What Is America’s Saving Grace? [Dave Forest Strategic Investor]

A video presented by Dave Forest was released by Casey Research and it had the heading: “Trump Procures ‘Fortified Compound’ Off U.S. Coast.”

It was about an exodus that Dave thinks is happening right now where rich people are leaving the cities and the country and opting to move to secluded areas. He suggests that they are running away from something…

I watched the video to the end and in this review, I will be revealing what Dave Forest was talking about in case you were curious. Are there investment opportunities he is teasing? Read on to find out.

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What is America’s, Saving Grace? (The Pitch)

Dave Forest started the presentation by suggesting that something strange is happening in America that is causing an exodus of rich people who are moving out of urban areas.

He mentions that they are buying up homes in remote locations as if they are running away from something.

A Disturbing Move (Strategic Investor)

He tells us that he knows why they are leaving and that it has nothing to do with the coronavirus.

He says that a “disastrous event” just happened in Washington DC that will have dire consequences:

“In the days ahead… it could spur famine… political upheaval… and bloodshed on American soil not seen since the Civil War.

Not years from now… but months.”

And it has sparked the exodus of elites because they see the imminent danger on the horizon.

Dave then makes it about money and argues that you should be concerned:

“And now we believe we’ve uncovered the true reason elites are evacuating cities like New York and Los Angeles…

What we found has severe implications for your safety… your freedom… even your way of life.

But importantly, our discovery has severe implications for your money.

It will affect where you keep it, how you spend it, and whether you’ll still be able to afford your current standard of living four years from now.”

The event he is referring to is Quantitative Easing or QE, which he explains as follows:

“As a quick refresher on how it works…

Think of it this way: Quantitative easing is like a desperate stimulus check… made out to Wall Street and big investors.

First, the Treasury Department forces big banks to buy its bonds.

Then, the Federal Reserve buys those bonds back.

The result?

Wall Street gets hundreds of billions of dollars… and the government now owes itself money—like owing your credit balance to your wife.

It’s a “win” for Wall Street… and a “win” for the government…

But here’s the problem…

It’s a “loss” for the American people… and it’s incredibly dangerous.”

What does quantitative easing have to do with wealthy people abandoning the cities? Let’s try to make sense of what Dave is implying here:

Since the coronavirus pandemic had decimated the economy, the Federal Reserve had to quantitative ease to get the economy back on track – QE is a tool that central banks use to increase the supply of money in the economy and spur economic growth.

But the trouble, according to Dave, is that the Fed wants to engage in unchecked quantitative easing, which he thinks will be dangerous because it will cause inflation and raise the cost of living beyond what people can afford. He also says that it disadvantages average people while making Wall Street and well-positioned investors wealthy.

He says that this could result in unrest and that’s why the wealthy are leaving.

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How Dave Forest wants you to invest

Now he wants to give a series of instructions on what you ought to do to keep your money safe or even grow it substantially.

His approach is to target companies that will do well during the crisis.

His strategy reminds me of Brownstone Research.

“My first move centers around the companies set to play a major role in maintaining law and order as this all plays out.

As you’ve seen, we’re already suffering from a security crisis…

It’s going to get worse…

And Americans will need all the help they can get as unlimited QE comes to bear.

These companies stand to provide that help.

They thrive when prices and violence are high—meaning they’re perfectly positioned for the days ahead.

They’re already saving lives as we speak… and they’re going to save a lot more.

I believe their stock prices could increase drastically in short order as demand for their services skyrockets.

Big money appears to agree–a prominent investment firm just increased its stake in one of these companies by over 12,000%…”

He doesn’t reveal the names of those companies he is targeting but it is clear that he is talking about companies that provide security services or sell weapons. He has written a report called America’s Saving Grace: How to Prosper in a Crisis.

He is also recommending that you make a move on gold – not physical gold, but gold plays. He has written about this in a report called The 2021 Gold Spike Action Plan.

The third investment he wants you to consider is in copper. He argues that every time the supply of money increases, the price of copper shoots up with it. As the Fed increases the money supply, he thinks copper will be a good investment. There is a report called The #1 Copper Investment in America that he’s written about it.

You can get all three reports for free when you sign up for Strategic Investor.

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Who is Dave Forest?

Dave Forest is on the editorial team of Casey Research. He is the editor of Strategic Investor, Strategic Trader, and International Speculator. He is the guy who did the review about The 5G Keystone Stock and the one about Warren Buffet’s #1 Private Investment.

He is a geologist who has worked professionally in petroleum and mining for over 20 years. He joined Casey Research in 2004 and started writing a newsletter called Casey Energy Speculator that was about finding investment opportunities in uranium, oil, and natural gas.

He has founded and ran his own exploration companies, raising over $80 million from well-known resource investors in North America.

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What is the Strategic Investor? (The Newsletter)

Strategic Investor is the newsletter he is promoting in this presentation. He wants you to sign up so he can reveal other investment opportunities. When you become a member, you get:

  • 12 monthly issues of financial research and recommendations.
  • The three special reports for free.
  • A bonus report about investing in Lithium stocks. The report is called The American Lithium Boom.
  • Access to a library of additional special reports and back issues.

How much do you pay to join Strategic Investor?

A one-year subscription will cost you $49

Does Strategic Investor have a Refund Policy?

Yes, it does. You have a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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Closing Remarks on America’s Saving Grace

The main takeaway from the presentation is that Dave Forest is using it to promote the Strategic Investor newsletter.

After watching the presentation, I have to say that he was a bit heavy-handed with the doomsday scenarios he paints for his audience. For example, he warns that the country is about to descend into chaos because the Fed is undertaking “unchecked” quantitative easing that will spike inflation to Zimbabwe or Venezuela levels.

And since this may lead to social unrest, companies that provide security services will see their stocks rise as demand for their services goes up. He also mentions that gold and copper will do well and it is worth having them in your portfolio.

Although the narrative is extreme, if you look past it and examine the pitch, he makes valid points worth considering. For example, investing in gold during a crisis is not out of the ordinary.

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