Ian King’s “Automatic Fortunes” Review

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Ian King is a prominent figure in the world of financial newsletters.

Other than provide investment insights involving cryptocurrencies or offer training on the same, one of his investment advisory services is called Automatic Fortunes.

If you have no idea what Automatic Fortunes entails, keep reading because, in this review, I will provide you with an overview of what the service covers as well as describe what subscribing to it means.

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What is Automatic Fortunes?

Automatic Fortunes is an investment newsletter that is published by Banyan Hill Publishing (which is owned by The Agora). It is run by a team led by Ian King.

Automatic Fortunes Reviews

They launched the newsletter to help readers get ahead of the market by identifying trends in the technology sector that are capable of delivering windfall profits. By windfall profits, I mean returns that come in one swoop.

An unconventional investment strategy

Ian mentions that the recommendations he sends his readers are gleaned from an unconventional investment strategy.

It is based on a four-step system that finds “tipping-point trends.” He describes those trends as:

“massive developments that are set to trigger a revolution.”

Since he focuses on the technology industry, those development involve revolutionary subsectors that are on the cusp of going mainstream. Here is what he says about them:

“5G, artificial intelligence and every other new technology you’ve been hearing about will soon be reality. And with my system, I’ll identify companies that are set to soar from these trends.”

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If you take 5G, for example, he released a presentation titled Fluorescent Sand touting one stock that he thought would prove pivotal to the revolution. On the Banyan Hill website, here is what he says about 5G:

“This lightning-fast wireless technology will be used to propel the Internet of Things, virtual reality, blockchain, augmented reality … and other breakthroughs in the future.”

It fits the description of a revolutionary trend because it will trigger the proliferation of other potential “tipping-point trends.”

At the same time, he avoids household names like Google and Amazon. He avoids them because they are already too crowded, expensive, and they hardly grow at a sufficiently fast rate.

Instead, he goes after mid-cap stocks with a proven track record of profitability. Here is how he describes them:

“Instead, we’ll be investing in midcap stocks — in the $2 billion to $10 billion range — that are tied to a new technology that’s rapidly changing the world and poised to grow earnings exponentially.”

To paint a clearer picture of what the typical recommendation looks like, here is what he says:

“Sometimes this could be auto-parts supplier that manufactures a vital component for autonomous vehicles. Other times, it could be a payment-processing company reinventing the mobile-payments industry. Or even an e-commerce play in the fastest-growing country in the world.”

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Who is Ian King

Ian King is one of the senior editors at Banyan Hill Publishing. He edits the Crypto Profit Trader and Automatic Fortunes.

He entered the financial service industry at the age of 21, working in the mortgage bond trading department at Salomon Brothers (it was acquired by Travelers Group in 1998). He moved on to Citigroup to sharpen his skills before settling at Peahi Capital, a hedge fund, for ten years.

During his time at the fund, they earned a total return of 339% in 2008, demonstrating King and his colleagues’ ability to navigate a bad market.

He is a contributor to Investopedia. In 2017, he launched Crypto Trading, Investopedia’s online training course that teaches investors how to make money in volatile cryptocurrency markets.

His work has been featured on Seeking Alpha, Zero Hedge, and Fox Business News.

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What you get when you join Automatic Fortunes

When you subscribe to Automatic Fortunes, you will be entitled to the following:

  • Access to Ian King’s model portfolio. It is a list of every stock that is on King’s “buy now” list comprising of the 12 new stocks he recommends each year (one each month). He tells you how much you should pay for the stocks.
  • Monthly Dispatch: Each month, he updates the portfolio with a new recommendation. Usually, these recommendations are tied to a “tipping-point” trend. The monthly dispatch comes in the form of an 8-page report.
  • Weekly Webinar: Every Thursday, Jeff sends you the weekly webinar with updates to keep you in the loop of what’s happening in the market. He lets you know what he thinks about the market.
  • Trade Alerts: When the time comes to close a position and consolidate the profits, King sends you an email alerting you about his intentions. The email comes with instructions on what you need to do along with instructions concerning what shares you need to offload.
  • Daily Briefings: You also get a free subscription to King’s daily e-letter, Sovereign Investor Daily. Through it, he shares his insights every day.
  • Access to the customer service team: If you have any questions regarding your membership, you can send them to the customer care team anywhere between 8 AM and 8 PM.

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Automatic Fortunes Conclusion

Through the Automatic Fortunes newsletter, Ian King gives his readers recommendations of promising companies that are often overlooked by other investors. These are not just off-the-radar stocks for the sake of it, they have to fulfill a set of requirements.

For example, they have to be at the forefront of a “tipping-point” trend that is likely to trigger a technological revolution. They also need to have an established track record of profitability.

He prefers mid-cap stocks to large-caps and small-caps because the former tend to be “crowded out” and the latter pose too great a risk. He makes exceptions to these rules if a company shows that it has the “x-factor” and a good financial track record.

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