InvestorPlace Review – Legit Investment Newsletters?

InvestorPlace Media is one of the longest-running investment newsletter publishers in America. It was formed to avail “world-class investment advice” to all kinds of investors, a task it has been carrying out for a long time. Having reviewed a few presentations and services offered by the firm, I think it makes sense that I cover …

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What Is “Endgame 2020” aka The Switch? [Casey Report]

Endgame 2020 (The Switch)

Have you encountered a presentation by Nick Giambruno (Casey Research) titled “Endgame 2020”? The bizarre-sounding header sets the tone, and I quote: “During the lockdown, America’s financial elite secretly launched the biggest attack on your wealth since 1971. If you have more than $5,000 in the bank, YOU MUST ACT NOW, before it’s too late…” …

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Is Jeff Brown’s Near Future Report Legit?

Near Future Report Reviews

Interested in Jeff Brown’s Near Future Report? Jeff Brown is a tech analyst who shares his investment ideas through financial newsletters. The Near Future Report is one of the investment advisory services he offers. Over the past few months, it has drawn attention because people have been flocking to it hoping that his recommendations will …

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Ian King “Spectrum The Future of All Technology” Review

Spectrum The Future of All Technology

Spectrum The Future of All Technology is a pitch by Ian King advertising his newsletter. In this presentation, he teases a company that will be pivotal to the “Spectrum Technology Initiative” by the White House. As he puts it in the header: “And one tiny California-based company is poised to capture the lion’s share of …

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Are “5G Cash Towers” Legit? [Zach Scheidt]

5G Cash Towers

Zach Scheidt recently opened up about his approach to investing in 5G. The presentation, titled 5G Cash Towers, introduces us to his way of thinking about 5G investments and it is linked to income and the law: “an official amendment opens up what could be a sky-high income stream for everyday Americans” I sat through …

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Ian King’s “Automatic Fortunes” Review

Automatic Fortunes Reviews

Looking for more info on Automatic Fortunes? Ian King is a prominent figure in the world of financial newsletters. Other than provide investment insights involving cryptocurrencies or offer training on the same, one of his investment advisory services is called Automatic Fortunes. If you have no idea what Automatic Fortunes entails, keep reading because, in …

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“Tiny Silver Smart Antenna” 5G Review [Louis Navellier]

Tiny Silver Smart Antenna

The Tiny Silver “Smart Antenna” pitch by Louis Navellier concerns a technology that he expects to: “Make Your Smartphone work up to 1,000X faster… Make Your First Self-Driving Car Crash-Proof…* Make Remote Surgery a Reality…* Make America’s Military Great Again…*** and Give Early-Bird Investors a Chance to Become RICH BEYOND THEIR WILDEST DREAMS!” If you …

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What Are George Gilder 15G Stocks? [Full Details Shared]

George Gilder 15G Stocks

Have you encountered the George Gilder 15G Stocks presentation? The header of the presentation reads: “Don’t invest in 5G stocks or even buy yourself a 5G smartphone… until you’ve heard about this chance to triple your gains on the same tech revolution.” In the pitch, he reveals his 5G picks although he refers to them …

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Are “Quantum Glass Battery” Stocks Legit? [Matt McCall]

Quantum Glass Battery Review

Have you come across the “Quantum Glass Battery” presentation by Matt McCall? It concerns an innovation that will change the technological landscape and mint millionaires. According to the header: “Folks who get in on this breakthrough now, BEFORE it’s rolled out on mass scale, will have the chance to be a part of the single-largest …

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