Banyan Hill Publishing – Legit Investment Tips?

Banyan Hill Publishing is one of the most ubiquitous names in the world of financial newsletters.

You have probably come across investment “analysts” who say they are from Banyan Hill promising to give you the answer to financial freedom if you sign up for their newsletters.

They make pretty ambitious claims about investments leading you to question whether it is all part of an elaborate ruse.

I wrote this article to explain what Banyan Hill is all about. By the end of it, I hope you will be in a better position to decide whether you should subscribe to their services.

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What is Banyan Hill Publishing?

Banyan Hill Publishing is a research and publishing firm that is made up of financial analysts and newsletter editors who give people general financial advice to broaden their perspective and enable them to make better decisions as they trade.

Banyan Hill Publishing Reviews

Banyan Hill is part of The Agora Companies.

Its headquarters are at Delray Beach, FL, it also has offices in Vancouver, WA, and Atlanta, GA.

The experts research market trends and the opportunities those trends bring about and they present their findings to their subscribers in digital, print, or audio format.

Through its experts, Banyan Hill Publishing offers the following services:

  • Its teams analyze market data and publish their findings to help its subscribers make informed decisions.
  • The editors cover news stories that have an impact on the financial landscape the way they feel mainstream financial media should. They then advise their audience about how they should react to the information.
  • It helps its readers pinpoint profitable trends and enterprises that have the potential to grow to enable them to get in on the ground floor of potentially explosive investments.
  • It covers emerging markets to enable its clients to navigate them.
  • It provides asset management advice to its readers to equip them to preserve their wealth.

The publisher prides itself on providing contrarian advice that goes against conventional beliefs pushed by mainstream financial media. Its experts look for niche opportunities that hardly get airtime on mainstream forums.

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Who Founded Banyan Hill?

Banyan Hill began as a small firm in 1998 but back then, they called it “The Sovereign Society.” It was started by a group of financial experts who encouraged their clients to venture beyond the US markets by embracing a globalized approach.

They presented their readers back then with global investment opportunities in the name of diversification.

In 2016, The Sovereign Society rebranded, giving rise to Banyan Hill Publishing. It also changed its approach from a foreign-based strategy to one that encouraged its clients to shift their focus from global investments to local opportunities (American).

Banyan Hill belongs to The Agora Companies, the entity that also owns Agora Financial. That can be confusing because they are competitors.

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The Experts and the Premium Services offered by Banyan Hill

Banyan Hill has an assortment of financial experts who offer general investment advice – not personal advice. They are not licensed to offer personal advice, as they state at the footer of the website:

Banyan Hill Publishing Reviews

The disclaimer reads:

“Nothing herein should be considered personalized investment advice. The advice we provide is published generally, is not personal to you and does not take account of your personal circumstances. You should not base investment decisions solely on this document.”

You should hire an advisor if personal investment advice is what you are after.

One thing you’ll notice about the gurus who publish newsletters is that they have decent backgrounds because some of them are bestselling authors and others have had illustrious careers on Wall Street.

We shall take a quick look at each of them and the services they each offer:

Paul Mampilly

Paul is a former hedge fund manager turned newsletter editor. He was working on Wall Street when he decided to retire at the age of 42 and divert his attention to helping individual investors make better decisions in the markets.

He researches the market looking for good trade opportunities. He leverages his experience as a money manager to find niche investments and shares them with his readers via his newsletters. He edits the following advisory services:

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Profits Unlimited

It is his flagship newsletter and he has even written a book by the same title. This service is based on an investment strategy that targets stocks in emerging sectors in the technology space.

He refers to this trading strategy as GoingUpness. He recommends stocks in new energy, Blockchain, IoT, AI, and precision medicine.

IPO Speculator

Paul Mampilly researches startups that are about to go public. He bases his analysis on a checklist containing 26 points that he uses to isolate private companies with the potential to grow. He also dabbles in companies that have just gone public.

True Momentum

The premise of this newsletter is to find companies with market capitalizations over $3 billion that are about to experience a growth spurt. Usually, these are companies with good fundamentals.

Rebound Profit Trader

Paul looks for companies that have been plummeting and bets on their recovery. Usually, he finds stocks that he thinks the market has misjudged – they have recently become undervalued and they are bound to rise when the panic subsides.

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Extreme Fortunes

If you subscribe to Extreme Fortunes, Paul writes about small tech companies that are on the verge of soaring because they are riding a megatrend. They tend to have immense potential, though volatile.

Rapid Profit Trader

This is an options-based advisory service. Paul and his team look for stocks that have momentum and then find suitable options to leverage that momentum for greater returns.

The 100X Club

As the title of this service suggests, subscribers should expect to get investment propositions that may go up by 10,000% (or 100 times). Note that these stocks are usually penny stocks that institutional investors cannot get involved in – Mampilly considers this a good thing.

To pick the best penny stocks, he bases his analysis on a list of 20 requirements. He only considers stocks that meet those requirements.

The $10 Million Portfolio

The $10 Million Portfolio comprises of stocks from a wide range of sectors that he holds for a long period. Since he looks at growth potential, he looks for trusts, speculative options, foreign stocks, and other forms of investments that are suited to a long-term strategy.

Paul Mampilly’s Inner Circle

This is a premium plan that grants you unlimited access to all of Paul’s newsletters. If you subscribe to more than three of his services, you should consider giving it a try because it saves you money. A side benefit of this plan is that it exposes you to a wide range of investment styles.

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Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali is the natural resource expert at Banyan Hill. Before he joined the world of finance and investment, he was a geologist and a consultant.

He was working for a mining company when one of his clients nudged him towards financial services. He began trading and later joined Banyan Hill as a newsletter editor.

He believes that the best way to judge a company is to visit excavation sites and field labs where he puts his knowledge as a geologist to good use. He calls it a “boots-to-the-ground” approach.

Real Wealth Strategist

When you subscribe to Real Wealth Strategist, you gain access to investment recommendations from the natural resource industry. Matt is always on the hunt for the next big mining company but of late, he has expanded his scope to cover other players that take part in the production process.

Front Line Profits

When Matt finds a small-cap stock that he thinks has the potential to go up by 1,000%, he alerts his Front Line Profits readers.

Matt Badiali’s Inner Circle

This service is similar to Paul Mampilly’s Inner Circle in that it lets you access all of Matt’s investment recommendations. It is cheaper to subscribe to Inner Circle than to each of his services separately.

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Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman is the son of Robert Bauman, a former member of the US House of Representatives for Maryland’s 1st Congressional district between 1973 and 1981.

Ted Bauman boasts the largest readership at Banyan Hill Publishing with around 100,000 subscribers. He joined the newsletter world in 2013.

He has lived and worked on other continents. In Africa and Asia, he worked as a consultant and this broadened his knowledge of the international markets and informs his decisions to this day.

The Bauman Letter

Ted bases his research on a system he refers to as BOLD, which is short for Big Vision, Open for Takeoff, Logical Move, and Distinct Catalyst. It informs his analysis of companies he thinks are good investments and that is likely to earn his readers positive returns.

Ted Bauman’s 10X Project

The 10X Project enables his readers to earn ten times what they invest if they follow his advice. He leverages investment strategies that are favored by the rich to achieve this.

Alpha Stock Alert

Ted looks for stocks in what he considers “the hottest sectors” in the markets. Once he decides that a sector could yield profits, he zeroes in on it and finds the best stocks. He uses technical indicators to determine when the best time to buy into a stock is.

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Jeff Yastine

Jeff Yastine is the executive editor at Banyan Hill. He is a journalist by profession.

He was an anchor on PBS’ Nightly Business Report from 1994 to 2010. During his time on the show, he had the privilege of interviewing notable figures in the world of finance like Sir. Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, and Michael Dell.

He has also been investing in the equities market for 20 years. He joined the publisher in 2015.

I recently reviewed his Q Shares presentation where he was discussing a unique form of investment you can leverage to improve your bottom line.

Total Wealth Insider

Through the Total Wealth Insider, Yastine attempts to beat other investors – particularly Wall Street investors – to the stocks that are showing promise. He urges subscribers to get in on them before they blow up.

Flow Matrix Alert

Jeff works together with Brian Christopher in delivering this. They created a system that looks for stocks that are showing strong momentum. The goal is to try to beat the market.

Profit Line

Jeff Yastine collaborates with Brian Christopher on this one as well. They monitor insider activity for clues as to where they should invest.

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Charles Mizrahi

Charles Mizrahi is a former hedge fund manager and stock trader.

Mizrahi has been investing for the past 35 years. In that period, he has garnered a reputation for being a market timer. His goal is to generate alpha and earn returns for his subscribers consistently.

Due to his success in the market, he has been sought out by financial media houses as well as Wall Street firms like Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, and Credit Suisse.

Alpha Investor Report

Charles Mizrahi looks for undervalued companies that are doing well but that are yet to be noticed by Wall Street investors and mainstream financial media. He achieves this courtesy of his Alpha-3 approach, which he has been perfecting ever since he started trading.

8 Figure Fortunes

Charles shows subscribers how they can make gains of 1,000% or more in one to one and a half years. He specializes in “Special-situation” stocks.

Chad Shoop

Chad is an investment researcher at Banyan Hill. He is a CMT (Chartered Market Technician), a designation that shows that he specializes in technical analysis.

He devises income-generating strategies for his subscribers and also dabbles in ETFs.

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Automatic Profits Alert

Chad recommends Stocks and ETFs that should typically be held for a short period. He alerts his subscribers on when they should buy or sell them.

Pure Income

Pure Income is arguably Chad’s most productive investment advisory. The goal here is to help his subscribers double their investments in a short period, usually a few months. He encourages his readers to take safety precautions with their investments. It is one of the most popular services offered by the publisher.

Quick Hit Profits

During Earnings Season, the markets get busy as investors react to just-released earnings reports. Shares can jump or fall significantly according to how their earnings beat or fail to meet expectations.

Quick Hit Profits is designed to capitalize on those sudden stock movements to earn quick returns.

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Ian King

Ian King is a former hedge fund manager who’s been actively trading for more than 20 years. One of his greatest achievements was getting in on cryptocurrencies when very few people considered them a good investment.

He joined the world of investment at 21 when he worked at Salomon Brothers. He later worked for Citigroup. He has worked for Investopedia and made appearances on major financial media outlets.

I recently reviewed his presentations on Fluorescent Sand and Spectrum The Future of All Technology. In both of them, he was talking about the investment opportunities to be had when you invest in 5G stocks.

Automatic Fortunes

He focuses on major trends in technology and isolates companies that are likely to grow as a result of them. He relies on a four-step strategy to find good investments in the technology market, and you can learn more about it in my Automatic Fortunes review.

Small-cap Alert

As the name of this newsletter suggests, Ian King scours the market in search of small-caps that have the potential to become the next Netflix or Amazon. One important requirement of the investments he recommends is that they are buoyed by a sweeping trend.

Apex Profit Alert

Apex Profit Alert is an options-based investment advisory service through which King recommends natural resource stocks to his subscribers. He relies on a proprietary technical indicator that monitors business and behavioral cycles to determine the best time to make an entry.

Crypto Profit Trader

King was one of the investment gurus that took cryptos seriously when few other analysts considered them a serious investment. Crypto Profit Trader is his crypto investment advisory. He looks for profit opportunities involving cryptos, mainly focusing on altcoins. He also discusses significant events happening in the world of cryptocurrencies.

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Michael Carr

Michael is a chartered market technician (CMT), like Chad Shoop. He is also a former member of the US Air Force.

He learned about investing while he was still in the military, he was introduced to it by his commanding officer. He started reading up on the stock market and started investing while he was deployed to Iceland, something he has done ever since.

He is a published author of two books namely Smarter Investing in Any Economy and Conquering the Divide.

Peak Velocity Trader

Michael uses a four-line algorithm to pinpoint when a stock is about to reach “Peak Velocity.” He then implements what he calls “velocity trades” to capitalize on the momentum, earning quick returns (when he makes the right call).

Precision Profits

Like Peak Velocity Trader, he also relies on a proprietary trading formula that he claims he developed while he was working as a missile architect for the pentagon. He pinpoints “profit windows” that he then exploits for profits.

One Trade

This is an option-based newsletter. Michael recommends trades that are on the SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF Trust.

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Ian Dyer

Ian Dyer is an investment analyst and a writer at Banyan Hill but when he joined the publisher, he worked in the customer care department.

He is well-educated considering he passed all three CFA Level exams, demonstrating his acumen in accounting, economics, and portfolio management.

He hasn’t launched a newsletter, but he works with Paul Mampilly in the production of Rapid Profit Trader, $10 Million Portfolio, and Rebound Profit Trader. He also contributes to the free newsletters.

Brian Christopher

Brian is a senior analyst at Banyan Hill. He joined the company in 2018.

Before he started working in the newsletter business, he was a consultant who specialized in rehabilitating bankrupt companies.

He and Jeff Yastine co-publish Total Wealth Insider and Profit Line.

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John Ross

John Ross specializes in helping independent investors grow their wealth. He studied global macroeconomics, pattern analysis, and investor behavior for 12 years. His approach enables him to exploit the human element i.e. opportunities created due to fear and greed.

He helped a group of traders to tremendous returns during the 2006 gold bull market.

He joined the publisher in 2018 and has since been working with Matt Badiali in editing the Apex Profit Alert. He also contributes to the free Winning Investor Daily newsletter

As I write this, he is working on his CMT certification.

Total Wealth Fellowship

The Total Wealth Fellowship is a subscription plan that gives you access to all of Banyan Hill’s premium and free investment advisory services. If you are subscribed to multiple newsletters that are published by Banyan Hill, this one is designed to give you everything they offer at a discount.

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Free Newsletters offered by Banyan Hill

In addition to the paid newsletters, the publisher also offers a range of free-to-join newsletters. Most of what you get is experts talking about trending financial and geopolitical news stories, massive opportunities worth investing in, and promotions of premium newsletters. The free newsletters include:

Bauman Daily

Ted Bauman analyze new investment opportunities for his readers. He doesn’t reveal many opportunities as he preserves most of his findings for his paying clients.

Bold Profits Daily

Paul Mampilly shares insights about the market as well as some stock names and tickers worth looking into… all that for free.

Great Stuff

This newsletter keeps you informed on the hottest trends on Wall Street and provides you with information that should “make you filthy rich” (with the caveat that it all depends on how you trade). It is written by Joseph Hargett.

Up to five times every week, he discusses megatrends, provides investment advice, reveals free stock picks, and profiles some of the best-performing newsletter editors at the publisher.

Smart Profits Daily

This newsletter mainly discusses asset protection tips, offshore investment opportunities, and alternative investment strategies.

Winning Investor Daily

This newsletter keeps you in the loop of all newsworthy stock movements. It covers new trends, trading cycles, chart developments, and other juicy investment-related topics.

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Banyan Hill Publishing Closing Remarks

If you are looking for conventional investment advice, Banyan Hill Publishing is not the place to get it. Most editors focus on contrarian investment strategies and niche investment opportunities that are overlooked by mainstream financial media.

There are benefits and drawbacks to this approach.

It is beneficial because you gain access to investment opportunities you would never have found out about on your own or by following mainstream news sources. You also get a leg up on other investors because you learn about potentially explosive sectors before they become newsworthy – at which point it is too late to make an entrance.

The downside is that most of the recommendations while sounding like potentially explosive plays, are extremely risky. For example, investing in newsletter staples like small-cap stocks, tech startups, and altcoins (cryptocurrencies) puts your investment in greater risk than opting for good ol’ blue-chip stocks.

But the marketing language they use doesn’t help either. If you’ve listened to any presentation by an editor pitching a newsletter, they talk emphatically about their roaring past successes brought about by the strategies they are advertising while downplaying the risks and failures involved. If you are not careful, that can lull you into a false sense of assurance.

I think fewer people would be distrustful of newsletter editors if they presented their listeners with realistic profit projections while admitting where they may fall short. But I suppose that wouldn’t sell as much as scaremongering and over-the-top promises do.

That being said, if you feel an investment advisory offered by Banyan Hill Publishing suits your investment style, you should join. Many people have benefited from the insights they got from Banyan Hill editors.

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