What Is Biotech’s 100 Year Flood? [Keith Kohl]

Keith Kohl recently released a pitch about what he terms as the “Biotech’s 100 Year Flood.”

In the presentation, he says that there is an unprecedented surge of essential treatments pouring out of the FDA pipeline and that there are small biotech stocks on his “flood list” that can earn gains of up to 2,375% or more in the weeks ahead.

In this piece, I walk you through the presentation so that you can decide what to make of Keith’s claims. Keep reading to learn more about the opportunities he is touting.

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What is Biotech’s 100 Year Flood?

Keith Kohl says that while the rest of the world was shutting down, the biotech industry was booming.

There was a notable surge in capital flowing into the industry as public health agencies and companies worked hard to develop vaccines as well as treatments for COVID-19.

Biotech's 100 Year FloodSince COVID-19 was the focus, there were delays in the FDA approval processes for most drugs because, for more than 18 months, the FDA only had time for emergency trials and inspections for COVID-19 therapies and vaccines.

Keith says that everything else had to wait in line.

But since a majority of vaccines and treatments for COVID-19 appear to have made it through the approval process, the FDA has shifted focus back to the other therapies.

Keith Kohl explains,

“Billions of Dollars Are About to Flood out of the FDA Pipeline… Here’s Why This Historical Event Could Grow Your Nest Egg

The FDA recently announced it’ll finally resume its regular approval schedule.

It’s fully reopening the pipeline.

And as the backlog of new biotech discoveries finally get their long-awaited approval, we’re going to see a SURGE of new drugs come onto the market.

There’s an awful lot of money at stake…

According to researchers at Harvard, there’s an estimated $125 billion worth of discoveries currently waiting their turn in the FDA pipeline.”

He says that as $125 billion worth of drugs gets released in the weeks ahead, there will be a rush of profits.

He claims that the growth that has been witnessed over the past few months will carry on:

Biotech's 100 Year Flood

Keith asserts that if you start buying shares of these biotech companies now before bringing their drugs to market, you could see the biggest returns of your life.

He says that FDA approval can make a company’s shares go up,

“For a biotech firm with a promising new medicine, getting FDA approval is the most important moment in its development.

It’s a multi-stage process, and each stage can send a biotech firm’s stock soaring.

A single approval from the FDA is enough to push a stock into the triple digits (or higher) almost immediately.

Biotech is famous for its ability to generate life-changing gains for smart investors who position themselves in time…”

This is hardly a unique opinion by Keith as we’ve seen other analysts like James Altucher’s and Jeff Brown echo this.

Amid all this, he also points out that the COVID-19 vaccine research has accelerated the development of mRNA.

He notes that mRNA’s capabilities go beyond the virus because there are already trials for SARS, Autoimmune disorders, Cystic fibrosis, Lyme disease, Cancer, and dozens of other incredible medical breakthroughs.

So this opens up yet more avenues for making money, according to Kohl.

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How Keith Kohl Finds Biotech Stocks to Invest in

Keith says that he has access to the biotech industry’s “inside” that allows him to get right to the bottom of a potential discovery.

And, he has a system that helps with the analysis:

“If you have access to the inside like I do, you can get right to the bottom of a potential new discovery.

My pipeline starts with numbers — lots of them.

I have a computer program that lets me sift through the results of literal decades of FDA decisions.

And then I use this data to stack it up next to the new potential drug I’m looking at.

What drugs like this were approved before? What labs generated them? When did the FDA last approve something like this?

All these factors are carefully weighted and ranked according to likelihood.”

Keith says that the FDA also follows this process when evaluating drugs that seek approval. He says that the agency takes the results of current trials and compares them with how drugs like it in the past have worked out; he claims that this is how the FDA finds out the potential side effects of a drug.

By mirroring the FDA process, he says that he approximates the same type of result that the FDA arrives at.

But his process doesn’t end there:

“Next, I run a promising drug through a special rating system that’s operated by an exclusive network of 250 doctors and scientists.

These industry experts use their experience to further rank the results.”

He says that his system delivers the exact figure of a new drug’s chance of making it through the FDA pipeline with an accuracy of 64%, 77%, and even 81%.

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Keith Kohl’s Biotech Stocks to Watch

Keith Kohl has put together a list of promising biotech stocks he expects to come out of the FDA pipeline in the weeks ahead. He calls it his “flood list.”

He says that these stocks will be first to market and they will leapfrog the competition using the advances made thanks in part to COVID-19 research.

He has divided his Flood List into THREE reports that then give you full exposure to the gains to be made.

To get the three reports, you have to sign up for Keith’s Topline Trader advisory newsletter.

Report #1: “First out of the Floodgates: How to Break the Bank on the FDA’s COVID Bottleneck”

Keith says that the first report is all about capitalizing on the first-mover advantage.

Biotech's 100 Year FloodIt has the first companies that could make it out of the approval bottleneck thus enjoying far more investor attention than usual. These companies will be among the first ones to get FDA approval.

Report #2: “MRNA Millions: Make a Fortune as Medicine’s Newest Innovations Come to Market”

The second report is about non-COVID mRNA innovations that were already in development before the pandemic.

Biotech's 100 Year FloodKeith says that they have been given a free timeline upgrade and this has been boosted by all the money that was invested in COVID.

Amid all the companies benefiting from this, Keith Kohl says that two small biotech companies stand out and they could deliver the next millionaire-making results. He writes about these two.

Report #3: “Cash in Big on Synthetic Biology — The Boldest New Area of the Biotech Market”

Keith Kohl says that a new technology known as “synthetic biology” is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing areas of biotech. It has grown over 500% in the last decade.

Biotech's 100 Year FloodSynthetic biology, according to him, allows scientists to use DNA and RNA to program biological organisms like acids, enzymes, and cellular microorganisms. This is significant because it facilitates the development of big breakthroughs in science.

He cites one example of a company that modifies enzymes to cure gut-related diseases like gluten intolerance, irritable bowel syndrome, lactose intolerance, and even colon cancer.

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Who is Keith Kohl?

Keith Kohl is part of the editorial team at a publishing firm called Angel Publishing. He is the editor of a newsletter called Energy and Capital. He writes to over 300,000 readers providing them with coverage of the hottest investment trends in the markets, ranging from energy and tech to advances in biotech.

He considers himself an insider in the technology and energy markets who helps investors capitalize on the dynamic energy and technology markets. Keith claims to have called every major tight oil play before the mainstream press caught wind of them, including the Bakken oil boom.

In addition to Energy and Capital, he also edits Angel Publishing’s Energy Investor, Topline Trader, and Technology and Opportunity.

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How does Keith Kohl’s Topline Trader Work?

As I mentioned above, you must subscribe to Keith’s Topline Trader to get copies of the three special reports that have his biotech stock picks.

Topline TraderIn addition to these special reports, signing up for the Topline Trader also gives you access to:

  • Weekly Trade Alerts. When Keith finds a new investment opportunity, he sends you an instant alert that contains details about the opportunity.
  • Cash Catalysts. It is a quarterly guide to the biotech market. Each quarter, you get a report that has details regarding every stock Keith is targeting in the long run, his analysis of the overall biotech market, and how you can get involved in the biggest trades in advance.
  • Topline Trader VIP Lounge. You have access to the secure members-only Web Portal. In the portal, you find every quarterly guide, bonus report, and urgent alert.
  • Access to the VIP CONCIERGE SERVICE. The publisher has a dedicated member services team based in the U.S. You can reach them by phone on Monday-Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM and by email 24/7.
  • A bonus report: “TOPLINE TURBOCHARGER: The Extra Step That Doubles Your Profit Potential.” He discusses a technique that he claims allows you to profit whether a stock goes up OR down.

Keith says that only 100 people will be allowed to join Topline Trader because he is “focused on small stocks that could easily skyrocket.” He says that if too many investors get involved, the stock will move prematurely diminishing potential gains (just as Jeff brown does in his ad for the Exponential Tech Investor).

Topline Trader Pricing?

The annual subscription fee is $1,999 if you join via the link provided at the end of the presentation.

The Topline Trader Refund Policy

Topline Trader has two guarantees:

Biotech's 100 Year FloodThe first is a 90-day, money-back guarantee. You get a full refund if you ask for it within 90 days of joining.

Keith’s second guarantee states, “If you don’t get at least a dozen biotech trades this year…I will give you another year of Topline Trader 100% FREE.”

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Closing Remarks on Biotech’s 100 Year Flood

Keith Kohl’s presentation was timed to coincide with what he calls a Biotech 100 Year Flood. He says that historically, many of the biotech’s biggest breakthroughs have come in the wake of widespread disease outbreaks and the coronavirus pandemic will stimulate a new era of innovation.

He says that there is a biotech bottleneck at the FDA and he feels that certain companies will see the biggest gains and this led to him creating a list of those stocks. These are the ones that he believes will be the first out of the FDA pipeline.

Is any of this credible? To some extent, yes. The biotech industry has done exceptionally well over the past few months and it makes sense that there will be some top-performers within the industry.

That being said, be cautious as you invest because not all companies will do well in the market and, inevitably, there will be some losses along the way. Do not invest more than you can afford to lose.

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