Agora Financial – Legit Investment Research?

Agora Financial is one of the most ubiquitous names in the world of financial newsletters and advisory services.

It comprises of experts who are said to provide sound financial advice based on their analysis of prevailing market conditions.

Their goal is to help you secure your financial independence by making good investments.

All that sounds great but it doesn’t give you a clear picture of what the Agora Financial is.

To this end, I wrote this review to give you a detailed summary of what this company is all about.

Keep reading to learn more about it.

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What is the Agora Financial?

Agora Financial is one of the publishing arms of The Agora in America. One of the other publishers is InvestorPlace.

It is an independent body that provides investment advice, commentary, economic predictions, and analysis to its readers and subscribers. It achieves that by publishing videos, print material, articles, newsletters, and other forms of media.

Agora Financial Reviews

It employs experts and analysts who come from a variety of industries. These experts each have a unique approach and specialty, thus providing the kind of diversity that caters to different people’s tastes.

Agora Financial provides a wide range of publications. Some of the topics they cover include:

  • “Safe-haven” investments that enable you to earn maximum returns from things like bonds and precious metals when the economy goes through tough times.
  • Companies that are likely to grow exponentially due to innovation or a major trend. They point out how you can profit even when the stock market plummets.
  • Income-generation strategies to grow your retirement nest egg and protect it.

Agora Financial constantly seeks to outsmart the mainstream financial media. This attitude is exemplified in this statement drawn from the “About Us” page:

“Throughout our history, we’ve consistently beaten the mainstream financial media to the punch. Our readers were aware of the tech bubble, the housing bubble, the credit bubble, the excesses underlying the Panic of ’08, the pending collapse of Lehman Bros. and the rise of cryptocurrency well before they happened — and in many cases, were able to prosper while other investors got blindsided.”

A majority of their publications seek to outperform the market by peddling alternative ideas and encouraging unconventional approaches.

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Origins and ‘The Agora’

Agora began in 1978 as a handful of newsletters and was led by Bill Bonner.

It was based in Baltimore, Maryland where it still has its headquarters today.

Over the years it has expanded to include businesses in other sectors.

In 2016, Agora Inc. (its former name) rebranded to The Agora.

As I write this, The Agora is a collection of over thirty companies that are scattered over more than a dozen countries. Those companies operate independently and they span various industries, including publishing, real estate, hospitality, and information services.

In 2020, it is estimated that The Agora has so far reached more than 4 million people worldwide with over 300 publications. To put that into context, that’s more than companies like The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times have managed.

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Publications offered by Agora Financial

Agora is directly responsible for about 20 publications. However, if you take into account the publications offered by its imprints, the number is larger. These publications are classified into seven groups:

Short-Term Trading. Services that focus on short-term opportunities. Comprises of Weekly Wealth, Alert Daily Double Club, and Kinetic Profits.

Monthly Income Generators. Comprises of investment services that focus on income opportunities, including Mike Burnick’s Millionaire Moments, Mike Burnick’s Amplified Income, Family Wealth Circle, Hard Assets Profits, Income on Demand, Infinite Income, Lifetime Income Report, Strategic Retirement, Contract Income Alert, and Dollar Trade Club.

High Growth Opportunities. Concerns investments in growth stocks. Services that fall under this category include Rich Dad Poor Dad Letter, Rich Dad’s Weekly Cash Flow, Weekly Options Profits, Zach’s Weekly Squawk Box, 5 Min. Forecast, and Buyout Millionaires Club.

Geopolitics and Currencies. These deal with how you can profit from major geopolitical events. It includes Jim Rickards’ Gold Speculator with Byron King, Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence, Retirement Accelerator, Weekly Cash Alert, Jim Rickards’ Crash Speculator, and Jim Rickards’ Project Prophesy.

World Changing Technologies. These teach investors how to make money from companies on the cusp of revolutionary breakthroughs. They are Ray Blanco’s Pot Stock Mastermind, Ray Blanco’s FDA Trader, Startup Millionaires, Technology Profits Confidential, Breakthrough Technology Alert, Nomi Prins’ Dark Money Millionaires, and Penny Pot Profits.

Reserves. This category contains services offered by experts who bring together their services under one subscription plan. They include Mike Burnick’s Income Reserve, Platinum Reserve, Seven Figure Prime, Alan Knuckman’s Profit Trading Network, and Jim Rickard’s Unrestricted Clearance.

Trend Trading. These newsletters focus on how you can make money from uptrends and downtrends. Newsletters like Sunrise Profits and Seven Figure Signals fall under this category.

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What Are Agora Financial’s Publishing Imprints?

Agora Financial is a collection of editorially independent publishing imprints – imprint is just another word for a subsidiary, and in this case, independent publishers that target different audiences.

They include:

Seven Figure Publishing

Seven Figure Publishing’s mission is to help investors attain financial freedom. To achieve that, it provides readers with the best market research and tools to enable them to survive all market conditions.

This is perfectly summed up in this excerpt taken from the Agora Financial website:

“At Seven Figure Publishing, we aim to deliver you financial independence… on your terms. Finding you financial freedom is important to us. We aim to deliver top-notch market research you can put into action to take hold of your own financial stability.”

Its experts also analyze geopolitical events to give investors the true picture of what’s happening and how they may affect investments. They believe that the mainstream media distorts the news to suit an agenda.

Paradigm Press

Paradigm Press, as the name implies, publishes alternative views concerning health, finance, and business. It is described succinctly on the website:

“What’s a paradigm? It’s a model or worldview of how things work. Whether or not you know it, the world runs on different paradigms. Many are bad or obsolete. Eventually, bad paradigms shift to better ones. But that can take a long time — many decades or even centuries in some cases. That’s where Paradigm Press steps in.”

To achieve this, they recruit experts who hold contrarian views; people who no longer subscribe to “the mainstream narrative.”

These experts bring what they perceive to be better paradigms to their readers through their publications.

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Laissez Faire

Laissez-Faire is a publisher that espouses the belief that people should be left to solve their problems without being subjected to bureaucracy, which is in keeping with the textbook definition of the term. The Agora Financial website explains it as follows:

“Laissez-faire refers to the belief that an individual is best equipped to solve their own problems and create a more prosperous society, while bureaucratic mandates tend to make problems worse.”

The publication helps its readers wrestle control back from “big government.” It publishes newsletters and research services that equip readers with actionable strategies they can implement in their lives.

St. Paul Research

St. Paul Research was started to help people secure their retirement by abiding by strict rules and making shrewd investments.

Its mandate is summarized on the Agora Financial website as follows:

“Our analysts scour the world for the best ways to protect and multiply your wealth — from maximizing your Social Security benefits to playing the hottest investments with minimal risks.”

I have shared reviews of some analysts who work for St. Paul Research. For example, I recently wrote a review about Zach Scheidt’s presentation on 5G Cash Towers.

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Choose Yourself Financial

The name Choose Yourself Financial is inspired by the founder, James Altucher, and his seminal best-selling book, Choose Yourself!.

Through the service, the former hedge fund manager cum podcaster provides readers with the tools to make money in a broken system.

He focuses on crisis investing, which is even more relevant now that we are coming out of a dire period for the economy: due to the shutdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Unconventional Wealth

Unconventional Wealth Publishing is all about finding investment opportunities that Wall Street investors either ignore or don’t know exist; opportunities that are outside the stock market.

Unconventional Wealth Publishing is dedicated to finding every moneymaking and soul-satisfying opportunity under the sun… as long as it avoids Wall Street.”

They do this in the name of diversifying your portfolio. Therefore, they find opportunities in other asset classes.

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Publications Agora France

Publications Agora France was launched in 1997 to provide investors with personal financial advice in French.

They publish 20 letters mostly in the field of personal finance. They teach financial independence.

Agora Financial Brasil

Agora Financial Brasil is based in the South American country. Although Brazil is an emerging economy, very few people invest in the stock market. Unsurprisingly, the mission statement reads:

“Our mission is to change the money culture in Brazil by persuading 100 million Brazilians to invest their money independently in the Brazilian and USA stock markets by 2040.”

They have enlisted experts like Robert Kiyosaki to publish their ideas and get more people involved in the stock market.

Agora Financial Reserve

Agora Financial Reserve is a program offered by Agora Financial that enables subscribers to gain access to everything published by Seven Figure Publishing, St. Paul Research, and Paradigm Press for life.

Members are also entitled to two email services:

  • The Friday Executive Summary. This subscription gives its readers a weekly summary of all the action alerts.
  • Focus List. It is a quarterly service that shares long-term picks in all sorts of asset classes.

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Agora Financial Conclusion

A common theme with most of the services Agora Financial publishes is that they reveal “off-the-radar” investment opportunities or ways to make money when the market experiences adverse shocks or downturns.

These appeal to investors, novice and experts alike, because it provides them with something that the mainstream cannot – novelty.

To be fair, whenever mainstream financial media publishes a news story, it tends to be priced in rather quickly. Therefore, if you want to be ahead of the curve, you have to seek “outlier” sources like Agora Financial publications.

But, you must be prepared to handle the extra risk that comes with those peripheral investments because they involve untested companies.

For example, if you invest in a small company that has a promising future but hasn’t produced results yet with the hope that it will become a major hit, it is a bigger risk than putting your money in a big company with relatively assured results.

What draws risk-takers to the small company is the prospect of higher returns with a relatively low investment.

A majority of newsletter editors who work for Agora will promise to have researched the investment that requires low capital input with the promise of high returns, and that tends to draw people in.

Now, I should make it clear that I have nothing against this approach because sometimes it works out and can be very rewarding. I am only urging you to be cautious before you take on investment with the hope of striking it rich – the odds are very much against you and you need a high risk tolerance.

Agora Financial has served people who know how to handle the advice it gives, which explains why it has survived for so long.

Since the experts don’t give personal advice, you should have a personal investment strategy in place to enable you to gauge how applicable their recommendations are to your situation.

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