What is Apple’s Secret Operation Red Light? [Keith Kohl]

Keith Kohl recently released a presentation for Angel Publishing about what he calls “Apple’s Secret Operation Red Light.”

It is a presentation about a bizarre new change to Apple Watches that he says will be very lucrative. How lucrative? Here is how he describes it in the title:

“This is going to be more lucrative than the iPhone, iPad, and iPod COMBINED!

The rollout could send ONE Apple partner skyrocketing up by 9,000%…

And it could all start on January 25, 2022.”

Let’s take a closer look at the investment opportunity and what Keith Kohl wants you to do so urgently to get in on it.

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What is Apple’s Secret Operation Red Light?

Apple’s Operation “Red Light” is a presentation by Keith Kohl about a change to the Apple smartwatch that he says is going to be phenomenal.

Apple's Secret Operation Red LightHe says that it is going to represent one of the biggest investment opportunities of the decade.

The presentation begins with him saying:

“Flip over any Apple Watch, and here’s what you’ll see:

There’s a green light…Apple's Secret Operation Red Light

But coming soon on every new smartwatch, that green light is going to be replaced with a red light like this.Apple's Secret Operation Red Light

And when it does…

We will witness the birth of a new dawn in technology…

One that will completely revolutionize an $8.4 trillion market.

And the small company ushering in this new technology has the potential to return up to 9,000% to investors.

It’s all thanks to this tiny chip you see right here.Apple's Secret Operation Red Light

Keith claims that Apple will announce this change as early as January 25 in 2022 and this announcement will make the company producing the chip soar by 9,000%.

Keith says that this new upgrade to the Apple Watch will involve a new special kind of chip technology and that this technology will upend entire industries and usher in a new way of life for millions of people.

He goes as far as saying that it is going to revolutionize an $8.4 trillion market (which we later learn is referring to the healthcare industry).

These kinds of claims are prevalent and we’ve seen the same in presentations like The Apple Super Cycle by Jeff Brown and Ray Blanco’s “The Metaverse“.

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What is the red and green light at the back of an Apple Watch?

Keith says that the current green light at the back of an Apple Watch belongs to a sensor that helps monitor a person’s heart rate. However, he says that it is limited in its capabilities and may be upgraded to the red-light sensor that can do more.

How much more?

Keith says that it takes “all of those clinical machines you find at the doctor’s office or hospital and it essentially “condenses” them all into just ONE little sensor.”

Apple's Secret Operation Red Light

The new sensor will monitor Glucose levels, Hydration levels, Oxygen levels, and other parameters and allow your doctor to track and monitor them from anywhere in the world.

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How to invest in Apple’s Secret Operation Red Light

Keith Kohl wants you to invest in a $900 million company making the microchip that will make the red-light sensor possible.

What does he reveal about the company?

He says that other companies like Amazon, Samsung, Philips, Fitbit, Siemens, and many more want to get their hands on its sensors.

The sensors could soon be on wearable devices, smartphones, video game controllers, and even smart TV remotes.

To reveal the name of the company, you have to get your hands on a special report Keith wrote called:

“Apple’s Operation ‘Red Light’: The Secret Chipmaker Poised to Dominate Health Care”

Apple's Secret Operation Red LightIn the report, he reveals all the details regarding the company.

To get a free copy of the report, you have to sign up for a newsletter called Topline Trader, which I will be discussing in greater detail later on.

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Who is Keith Kohl?

Keith Kohl is part of the editorial team at Angel Publishing, a boutique financial research company that focuses on contrarian investment strategies targeting retail investors.

He is the editor of Energy and Capital, an editorial with an estimated 300,000 readers. He claims to provide in-depth coverage in the hottest investment trends in the market mainly focusing on energy, technology, and the latest advances in biotech.

Keith considers himself a true insider of the technology and energy markets claiming that his research has helped hundreds of thousands of individual investors capitalize on new opportunities.

He is also an editor/investment director of Angel Publishing’s Technology and Opportunity, Energy Investor, and Topline Trader.

He has been active for close to 20 years during which he has been striving to predict developments in the energy industry. For example, he claims to have called the Bakken oil boom, where companies made a lot of money for their investors.

He also writes about the biotech sector, where he and his readers seek to find the newest and the most groundbreaking medical therapies being developed to make money off of them.

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Topline Trader Review

Keith Kohl’s Topline Trader is an investment newsletter that is published by Angel Publishing and edited by Keith.

He’s promoted before in presentations like Biotech’s 100 Year Flood.

To be precise, it is a weekly trading advisory service targeting high-level, next-generation tech opportunities in areas like nanotechnology, robotics, biotechnology, and AI. In this presentation, he focuses on health technology.

Keith Kohl has a team of researchers that are on the lookout for revolutionary new technologies that are likely to change people’s lives.

Here is what’s included in the subscription when you sign up for the service:

  • Weekly Issues of Topline Trader: Every issue of the newsletter comes with new and exciting research on the hottest next-generation tech companies that are making waves in their respective niches. Keith focuses on a high-tech company in at least one of the weekly issues every month. He provides you with the name of the company, buy instructions, and other important details.
  • Regular Portfolio Updates: Keith sends you regular updates where he breaks down what’s happening with each of the stocks. He provides you with up-to-the-minute analysis of each recommendation.
  • Access to the Private Members-Only Website: When you sign up for the advisory service, you’ll receive a username and password to access each trade alert, weekly issue, portfolio update, and research report he sends out to readers.
  • Access to VIP Member Services: As a member of the service, you get access to customer support whenever you need it. The crew is available every Monday to Friday. They are situated in the Baltimore office and they provide 24-hour access by email. You can also contact them by calling (877) 303-4529.

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In addition to these benefits, you also receive the following special reports for free when you sign up for Topline Trader:

“COVID Killer: Cashing in on the Tiny Company Behind ‘Alpha 2B’”

In this report, Keith covers what he considers the biggest medical breakthrough he has ever seen. It involves a small company that has produced a nasal spray that can mitigate COVID-19 symptoms.

Apple's Secret Operation Red LightThe nasal spray can be used at home and its job is to minimize the viral load in your respiratory system. You only need to spray your nose daily for the symptoms to disappear.

Mr. Kohl wants you to invest in the company because he sees its potential in the market.

“The Biotech Investor’s Guide to FDA Fast Lanes”

Keith says that every FDA fast lane (a route to faster FDA approval) has unique requirements and benefits for drug developments. He says that these fast lanes provide powerful catalyst dates for investors.

Apple's Secret Operation Red LightHe gives the example of the nasal spray in the “Alpha 2B” report as one example of a product that could be placed in one of these FDA “fast lanes.”

This report covers the details of how these “fast lanes” work and how they can make you money. Keith says that when a company announces that it has a new drug to be fast-tracked, it can send the company’s shares soaring even when the drug hasn’t officially been approved.

“The Quantum Computer King: The #1 Stock to Buy for the Quantum Era”

In this report, Keith focuses on quantum computing. He says that we are about to see a quantum computing boom.

Apple's Secret Operation Red LightAt the heart of this boom, he wants us to focus on a relatively unknown company that already has a robust library of quantum technology patents. He mentions that this company isn’t some far-off moonshot burning through cash and hoping to hit it big.

He says that it is already selling quantum technology at a profit and the tech stock still trades at just a fraction of a majority of the leading computing giants. He adds that at the time of writing the report, the company was valued at less than 0.2% of Intel Corporation.

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Topline Trader Pricing?

An annual subscription to Topline Trader goes for $1,999

The Topline Trader Refund Policy

Topline Trader has a 90-day money-back guarantee. Here is how Keith Kohl describes it on the sales page.

“That’s why every membership is protected by a full 90-day, money-back guarantee.

If you decide within 90 days that it’s not for you, no problem.

Call our friendly VIP member services team at 877-303-4529 and let them know. You’ll receive a full refund of the membership fee you put down today.”

Before you sign up for the newsletter, always confirm the up-to-date terms of the refund policy to avoid frustration.

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Closing Remarks on Apple’s Secret Operation Red Light

Keith Kohl says that Apple’s Operation “Red Light” will only happen because of a small company that will provide it with a revolutionary piece of tech, a new chip. He says that the shares of the company could rise tremendously just like the shares of other companies that have supplied Apple in the past have.

He cites examples like Anobit Technologies and Skyworks Solutions, two companies that have benefited from forming partnerships with Apple.

Apple has remained tight-lipped about these developments and it will be interesting to see whether Keith Kohl is right about these changes and the company behind them.

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