What Is Altucher’s Investment Network?

Altucher’s Investment Network is one of the investment advisory services offered by Three Founders Publishing.

Headed up by James Altucher, it is designed to give you access to his network to enable you to secure your financial freedom through prudent investment.

In this piece, we will be taking a closer look at the newsletter to help you understand what it is all about in case you are considering giving it a try.

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What is Altucher’s Investment Network?

Altucher’s Investment Network is an investment advisory service run by James Altucher and published by Three Founders Publishing (a boutique investment research firm that publishes newsletters targeting individual investors).

His presentation about Jeff Bezos’ Big Bet promotes this newsletter.

Altucher's Investment Network

When he started the newsletter, he was going by the mantra of “Choose Yourself” that inspired his bestselling book (more on the book to come).

While the book was about overall self-improvement, this newsletter focuses on helping people achieve financial freedom and independence.

How does he help you achieve financial freedom?

James says that by joining the newsletter, you tap into the skills he developed as a hedge fund manager and venture capitalist. He says that you get to reveal every secret he knows about building wealth. You also benefit from his connections to the biggest players on Wall Street and Silicon Valley.

He doesn’t run the newsletter alone; he has a group of investment experts who complement his knowledge to give you a holistic view of investing. They also reveal their secrets on how to build wealth safely and quickly, give you tips on how to navigate Wall Street, show you how to manage your personal finance, and plan for your retirement.

Since it is an advisory service, you receive tips on the hottest trends in cryptocurrencies, AI, autonomous vehicles, cybersecurity, and cannabis.

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How does Altucher’s Investment Network work?

When you sign up for Altucher’s Investment Network, you receive regular investment insights from Altucher with updates to keep you in the loop of whatever’s happening in the market. In a nutshell, here is what James and his team share with you:

  • Their analysis of the economy
  • Potential opportunities to make money in the capital markets. They point you to the right stocks and inform you how much you ought to pay for them.
  • Videos, articles, books, and other resources that should help you become a better investor.
  • Interviews with other investors to give you a wide range of perspectives.
  • Access to experts who have specialized in nascent sectors like cannabis and cryptocurrencies.
  • Business ideas that you can implement as successful side hustles.

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Who is James Altucher?

James Altucher is an American writer, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, hedge fund manager, and chess master.

He is best known for writing the Wall Street Journal bestselling book Choose Yourself to critical acclaim – USA Today ranked it second in its list of 12 Best Business Books of All Time. In it, he notes that society has changed and reliable employment opportunities are no longer available. Therefore, people have to learn to use new tools and economic forces to make something of themselves.

He has started or helped start over 20 companies and in addition to Choose Yourself, he has published many other books. James’ writing has been featured on The Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, The Huffington Post, and The Financial Times.

He hosts two highly successful podcasts with millions of downloads: The James Altucher Show that has featured guests like Peter Thiel, and Tony Robbins. The other is called Ask Altucher where he answers questions from the listeners.

He is part of Three Founders Publishing where he edits newsletters like Secret Income, Top 1% Advisory, The Altucher Report, Altucher’s Investment Network, and Altucher’s Weekly AlphaBrain Alert.

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What you get as a member of Altucher’s Investment Network

As we already mentioned, when you sign up for the newsletter, you receive insights on how to secure your financial freedom. This brings us to the benefits of joining the newsletter. They include:

  • Monthly issues of the newsletter in which James gives his take on the market.
  • Weekly email updates about the investments that James will have recommended as well as details regarding important movements in the market.
  • Email alerts whenever James recommends that you buy or sell a position.
  • Optional text messages whenever James sends you one of those email alerts.
  • Free special reports and exclusive updates.
  • Unadvertised bonuses.
  • Free subscriptions to daily e-letters like The 5 Minute Forecast, One Last Thing, and Altucher Confidential.

How much do you pay to join Altucher’s Investment Network?

A one-year subscription costs $299

Does Altucher’s Investment Network have a Refund Policy?

The newsletter has a three-month money-back guarantee.

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Closing Remarks on Altucher’s Investment Network

Altucher’s Investment Network is designed to give you access to a network of experts James put together who know how the world of investments works. You also leverage his connections to some of the biggest players on Wall Street. All this is meant to help you build a personal financial fortress to live a life of abundance and true financial well-being.

However, if you have ever traded, you know that things won’t always work out that way. The market is messy and there are risks involved with all investments.

Remember, this newsletter offers general investment advice that does not put into consideration your financial situation. Therefore, do not follow it before you have determined whether it will work for you.

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