Is “Project 303” Legit? [Andrew Keene]

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As investment analysts come up with new ways to make money in the stock market during a period of unprecedented volatility, Andrew Keene’s answer to the problem lies in his new venture, Project 303 aka the Extra Income Project.

He claims to have used it in 2008 to navigate the Global Financial Crisis and is hoping to replicate his form in the coronavirus recession.

In this review, I will take you through The Extra Income Project presentation to uncover the plans Andrew has for his followers inside his Project 303 newsletter.

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What is Project 303 aka Extra Income Project?

Andrew Keene claims to have created a new investment strategy in 2008 that helped him make money when the market was a shambles.

He intends to help people make money, just as he did in 2008, in the volatile markets we find ourselves in thanks to the coronavirus-induced economic downturn.

The Extra Income Project by Andrew Keene

He says that you only need to free up 30 minutes for three days every week to implement his strategy:

“From there, all you need is a quick 30 minutes to attend my LIVE broadcast first thing in the morning on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday…”

He goes on to say that anybody with a laptop or cell phone can implement his strategy. You don’t even need to be an experienced trader.

Why Keene Trades Options

His recommendations do not involve bonds, cryptocurrencies, futures, gold, or shorting stocks. He deals with options:

“We recommend buying simple puts and calls.”

He prefers them to stocks because he believes that their upside is greater than what stocks offer and they make money even when the stocks fall in value:

“So even when the underlying shares make small moves… THE OPTIONS CONTRACTS EXPLODE IN VALUE. IT’S JUST MATH. And yes… the same thing is true when stocks are going down. Even small drops can throw off huge moves in the downside options or puts.”

They are also cheaper and, therefore, more feasible for individual investors.

Options are suited to a short-term investment strategy, which minimizes your risks. Here is how he explains it:

“And when things go your way, you get paid cash right on the spot. All without tying up your money for the long haul in markets that history shows will crash without warning.”

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How Keene identifies His Trades

His winning strategy is based on how insiders trade:

“Because what I’ve invented is a reliable way to identify insiders trading in real-time… Just mere seconds after they do it. So you can position yourself right alongside them.”

He monitors how they trade because he believes that they have access to restricted information. He even laments that insider trading is still rife on Wall Street, which gives the people involved a massive, unfair advantage.

So, how does he monitor their activity? He uses a tool called S.C.A.N. It is an acronym that stands for:

  • Spot the Tell: It identifies peculiar patterns that may indicate important insider activity.
  • Confirm every signal: It ensures that the patterns are actually significant and not just a bad lead.
  • Automate and Execute: It means that you need to act fast to make the recommendations work.
  • Net Worth Boosted: Andrew sends you a net worth boosted alert when you should close a position.

It is a proprietary system that he paid half a million dollars to develop. It enables him to trade like an insider, legally.

Here is a bit about it:

“It’s 1,700 lines of code that search through 6.2 billion trades each day looking for small clusters of insider trades that may be connected to something much bigger.”

If it spots a string of trades that are identical, large, appearing within minutes of each other, and involving the same company, it sounds the alarm.

Andrew then identifies the appropriate option plays to shadow those moves to earn massive returns on his investment.

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Who Is Andrew Keene?

Andrew Keene is a trader and an expert at options trading. He teaches his followers the strategies that earned him $5 million in two years.

He started his career on the floor of the CBOE (the largest options exchange in the US). He was initially a clerk but later got promoted to a floor trader.

He took a hit and went on a sabbatical, touring a Buddhist monastery in Thailand.

He made his comeback with a new trading strategy. It made him $1.5 million in the first year and $5 million by the end of the second year.

He created the 1450 Club, the Super Options, and most recently, Project 303 to share his insights with the public. He publishes his work through the Money Map Press.

A similar website is The Super Halving event by Teeka.

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What is Project 303?

The Extra Income Project is meant to lead you to join Project 303. Andrew Keene promises that when you join Project 303 as a founder member, you will be in for a huge discount.

He claims that if you follow his instructions, you can earn $1,000 or more every Thursday while working just 30 minutes, three days per week.

As a member of Project 303, you will be entitled to:

  • Three investment recommendations you can implement as soon as you can to earn a windfall of 100% or more. The caveat is that they are only viable for one week after Andrew released the presentation.
  • Access to the Live Trading Room on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. From 9.00 to 9.30 AM, he recommends the “Project 303 Trade of the week” that he arrives at with the help of his S.C.A.N system. There is a chatbox through which you can ask live questions.
  • The Project 303 Weekly Wrap-up: On Friday, he gives you an update of where your investments stand as you enter a new week.
  • Net Worth Boosted Alerts: He sends you an alert when you need to act fast, either to close a trade or open one.
  • Fast Track to Financial Freedom Training Series: if you have never traded options or are new to trading, this series will onboard you to the world of finance.
  • A free subscription to Profit Pregame: As a member of Project 303, Andrew will brief you on the state of the markets before they open each morning. That is what Profit Pregame is about.
  • Access to the private website. The website contains all the archived information that Andrew shares with his subscribers (in case you miss something).

The Subscription Fee

The subscription fee for one year, if you are among the first 500 new subscribers, is $129 (down from the regular fee of $600).

Refund Policy and Guarantee

There is a double guarantee:

  1. If you cancel your membership within 60 days, you are entitled to a full refund of your subscription fee.
  2. If at the end of your one-year subscription you will not have doubled your investment at least 25 times, you are entitled to a full refund of your subscription fee.

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Project 303 Conclusion

Andrew Keene uses The Extra Income Project presentation to introduce us to his trading strategy. It involves a proprietary trading system called S.C.A.N that cost $500,000 to develop and tracks insider activity to enable him to shadow their trades and earn positive returns.

It works whether the stocks are moving up or down because he trades options rather than stocks. That way, he can make money even when the market experiences a downturn such as the one caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

He also introduces us to his newest venture, Project 303. The premise of this program is to enable his followers to trade 30 minutes, 3 days a week with the help of his S.C.A.N algorithm. The first 500 new subscribers will pay $129 rather than $600.

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