Is EB Tucker’s “5G Master Key” Stock Legit?

E.B. Tucker released a video presentation with a header that reads:

“A tech snag has brought America’s 5G rollout to a screeching halt. But one company has come up with a novel solution… And it could turn a small stake into a windfall.”

In the presentation, he was talking about a tiny $10 firm that could soar 9,700% in the months ahead by fixing “5G’s Glitch”

In this review, I will be dissecting the presentation to give you a background of what he means when he talks of a “5G Master Key.”

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What is The “5G Master Key”?

The “5G Master Key” is a term that Tucker coined to refer to a crucial piece of technology that will solve a technical problem that may stall the 5G rollout.

The 5G Master Key by E.B. Tucker (Reviews)

During the presentation, he begins by demonstrating to you how 5G internet is orders of magnitude faster than 4G internet. If you’ve heard of the new standard, that shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Major telecommunication companies have been running 5G tests in a couple of cities and major phone manufacturers have been making 5G enabled phones.

Tucker ran his test in downtown Denver, Colorado, with a Samsung 5G-enabled phone. When he was within the range of a 5G antenna, everything went smoothly and he demonstrated how fast the internet is.

But when he entered a coffee shop a few feet away, the 5G signal failed. In doing so, he exposed a flaw with 5G: It is not strong enough to penetrate barriers (walls, glass, etc.).

He quotes T-Mobile’s Chief Technology Officer saying:

“T-Mobile’s Chief Technology Officer let slip: ‘[To get 5G coverage] you’ll need no walls, no windows, no buildings, no trees… and lots of luck.’”

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A small company holds The “5G Master Key”

The challenge with 5G is that it uses a high-frequency signal:

“The short waves that 5G Wi-Fi uses to pull off lightning-fast internet…They’re not suitable for wide-area coverage. Right now 5G signals can be blocked by virtually any object…”

That explains why 5G requires thousands of antennas to provide ample coverage.

Dotting the landscape with thousands of antennas is not a pretty sight. Besides, people have been destroying 5G towers citing health concerns (wrongly) in some places.

So, if companies could find a way to not have to install more antennas, they would take it.

That’s where Tucker’s small company comes in. He says that it has a brilliant solution for the problem at hand:

“It’s a miraculous technology that looks like an ordinary black box… That promises to unleash the true power of 5G.”

“Powerful enough to transmit high-bandwidth 5G signals…To every corner of the country. Without littering the landscape with thousands of expensive and unsightly towers and antennas.”

“Using microsatellites that hover above Earth… This incredible technology is called: The SKY.”

“It can distribute 5G signals over a wider area where earth-based cells, towers, and cables can’t cover.”

The 5G Master Key by E.B. Tucker (Reviews)

The goal of the presentation is to get you to invest in this small company to give yourself the chance of making money when it grows. Tucker is confident that that will happen for a couple of reasons:

  • Since big telecoms have no choice but to consider its solution, it has signed agreements with T-Mobile and Sprint. Other companies in other countries have also reached agreements with it.
  • It has more than 124 patents for its technology thus safeguarding its revenue.
  • Vodafone, a British telecommunication company, tested the technology and determined that it works.

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Who Is E.B. Tucker?

E.B. Tucker is the senior technology investment analyst at Casey Research. If you are unfamiliar with it, Casey Research is an independent investment research firm that was started by long-time investor and author, Doug Casey.

E.B. Tucker writes The Casey Report and edits the Strategic Trader and the Strategic Investor newsletters.

Before he joined Casey Research, Tucker used to work for Stansberry International (another independent publisher, like Casey Research). While he was working there, he co-edited Stansberry International and was one of the researchers for Porter Stansberry’s Investment Advisory.

Tucker’s investment strategy has been to profit from economic downturns. The secret is to keep his wits about him while other investors panic and overreact. He sees market collapses as an opportunity.

For example, in 2009, right after the disastrous collapse of the US housing market, he recognized that more people would start renting; therefore, he bought many single-family rental homes at low prices and has been reaping the rewards of his investment.

He is also passionate about precious metals and knows a great deal about them. He was one of the founding partners of KSIR Capital Management, an asset management firm that dealt with investments in precious metals, and KSIR Capital, which was an advisory firm that focused on precious metals.

He has a B.Sc. in Business Administration majoring in Finance from the College of Charleston.

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What Is The Strategic Investor?

If you would like to learn more about the small company and possibly invest in it, you have to read the report that Tucker has written about it. It is titled The 5G Master Key: 9,700% Gains as 5G Sweeps the Globe.

You can only get the report (for free) if you subscribe to Tucker’s advisory service, the Strategic Investor.

The Strategic Investor is a subscription-based service through which E.B. Tucker promises to help you make the most of shifts in the markets.

If you join it via the offer he makes at the end of the presentation, you will pay an annual fee of $49.

He gives you 60 days to try the service “risk-free.” If you decide to terminate your membership within those days, he should refund your subscription fee fully.

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The “5G Master Key” presentation is E.B. Tucker’s way of advertising his advisory service, The Strategic Investor.

For $49, he will send you investment recommendations geared towards helping you make the most of any market situation.

Since he is a technology analyst who is also passionate about precious metals, you can expect his recommendations to involve those two sectors.

Investing in 5G has been a common topic of conversation in many investment circles. Although his main motive is to get you to subscribe to his newsletter, this is Tucker’s take on how to capitalize on 5G as an investor.

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