investing in the technology industry is lucrative and that the most profitable way to invest is to focus on the small companies working on great products.

Brownstone Unlimited

He also mentions that the biggest winners are investors who target private companies rather than public ones. He argues that startups are opting to stay private for longer and by the time they go public, they’ve already grown substantially.

He recommends two ways for people to invest in private companies:

  • Invest directly in private companies.
  • Invest via a SPAC or Blank Check Company.

He also teases a new service called AI Trader that he intends to launch in the future where he intends to use Artificial Intelligence to trade.

If you join Brownstone Unlimited through the presentation, you also receive three recommendations through an “Accelerator Portfolio.”

He also reveals, for free, a small company that he thinks has the potential to match the growth that NVIDIA went through. The small private company is called Graphcore.

According to Wikipedia, Graphcore is a British semiconductor company that makes accelerators for AI and Machine Learning.

Jeff says that he wrote about it in July when it released a second-generation Intelligence Processing Unit (IPU). At the time he was releasing the presentation, it was conducting a Series E funding round.

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Who is Jeff Brown?

Jeff Brown is the leading expert at Brownstone Research. He is an investment analyst with a rich background in the technology industry.

He spent 25 years working for famous tech companies like Qualcomm, NXP Semiconductors, and Juniper Networks as an executive. He also has wide-ranging industry experience in sectors like IT networking and security, broadcasting and video technology, semiconductors, mobility, technology infrastructure, and even consumer electronics. He has built organizations from scratch and ran divisions in big companies.

In addition to his experience in the tech industry, he is an active angel investor. He even serves as a board member and advisor to several companies.

He got his undergrad degree in aeronautical and astronautical engineering from Purdue University and has professional certificates from Stanford, MIT, and the National University of Singapore.

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What newsletters form part of the Brownstone Unlimited package?

When you join Brownstone Unlimited, you will be granted access to the services currently offered by the firm, including:

Early Stage Trader ($5,000 per year)

It offers fast returns from small tech stocks usually in a matter of weeks, not years.

Exponential Tech Investor ($4,000 per year)

It focuses on small- and micro-caps that specialize in cutting-edge technology on the verge of exponential growth. Jeff says that these companies have the potential to become the next Netflix, Amazon, or Apple.

Blank Check Speculator ($4,000 per year)

This research service recommends special purpose acquisition companies (or blank check companies) that exist to bring early-stage companies public via a reverse merger.

The Near Future Report ($199 per year)

This is a large-cap advisory service that focuses on industry-altering trends that are “right around the corner.”

You also get access to the soon-to-be-launched services including:

  • Private Tech Deal Recommendations ($4,000 per year)
  • Wall Street “Insider” Service ($4,000 per year)
  • AI Trader ($4,000 per year)

In addition to the newsletters, you also gain access to The Investment Accelerator Portfolio

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How much do you pay to join Brownstone Unlimited?

You get to pay a one-time membership fee of $5,000 plus a $199 annual “maintenance fee.”

But if you are a subscriber to any service offered by Brownstone Research, you get to join for $2,500.

Does Newsletter Name have a Refund Policy?

No, there are no cash refunds.

What Jeff offers instead is a 90-day “satisfaction guarantee” that stipulates that if you wish to cancel your subscription within 90 days, you receive buyer’s credit to use on any other service offered by Brownstone Research or its Corporate Affiliates.

Those affiliates include firms like Bonner & Partners, Palm Beach Research Group, Rogue Economics, and Agora Financial, just to mention a few – you get the feeling that all the Agora-owned publishers are part of this network.

He also states that if he doesn’t add two new services to the fray in 12-18 months, you also get your money back in form of the buyer’s credit to spend on other services as stipulated above.

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Closing Remarks on Brownstone Unlimited

What Brown is offering here is not a new phenomenon as we’ve seen other publishers put their services under one package in the name of saving money (and, of course, ensuring loyalty). All publishers do it in some form – either by lumping a certain guru’s work under one umbrella package or all their newsletters under one plan.

This benefits you by saving you money and giving you access to multiple services under one easy-to-manage membership.

Another thing, although Jeff is keen to tell us that the service only requires a one-time fee to help you save thousands of dollars in subscription fees, don’t forget that there is an annual maintenance fee of $199 that you have to pay to maintain your membership. It gets lost in the fine print but it is an important part of the fee structure.

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