About Us

StocksReviewed was founded in 2020 with the simple goal of providing reviews of stock teaser newsletters.

There are 100’s of different stock newsletters from numerous experts some of which are entirely legitimate and others not so!

Our goal is to provide you with an honest look at each and every stock teaser, investment research service and newsletter out there to help you make an informed decision on whether you should take their advice any further.

Our reviews are unbiased as we are not affiliates for the programs that we review.

This means we can provide honest information and not be biased in our reviews like some blogs are.

Our team consists of several researchers and writers. We also review other money making opportunities in the e-commerce space including influencers.

Our Team

To preserve the privacy of our team and founder we will only show first names of the team members below.


David is both the editor and a writer for the blog.

David joined the team in 2019 working on another website and has become the main writer and editor for the StocksReviewed blog.

Most of the reviews you will see published will be from David as he undertakes research into various investment newsletters, teaser stocks and other online programs on the daily basis.

David oversees the work of several other writers who contribute to the blog content.


Sophie also joined in late 2019 working on another website and now also works on the StocksReviewed website.

Sophie assists David in researching newsletters and writing content.


Mark is the founder of the StocksReviewed website and oversees the blog operations from marketing, email newsletter, SEO and monetization.

Mark has been an entrepreneur for over 10 years, first starting out online in 2010 as a SEO consultant and content writer.

In 2012 Mark decided to stop offering SEO services and instead focus on building his own websites.

How We Make Money

We make money as affiliates for products and services, however unlike many review websites we do not make money by promoting the very products and services that we review.

It is on rare occasions we will recommend a product or service via our affiliate links that are actually reviewing.

This allows our reviews to remain completely unbiased and simply provide the information you are looking for.

We do recommend certain products and services which we will earn commission on via our affiliate links.

These could be via links in our blog posts, buttons, popups or simply banner adverts.

We will also recommend products and services to you via our email newsletter which is opt in, permission based.

We will however never sell or rent your data to anyone.

Get In Touch

You can reach us on the following:

Alternatively email contact@stocksreviewed.com