I Tried Agency Navigator By Iman Gadzhi [Review]

Starting and expanding a successful digital marketing agency is no easy feat these days.

With so many unknowns and moving parts, many aspiring agency owners struggle to get off the ground or scale up. This is where Agency Navigator by Iman Gadzhi comes in.

In this post, we’ll be providing an in-depth review of Agency Navigator, a structured training program designed to teach you step-by-step how to create and grow a profitable, sustainable digital marketing agency.

We’ll assess the strengths and weaknesses of the program based on factors like content, instructor expertise, teaching methods, tools provided, community support, and overall value for money.

Our goal is to provide an objective, comprehensive look at what Agency Navigator offers so you can determine if it’s worth the investment for your agency goals.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your existing agency to the next level, our transparent review highlights everything you need to know about Agency Navigator’s ability to equip you with the skills, knowledge, tools, and ongoing support to build your agency. Let’s dive in!

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Key Takeaways

  • Agency Navigator is a LEGIT online course by Iman Gadzhi. It helps you start and grow your digital marketing agency.
  • The course gives access to Iman’s knowledge of social media marketing. You also learn using his systems and tools.
  • The program has bonuses like sales scripts, business models, etc., for achieving success in your digital marketing business.
  • This program suits everyone: those who want to start a new agency, current owners wanting to grow or people having issues with lead generation or pricing strategies.
  • Agency Navigator consists of several modules that focus on various aspects such as mindset training, finding leads, mastering sales techniques, and providing excellent client service.

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What is Agency Navigator?

Agency Navigator is an online training program created by digital marketing expert Iman Gadzhi. Six Figure SMMA and Agency Incubator are being replaced with his new offering – Agency Navigator.

Now, the Agency Navigator exists on Iman Gadzhi’s new platform, Educate.io.

Agency Navigator Review

The program aims to teach you how to launch a digital marketing agency focused on services like social media marketing, attract clients, and secure a steady income stream earning thousands of dollars monthly. It is a bit like The Timeless Marketer by Tai Lopez in that sense.

The goal of the course is to provide you with insider knowledge and strategies Iman has used to build his own successful agency.

By joining, you can purportedly learn skills like running paid ads on Facebook and Google, content creation, conversion rate optimization, email marketing, social media strategy, and other key aspects of managing a digital agency.

Right out of the gate, they tell you that although you will get the necessary tools and education, the results ultimately depend on how you apply the lessons.

Why Should You Join Agency Navigator?

You may be wondering, why pay for this program when I can find similar resources for free online?

From my perspective, a course like Agency Navigator curates and directs you to the most relevant resources, rather than having to find everything yourself, which can be time-consuming.

It connects you with someone successful in digital marketing to help shorten your learning curve.

Starting an agency takes work, and Agency Navigator is designed to make the process smoother.

Iman Gadzhi claims he wants to reform the education system by moving us away from the traditional school system, an objective shared by others like Andrew Tate, the controversial influencer whose platform, The Real World, has been offering what he can be seen as alternative education.

Iman’s idea of an education is showing you how to earn money by honing certain skills one of which is digital marketing.

With the rise of hustle culture, some people have been questioning whether we should be taking on heavy student debt when profitable side businesses can offer freedom from 9-5 jobs.

But, I still think formal education provides immense value to society, as many benefit from school and careers. Without doctors, engineers, dentists, and other professionals, society would not function.

That said, if you feel stuck in a job, you should have options like building an online business with Agency Navigator.

While traditional education is still relevant, alternative training programs like Gadzhi’s can also empower people to pursue different paths like digital entrepreneurship.

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Who is Iman Gadzhi?

Iman Gadzhi is totally crushing it as an internet marketing guru these days. He’s built up a huge social media following and recently had the successful launch of Educate.io

Iman was born in a small Russian town called Dagestanskiye Ogni and raised by a single mom before moving to England for school. That’s where his entrepreneurial journey began.

He realized all the money was online, so started flipping Instagram accounts and doing freelance photography and video work. Before long he had his own content creation agency up and running.

He was making $15k a month by age 17 – so he dropped out of school!


Iman started a YouTube channel sharing his journey from quitting school onward. It didn’t get many views at first, but now has exploded to over 3.4 million subscribers!

Iman Gadzhi YouTube

His channel is like a time capsule showing him taking his first steps in online business in 2015.

It’s crazy to see how far he’s come – from personal trainer to high school dropout, to building a leading ad agency and making $30m by 23.

His videos regularly hit hundreds of thousands of views these days.

Iman Gadzhi YouTube

Iman has become a total YouTube star and talented filmmaker on top of everything else, which is really impressive given he’s only 23 now.

He runs a content agency called IAG Media. They’ve worked with big names like Oura Ring, Kevin Rose, IKNK and AJ&Smart.

Iman is also involved with AgenciFlow, an agency management software that aims to replace Slack, Asana and Simple Invoices.

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Who is Agency Navigator For?

Our analysis indicates that Agency Navigator predominantly caters to beginners, focusing on fundamental concepts (although experienced marketers seeking a refresher can certainly benefit).

On the other hand, the APEX program, being notably more expensive than the foundational course, is likely geared towards a financially more established audience with a level of experience in the field.

Aspiring agency owners

Starting a digital marketing agency is no small feat, but Agency Navigator can help make this dream a reality for aspiring agency owners.

With direct access to Iman Gadzhi’s expertise and proven business models, beginners in the field will find themselves well-equipped to tackle challenges and establish their own successful agencies.

Current agency owners looking to scale

Scaling up your agency can be quite a challenge. The Agency Navigator course offers tactical solutions specifically designed to help current agency owners take their businesses to the next level.

It provides strategic methodologies for improving both operational efficiency and service delivery. You’ll get cutting-edge tools and proven systems that cannot only boost productivity but also enhance customer satisfaction, which is crucial when aiming for growth.

Those struggling with pricing or lead generation

Navigating the complex world of pricing and lead generation can be a tough task for many agency owners. Agency Navigator focuses on breaking down these complicated processes into easy, understandable steps.

It offers tailor-made solutions to create effective sales funnels and automate lead flow, taking some pressure off you, while maximizing your earning potential. The program also shares proven paid traffic strategies that increase conversion rates significantly.

So if your pain points are determining the right price for your services or finding quality leads, Agency Navigator gives you hands-on tools necessary to overcome these challenges head-on.

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How Does Agency Navigator Work?

Agency Navigator is a comprehensive online program – it’s got over 50 hours of video broken up into 8 different modules. Each video comes with a write-up too.

The videos vary in length, usually between 30 to 60 minutes.

Since it’s all online, you can learn at your own pace after signing up and paying for access to the video library.

In addition to the videos, you get other resources like community access, weekly Q&A sessions, templates, sales scripts, and more.

No free trial though – you’ve gotta pay to play and start your training (you will pay for the subscription to the Educate.io platform).

As you sign up, they’ll ask for some personal details like your email, phone number (mandatory), monthly income, and your business and lifestyle goals.

Once you’re done with that, you’ll be part of the educate.io platform where you can access all of Iman’s courses – Agency Navigator Fast Track, Pen to Profit, Entrepreneur Productivity, Apex, and of course, Agency Navigator itself.

With Agency Navigator, you get access to the proven biz model Iman uses for his own agency. He says you could earn up to $10k per month if you really follow his lessons closely.

Iman’s agency works in a structured way he breaks down into four key elements:

  1. Glorified Contractor
  2. Boutique Agency
  3. LMDR (Lean-Mean Results-Driven) Agency
  4. Private Equity Incubator

Agency Navigator covers the first two. APEX covers the other two

What You Get In Agency Navigator

Here is what you get in Agency Navigator:

First up is the Agency Navigator Core Curriculum – over 50 hours of step-by-step training to build an agency from scratch. It’s a plug-and-play system where you learn everything from signing clients to running Facebook ads, building your team, onboarding clients, invoicing, sales, and more.

You also get access to a custom e-learning platform made specifically for agency owners like you. It’s got all the program modules, extra materials, Q&A recordings, upcoming Q&As, leaderboards, and everything else you need.

There’s an exclusive private community of agency owners too. It’s ad-free and strictly no annoying posts or self-promotion allowed – just a place to share stories, get questions answered, and network.

Some handy tools are included too like a financial planner, revenue calculators, outreach tracker, breakeven calculator, and more. Iman built these for his own agency so they’re totally optimized.

You’ll also get 25 custom website templates for your agency, plus funnel templates for clients. Just copy, paste, and plug in your agency’s own stats – boom, done!

Some template contracts, agreements, and killer sales scripts are included too. Iman refined that sales script over countless meetings and $200k+ in revenue, so it’s proven to help close deals.

And each week you can join 90-minute live Q&A calls with coaches from Grow Your Agency, IAG Media, and partners. Ask any question and get it answered by a specialist!

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The Agency Navigator Modules

The Agency Navigator course is divided into 8 modules:

Module 1 – Laying Your Foundation

It covers the following elements:

  • Program Principles
  • Agency 3.0 Model
  • Niche Discovery
  • Service Selection
  • Code of Honour
  • A Craftsman Tools
  • Loading the Rifle

This module gives you an overview of the program. You learn about the tools you will be using throughout the program.

Module 2 – Mindset

It covers the following elements:

  • Preparing the Vessel
  • Mental Metamorphosis
  • Monk Mode
  • The War Path
  • Social Engineering 101
  • Pragmatic Day in Life
  • Keeping a Tight Ship

This module is all about getting your mindset right – something Iman says is important for success or failure. A lot of people want to skip ahead to the tactical agency stuff, but having the right mindset from the start is key based on my experience.

When challenges pop up (and they will), the right attitude helps you handle them way better and keeps you going even when you hit failures. Getting your mindset aligned early puts you on the right path to push through the tough times every business faces at some point.

Basically, you can have all the technical skills down, but if your mindset is weak, you’re gonna struggle. Iman wants to get your head straight first so you have the resilience to win when things get rocky. Makes total sense to me – mindset first, business skills second.

Module 3 – Systems and Processes

It covers the following elements:

  • Pricing Guidelines
  • Pricing your Services for Local Businesses
  • Pricing your Services for EComm and Online Biz
  • Paid Trails Playbook
  • Attracting A1 Clients
  • Tax, Accounting, and Finances
  • Getting Paid
  • Communications and Retention

This module covers the essentials of running a business – things like getting clients, pricing your services, finances 101, client communication, and getting paid (critical but often overlooked!)

Pricing is one of the toughest things when you’re running your own show. But Iman’s got a system to help you nail quoting clients so you don’t leave money on the table.

You’ll get a taste of the core elements you need to know, even if you haven’t been an agency owner yet.

Module 4 – Finding Leads and Setting Meetings

It covers the following elements:

  • Laws of Outreach
  • Creating An Irresistible Offer and Angle
  • Finding Leads and Qualifying (Free)
  • Paid Strategies for Lead Gen
  • Storing and Organizing Leads
  • Profile Funnel
  • LinkedIn 101
  • LinkedIn Automation
  • Cold Email 101
  • Cold Email Automation
  • Upwork

This module is all about generating leads. You’ll learn tactics like cold email, automated email, cold calling, and scooping up clients online.

It’s a masterclass in getting your first connections as an agency newbie. Iman covers the main lead gen strategies to start building your pipeline – cold outreach, automation, prospecting online. Even if you’ve never landed a client before, you’ll have the fundamentals to start.

Module 5 – Sales and Follow Up

It covers the following elements:

  • The Cardinal Sins of Sales
  • Sales Sub-Communication
  • 1 Call vs. 2 Call Frameworks
  • 1CC Sales Script
  • 2CC Sales Script
  • Paid Trial Methodology
  • The Objection Obscenity
  • Refining Approach & Sharpening Saw

In this phase, one might wonder, “Okay, I’ve got leads, but what’s next?”

This module delves into precisely that, outlining effective strategies for nurturing those leads and seamlessly transitioning them into successful sales. It’s the juncture where one must articulate compelling reasons for businesses teetering on the edge to choose their agency for fulfilling their digital marketing requirements.

Equipped with sales scripts and objection responses, individuals can streamline and automate this pivotal process. However, it’s vital not to merely lean on these aids. Gaining an understanding of the marketing fundamentals (covered in module 6) is key. Being well-versed allows for a smooth deviation from the script, presenting a knowledgeable and confident image.

Essentially, promoting a service without comprehending its essence is a red flag for potential clients. Hence, learning the ropes of marketing is a foundational step in establishing trust and credibility in the realm of client acquisition.

Module 6 – Service Delivery (Fundamentals)

It covers the following elements:

  • Kick-Off and Onboarding Call
  • Facebook Ads Fundamentals
  • Facebook Hygiene and Avoiding Bans
  • All About Tracking
  • Funnels and Offer Fundamentals
  • Science Behind Creatives That Sell
  • Reporting 101
  • Crafting Copy That Converts
  • How Many of Things: Campaign Structure
  • Communication Schedule and Keeping Clients in the Loop

Now that you’ve successfully acquired clients, it’s time to deliver on your promise of promoting their business, just as discussed in your sales calls.

In this module, you delve into client onboarding and campaign setup. This section is particularly extensive, covering essential aspects like running effective Facebook ad campaigns, configuring sales funnels, crafting compelling and conversion-driven copy, navigating common challenges like Facebook bans, and mastering campaign tracking, among various other vital elements.

It’s a guide designed to ensure you’re well-equipped to drive successful campaigns for your clients.

Module 7 – Service Delivery (How to Advertise)

It covers the following elements:

  • Traffic Warmth
  • Interest: Sizes and How to Find The Best Ones For Your Case
  • Custom Audiences, Exclusions, and Combinations, What Is Worth It?
  • Lookalike Audiences: How To and The Best Ones You Can Create
  • Launching Your First Ad
  • How To Test Audiences and Find Winners
  • Load Balancing Budgets
  • Utilizing CBOs
  • The Two King Metrics and Their Math
  • How to Read Your Dashboard
  • Retargeting 101

This module carries on what you had with the previous one because here, you go deep into advertising, testing audiences, and retargeting, the bread and butter of digital marketing.

Module 8 – Service Delivery (Local Business or Lead Gen)

It covers the following elements:

  • Core Concepts to Keep in Mind
  • 9 Funnels for Lead Gen and How to Set Them Up
  • Facebook Native vs. Funnel Lead Gen: Setting Them Up
  • Content and Creatives
  • Automate Lead Flow to Your Client
  • Industry Specific: Gyms
  • Industry Specific: Chiropractors

On completing this module, you learn more about delivering for your clients.

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What is The Agency Navigator Fast Track?

Agency Navigator offers an organized program broken down into six phases and six weekly masterclasses, each addressing a key aspect of navigating the agency landscape effectively:

  • Selecting a Service and Niche: Lay the foundational understanding of choosing the right service and niche to focus on.
  • Mindset: Cultivating the right mindset crucial for success in the agency realm.
  • Client Management: Learn effective strategies to manage and engage with clients efficiently.
  • Prospecting: Understand the art of prospecting and creating a robust client pipeline.
  • Sales: Master the skills needed to excel in sales within the agency context.
  • Service Delivery (Fulfillment): Learn the ins and outs of delivering services to clients effectively.

The program is designed to be a condensed version of the full course, delivering lessons via interactive Zoom calls.

To ensure comprehension and progress, tests follow each masterclass before advancing to the next.

Plus, you can engage with the community, gaining hints and valuable insights as you tackle each week’s mission. It’s a structured and supportive approach to help you thrive in the agency landscape.

What is APEX?

APEX is the focal point once you dive into the world of Agency Navigator. They position it as the advanced level where you can tap into the vast knowledge offered by Iman Gadzhi.

It’s tailored for students who have already tasted success with Agency Navigator, particularly those running flourishing digital marketing agencies.

Essentially, Iman says that those already making $10,000+ a month in their agency should seriously consider joining APEX.

It’s an exclusive, application-only program, targeting agency owners in the $10,000+ monthly bracket who aspire to ramp up their earnings to eight figures.

To get into this program, you need to set up a call with an APEX Student Integration Manager and apply for a spot. If the initial milestone is hitting $10,000 monthly, think of APEX as the accelerator aiming to propel you to a monthly revenue of $100,000. Quite the leap.

How much does the Agency Navigator cost

You get Agency Navigator when you subscribe to Education.io.

Agency Navigator pricing

It’s priced at $125 per month, giving you access to not just Agency Navigator but other courses on the platform.

Educate.io Refund Policy

The program has a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Educate.io Refund Policy

The disclaimer reads:

We offer a 14-day money back guarantee, no questions asked. That means you could enjoy every benefit we offer for 13 days, and still get a refund on the 14th day no matter what. That means you can join Educate with zero risk to you, and only unlimited upside.

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Is Agency Navigator Legit?

Drawing from our firsthand experience, Agency Navigator is indeed a legitimate program. Enrolling in this course equips you with valuable insights into establishing your own digital marketing agency.

While some of Iman’s claims might sound ambitious, being ambitious doesn’t equate to a scam.

It’s completely understandable to have reservations, especially when confronted with flashy imagery and the remarkable achievements of Iman Gadzhi at a young age.

However, our advice is to set aside initial instincts and focus on the course’s content, particularly the wealth of information it imparts on establishing digital marketing agencies.

From what we’ve observed, the program is authentic, offering substantial value to those who enroll.

With that said, it’s worth acknowledging that it may not be the most comprehensive course available for agency startup guidance. There might be more cost-effective options in the market that provide similar or even superior value.

If you decide to invest in Agency Navigator, be prepared to roll up your sleeves and put in the effort.

Achieving a monthly income of $10,000 won’t be effortless; it requires diligent work, especially in the early stages when you lack experience and a portfolio to showcase. Success in this field depends on actively securing clients and delivering real value to them.

What we liked about Agency Navigator

Engagement through Weekly Q&A Calls:

The inclusion of weekly Q&A calls enhances engagement and provides an avenue for real-time discussions and problem-solving.

Abundance of Resources for Launching Your Digital Marketing Venture:

The wealth of tools and resources offered is remarkable, serving as a robust foundation for anyone looking to kickstart their digital marketing business model and achieve online profitability.

Comprehensive Training on Paid Advertising and Testing:

The course offers extensive training on the nuances of running and testing paid advertisements, a crucial skill for success in the digital marketing landscape.

Accountability for Staying on Course:

The built-in accountability feature is a standout, ensuring that you stay on the right path and remain focused on your business goals.

Drawbacks of Agency Navigator

A bit misleading

One issue is its failure to sufficiently convey the challenges that come with starting an agency, especially online. Launching and sustaining an online venture can be quite a daunting task for most individuals, and unfortunately, this message doesn’t come across clearly in the course material.

Not enough time to review the course

Another concern lies in the trial period of 14 days provided to evaluate the course and potentially request a refund. Frankly, this duration isn’t ample time to accurately determine if the course provides substantial value for the investment made.

It doesn’t enhance your understanding of key concepts enough

A significant area of improvement for Agency Navigator pertains to its coverage of service delivery aspects. While it does provide a reasonable understanding of how things function, it tends to have a narrow focus. For a digital marketer, having a deeper knowledge is imperative. Even if the intention is to hire freelancers, a comprehensive understanding of what’s being offered is vital. Unfortunately, the course doesn’t adequately address this crucial aspect.

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Agency Navigator Verdict

In closing, Agency Navigator shows promise as a comprehensive program for starting and operating a digital marketing agency.

Now, the thing is, it’s so new that there aren’t a ton of reviews floating around or success stories to give us other perspectives.

However, it seems like an upgraded version of Iman’s previous courses, so we can lean on what people have shared about those.

A common gripe folks have with his other courses is that Iman doesn’t dive deep into the nitty-gritty of marketing itself; instead, he leans towards teaching you how to outsource that part to a freelancer.

Also, there’s a spotlight on paid traffic, which might mean you need to sign up for another course if you’re keen on learning about organic traffic, an important player in digital marketing.

But hey, to be fair, Agency Navigator does make a decent attempt at introducing you to the agency game.

It’s a good fit for those with some marketing experience itching to learn about snagging clients and setting up shop in the digital marketing world.


1. What is the Agency Navigator by Iman Gadzhi?

Agency Navigator by Iman Gadzhi is a course designed to teach how to start and run a successful social media marketing agency. We’ve covered this in greater depth in our Agency Navigator course review.

2. How does Agency Incubator and Agency Fast Track add value in the course?

The focus of Agency Incubator module is on laying the program principles, while Fast Track aids in agency management software understanding and setting up your very own agency swiftly.

3. Are there any success stories from using Agency Navigator?

Yes! There are numerous ‘Agency Navigator’ success stories where tens of thousands have built operational supremacy in their own business after enrolling as paid members.

4. Is it possible that the “Agency Navigator” is a scam?

No, considering various positive reviews for the ‘Agency Navigator’ program; this proves its legitimacy and not just another Iman Gadzhi scam floating around.

5. Does Iman Gadzhi’s course help with service delivery aspects such as outreach creating Facebook ad campaigns?

Absolutely! The course provides tools, resources, campaign structure communication schedule and also includes client industry-specific sections for practical knowledge about managing digital media services effectively.

6. What additional support does the ‘Agency Navigator Community’ provide?

The community offers guidance through all legal processes tied to an agency business; even serving role of a Financial Planner at times beside continuous feedback from fellow learners aspiring to be the next social media influencers.

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