Is Asymmetric Profits Legit? [Sean McCloskey Naked Trades]

Dave Roberts sat down with Angel Publishing’s Sean McCloskey to discuss something called Asymmetric Profits.

They discussed how Sean has found a way to invest that allows him to make average stock gains 49x bigger in as little as seven days.

In this review, we will be taking a closer look at the trading strategy behind Asymmetric Profits and what Sean is proposing you do to start making those returns.

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What is “Asymmetric Profits”?

The term “Asymmetric Profits” the way Sean defines it is a scenario where an investor invests a small amount of money and turns it into huge piles of profits in a matter of weeks or even days.

Asymmetric Profits (Naked Trades) Sean McCloskeyIt comes from the term “asymmetry” which refers to a lack of proportion. In this case, a small amount of money earns you a disproportionate amount of profits.

Examples of this are spending $86 and turning it into $340 in just seven days, investing just $103 to see it grow into $235 just 18 days later, or investing $170 to turn it into $520 in 35 days, and so on.

There are a couple of examples he gives:

Asymmetric Profits (Naked Trades) Sean McCloskey Asymmetric Profits (Naked Trades) Sean McCloskey Asymmetric Profits (Naked Trades) Sean McCloskey

These are not common results and you should not go into this expecting to make that kind of money.

How does he pull this off?

By trading options instead of stocks.

Sean claims that options are the best and the fastest way to create Asymmetric Profit opportunities because with a relatively small investment, you can make a lot of money. This is known as Leverage.

We’ve seen this approach and justification before from the likes of Jeff Clark (Trader’s Paradise), Scott Bauer (Trades by Scott), and Matt Choi (Certus Trading).

Sean recommends one kind of option trade where he makes one trade over and over on the stock that his research uncovers.

So, how does he uncover his stocks?

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How to Spot Asymmetric Profits Opportunities

Sean McCloskey says that every trade has to go through what he calls the “trade gauntlet.”

The gauntlet combs through all the possible opportunities to uncover the one trade at the right time with the highest chance of going asymmetric, where a small investment can become a huge win.

Sean describes it as follows:

“The trade gauntlet is my multi-step, multi-disciplinary process to researching trades.

There are over 5,000 listed stocks in the United States alone, and for any ONE of those stocks, there could be thousands of possible options trades.

The gauntlet is designed to systematically sift through all the possible trading permutations to arrive at the one ideal trade.”

His process begins with evaluating the market as a whole in search of the best-performing sectors:

“I always start with the Big Picture — a very broad, very macro view of the market…

What’s the overall market doing and which sectors in the market are doing better than others.

Sectors are always cycling in and out of favor, so I track how individual sectors are moving within the bigger market.

Then, once I have the big, macro picture of what’s happening…

I shift gears.”

What this means is that he narrows his focus:

“I switch from the macro/fundamental picture to the technical.

I start drilling down into the charts to get a more detailed picture of the trading patterns.

I look for technical indicators that will let me pinpoint the stock with the biggest ‘bullish’ pattern.”

Then he evaluates the option plays available to find the right one:

“Then I shift gears again — and I start drilling down into the options available on that stock.

Within the options themselves, there are a ton of different elements I need to sift through before I zero in the right option for that trade.”

So, that’s his process as far as he describes it in the presentation. He says that the details of how he executes those steps are his trade secret.

He gives us an example of the process in action when he describes how he traded options of Chevron.

Sean realized that the oil and energy sector, after a long time of being in the wilderness, was experiencing a resurgence of strength. So, he knew it was a strong sector and he drilled down to look at the strongest stocks within the sector.

He went for Chevron because its fundamentals were strong — it had great leadership and great numbers in a rebounding sector because the oil market started taking off in autumn 2021, with prices heading toward $80.

From the technical standpoint, the charts showed the stock was in a consolidation pattern:

Asymmetric Profits (Naked Trades) Sean McCloskey

The pressure on oil and gas prices heating up indicated that Chevron was setting up for a major breakout. When the breakout happened, he recommended the trade.

He got this one right:

Asymmetric Profits (Naked Trades) Sean McCloskey

He recommended his first trade on Chevron on September 24 and 11 days later, he closed out that trade for a 207% gain. Four days later, he recommended a second trade on October 8, and he closed out that trade a month later for another 205%.

You can gain such insights from Sean McCloskey by subscribing to his newsletter called Naked Trades.

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Who is Sean McCloskey?

Sean McCloskey is an investment analyst who recently joined Angel Publishing.

Sean is a self-taught trader and is often seen as a rising star in the industry. He was described by Dave, the host, as one of the brightest trading minds he’d ever met in his over 20 years of being in the sector.

Before Sean McCloskey launched his new advisory service (Naked Trades), he was an analyst for Christian DeHaemer’s Bull and Bust Report, where he shared his research with readers.

Since 2018, Sean has had a good track record of winning recommendations, including 482% on Inspire Medical Systems, 202% on NVIDIA, and 308% on Twilio.

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Naked Trades Review

Sean McCloskey launched his new trading service, Naked Trades, dedicated exclusively to asymmetric options trades.

He named it that because “when you’re trading the options on a stock without actually owning that stock, it’s considered a ‘naked’ position.”

He says that there are only 250 charter memberships in Naked Trades available and when you sign up, you get:

  • Weekly updates, with his newest research, the latest news, and important notes on his latest trades.
  • His Naked Trades trade alerts. You will receive at least one or two new trades in your inbox every month, each with the potential to deliver massive profits.
  • You will start receiving SMS text alerts when there’s a new trade alert.
  • You also get special tutorial videos for these kinds of trades where Sean McCloskey shows you step by step why he is recommending a trade and how to execute it in your account.
  • 24/7 access to the members-only Naked Trades website.
  • You will have access to Sean’s trading webinars and courses.

In case you have an issue with your membership, reach out to the Naked Trades member services team via phone or email.

In addition to that, you get the following special reports:

Asymmetric Profits Made Easy — the Power of Options.”

This report brings you up to speed on the basics of trading options in a short, easy-to-follow guide. Sean McCloskey breaks down the basics of options trading.

Asymmetric Profits (Naked Trades) Sean McCloskeyHe shows you how to set up your trading account. He also helps you understand Calls and Puts, the basic elements of all option strategies. He shows you what they are and when to use them.

The report has a “Dictionary” of options trading terms so that when you trade, you’ll understand the jargon used by other traders.

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Supercharge Your Investments With My Naked Trades System

Asymmetric Profits (Naked Trades) Sean McCloskeyThis report is an owner’s manual for naked trades.

Inside, Sean breaks down his entire strategy — showing you what he looks for in each trade.

Options and Earnings Season — a Great Recipe for Profits

Asymmetric Profits (Naked Trades) Sean McCloskeyThis report walks you through what Sean McCloskey considers one of the most exciting times for trading the market — earnings season.

He shows you how to trade during the earnings season as a great way to score fast profits.

Naked Trades Pricing

If you are among the first 250 people to join, you’ll only spend $1,795 for a full year. After that, the standard charge is $5,000 per year.

The Naked Trades Refund Policy

Naked Trades has a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Sean McCloskey says:

“If at any point during the next 90 days you decide this service is not for you… for any reason at all…

Simply call us, and we’ll give you an immediate refund.”

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Closing Remarks on Asymmetric Profits

In the Asymmetric Profits presentation, Sean McCloskey tells us that if we follow a conservative approach while investing that is relatively safe, it will take a lot of money and many years to build up true wealth.

So, he introduces us to his Asymmetric Profits strategy where instead of investing a huge sum of money for a long time to make small gains, you invest relatively smaller sums for a shorter period for big gains. You achieve that by trading options.

Although options are often portrayed as a quick way to make a lot of money by taking advantage of leverage, I should point out that a majority of traders lose money. In fact, according to the CBOE (Chicago Board Options Exchange), 90% of options buyers LOSE money.

Therefore, bear this in mind as you invest in Sean McCloskey’s recommendations should you decide to join his service.

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