What Is The Angels & Entrepreneurs Network? [Robert Herjavec]

The Angels + Entrepreneurs Network by Neil Patel is a relatively new investment advisory publishing company that has been receiving a lot of attention in the newsletter circles.

Neil started it to demystify the world of “pre-IPO” investments to the benefit of retail investors who had otherwise not been keen on this type of investment.

He promises that when things go as planned, investments can yield profits as high (or exceeding) 1,000%.

In this article, we will be taking a look at what The Angels + Entrepreneurs Network entails to help you better understand it in case you were considering giving it a try.

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What is The Angels & Entrepreneurs Summit?

Neil Patel launched The Angels + Entrepreneurs Network in 2019 during The Angels and Entrepreneurs Summit that was hosted by Money Map Press’s Mike Ward. Robert Herjavec, who’s best known as one of the “sharks” in hit television show Shark Tank, was in attendance.

Due to Mike Ward’s involvement, some people speculate that Neil could be working with The Agora network (which includes companies like Agora Financial and The Oxford Club)

The Angels +Entrepreneurs Network Reviews

The whole thing centers on becoming an angel investor. If you have never heard of the term, an angel investor is an individual who provides capital to a startup in exchange for ownership equity or convertible debt.

He first released the webinar in 2019 when he was introducing the Angels + Entrepreneurs Network. He still re-hashes it to get the word out and as I write this (on August 11, 2020), there is another one slated to happen five days from today, on August 15.

Neil Patel lays out the agenda of the summit as follows:

  • He outlines why he loves being an early investor, getting into companies on the ground floor.
  • Why he thinks IPOs are a bad time to invest and how 95% of the gains have already been had by pre-IPO investors.
  • Why angel investing is better than starting your own business.
  • How harnessing someone else’s hard work (by investing in them) can make you money
  • Angel Investing 101: he discusses why angel investing is more profitable than investing in the stock market.
  • The 1,000X Formula: He shares a practical strategy that should help you earn 1,000X returns on your investment.
  • The #1 Secret for finding billion-dollar deals: He gives you tips on how to attract the best startups.
  • The 3 windfall exit opportunities for every angel deal. He talks of how you should execute your exits to consolidate your gains.

If you want to attend the virtual event, you have to sign up for it using your email address. And if this year’s event is anything like the last one, they will promise to share some of the opportunities they have already spotted that you can invest in to get started.

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Who is Neil Patel?

Neil Patel is a marketer, influencer, entrepreneur, and a New York Times bestselling author. He also appears to have ventured into the world of investment newsletters.

He is best known for his marketing skills, and particularly his SEO marketing strategies, having worked with companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, General Motors, Salesforce, and Thomson Reuters, just to mention a few.

Neil has had a decorated career: He was recognized as a top-100 entrepreneur under 30 by President Obama and a top-100 entrepreneur under 35 by the United Nations. The Wall Street Journal refers to him as a top influencer on the web and Forbes rates him as one of the top 10 marketers.

Over the past few years, Neil appears to have taken his entrepreneurial adventure on a new level; he currently runs four international companies.

He is also a serial Angel Investor and is always looking for the best new and promising companies to put his money into hoping to grow his investment as they become big, successful companies. He has racked up some spectacular returns from some of those investments.

Neil launched the Angels & Entrepreneurs Network to make it easier for more people to take a punt on pre-IPO investment opportunities, just as he has been doing.

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What is the Angels + Entrepreneurs Network?

The Angels + Entrepreneurs Network is a forum that brings together angel investors who pool their connections together to find the best angel investment opportunities.

The Angels +Entrepreneurs Network Reviews

Inexperienced investors can also join to leverage the connections and experience of Neil and other experienced angel investors.

This wasn’t always possible because this kind of investing was only reserved for wealthy individuals who were referred to as accredited investors.

However, when the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (also popularly referred to as the JOBS Act) was signed into law in 2012, it opened the door for non-accredited investors to invest in private companies. Now, you can invest with as little as $50.

Unfortunately, that did not level the playing field. You see, as a retail, inexperienced investor, although you can invest in any private company, you are still at a disadvantage because you won’t know where or how to find the best startups, or at least those with a decent chance of succeeding.

Joining the Angles + Entrepreneurs Network helps bridge this information gap. Neil and his team look for the best startups, aided by their connections, and they present them to you.

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How does Angels & Entrepreneurs Network Work?

If you want to start receiving investment recommendations from Neil and his team, you can join the network via one of two subscription plans:

Angels & Entrepreneurs Network ($599 per year)

Through this plan, you receive startup opportunities that can potentially yield 1,000X returns. Here is what this membership plan offers you:

  • Two investment opportunities every month.
  • The Founder’s Corner. This is a forum that enables you to interact with other angel investors who are members of the network.
  • The Momentum Report. This report highlights exciting news coming from the startups on the recommended list.
  • Deep dive videos. Neil sends you a video in which he shares details of what he thinks about the investment recommendations.
  • Due Diligence Packages. These are reports explaining why those startup opportunities were picked.
  • Boardroom Meetings. These are live Q&A webinars where Neil’s team answers your generalized questions. Note that they don’t take personalized questions.
  • The State of Angel Investing Report. This report highlights important trends in the world of angel investing.
  • Angel Investor Action Plans. These action plans guide you on how to invest in the recommended startups.
  • Hot seat sessions. The startup founders pitch their companies as they seek your investment. It is like the TV show, Shark Tank.

Private Deal Flow ($5,000 per year)

This is the more exclusive plan and it also attracts the larger subscription fee.

When you join this plan, you gain access to the deals that Neil gleans from his private network. Bear in mind that he has clients like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and other Fortune 500 companies.

The benefit of having those connections is, for instance, when an executive of one of those companies leaves their job to start a company, Neil is usually in the know.

The caveat is that they are only accepting 250 members to this plan.

Refund Policy

Angels & Entrepreneurs Network has a 60-day money-back policy but Private Deal Flow, which is more expensive, does not issue refunds for cancellations.

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Angels & Entrepreneurs Network Conclusion

Investing in pre-IPO companies is a double-edged sword. It can either yield disproportionately high returns or sink your entire investment when the startup fails to pan out. The “sink your entire investment” part is not unique to angel investing because it happens in other areas of investments; it is just more pronounced in angel investing.

However, that shouldn’t scare you off because not only does angel investing make you money, it also enables you to help launch companies that create innovations that drive the economy.

If you intend to invest in companies that might deliver explosive returns, the risk notwithstanding, the Angels + Entrepreneurs Network will provide you with the recommendations that will guide you towards that.

Neil Patel’s company is still very young so we cannot realistically look at its history and derive conclusions from its one year of existence. From what I see, it appears to offer a lot of value because it does the research and avails it to you to enable you to make more informed decisions.

That being said, you should not take the advice Neil and his team gives as personal advice. You, therefore, need to decide whether it works for you before you invest; considering the risks involved, only invest money you wouldn’t mind losing.

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