Are “5G Cash Towers” Legit? [Zach Scheidt]

Zach Scheidt recently opened up about his approach to investing in 5G.

The presentation, titled 5G Cash Towers, introduces us to his way of thinking about 5G investments and it is linked to income and the law:

“an official amendment opens up what could be a sky-high income stream for everyday Americans”

I sat through the presentation and will use this article to highlight the main points Zach raised. Keep reading to learn more about Zach’s “5G Cash Towers”.

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What are 5G Cash Towers?

5G Cash Towers is a pitch published by Zach Scheidt promoting his investment advisory service, the Lifetime Income Report.

As the name suggests, it has to do with investing in 5G, something many other financial gurus in the newsletter business appear to have picked up on.

I have reviewed presentations like Tiny Silver Smart Antenna by Louis Navellier and The 5G Tollbooth Stock by Briton Lyle.

Investment analysts are keen on 5G because it creates an opportunity for people to cash in on something that may spark a technological revolution. Although 5G in itself will directly make many stocks rise, it will impact dozens more indirectly.

Zach has decided to go the direct route: invest in companies that will be involved in the 5G infrastructure buildout.

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The 5G Cell Towers

Although it may come as a shock to some, network carriers like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint do not own the cell towers that propagate their signals. They lease them from cell tower REITs:

“Most of these cellular towers are owned by a handful of obscure companies you might never have heard of…”

Zach has taken an interest in those Cell Tower REITs and not just for their strategic importance to the whole process of upgrading the network.

He claims that an amendment to an old law that was instituted by President Eisenhower was recently made that now entitles companies involved in the 5G upgrade to tax breaks.

Originally, the law excluded businesses in the communications industry but a recent amendment by the Department of Treasury through the IRS opened things up.

“The IRS made a small tweak to the terminology of Eisenhower’s Law… Because of this tweak, certain 5G companies can also get the same tax breaks as many of these other companies.”

This move was meant to spur infrastructural development and put American companies on the front foot with regards to 5G.

In line with his quest to look for income opportunities, he decided to go with these companies because they pay dividends:

“They quietly collect ‘rent’ from the big cell phone companies like Verizon and AT&T. And distribute a huge portion of the ‘rent’ as “5G Cash” to everyday Americans in every state.”

He goes as far as saying that they are “forced” by the law to “share” their profits with shareholders and that the SEC sees to it that they do it. Furthermore, they are also incentivized to pay dividends because they get tax breaks for doing so:

“In a nutshell… the law incentivized big corporations to invest in the infrastructure of the country. But it also forced the corporations to hand out a large majority of their revenue to the American public. In return, the corporations would get MASSIVE tax breaks…”

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What is the 5G Cash Command Center?

He expects the next wave of dividends to be paid out on August 27. So, if you would like to invest in his recommendations, you have to gain access to a special online access page called the “5G Cash” Command Center (5GCCC) before then.

Here’s why he wants you to gain access to the 5GCCC:

“You’ll quickly notice this special web portal has EVERYTHING you need to know about the rapidly moving 5G industry… how to prepare, and profit! You’ll discover the details of the recent IRS change…The names of important companies paying out ‘5G Cash.’”

The 5GCCC portal will confer the following benefits:

  • Access to a video on Getting Started with “5G Cash”
  • Access to a “5G Calendar” containing dates of when you can expect dividend payments. It lists 5 of the “main” stocks paying “5G Cash” as well as 27 additional ones involved in the 5G revolution that also pay dividends.
  • The 5G USA Rollout Map showing the progress of 5G across the country. It will be updated monthly.
  • 5G Investors Web Seminar with a special guest who knows a lot about 5G.
  • Access to The 5-Star 5G Index. It is an index comprised of 5G stocks.
  • 5G World News and Views.

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Who is Zach Scheidt?

Zach Scheidt is an editor of financial newsletters. He works for St. Paul Research where he publishes Family Wealth Circle, Income on Demand, Lifetime Income Report, Buyout Millionaires Club, and Weekly Squawk Box.

Before he started publishing newsletters, he was a hedge fund manager who managed million-dollar accounts for wealthy clients. He quit that line of work because, as he puts it, he grew tired of making rich people even richer.

During his money managing days, he always believed that income investing was king. He still holds that belief to this day as evidenced by the names of his investment advisory services.

Nowadays, he spends most of his time looking for new income opportunities to share with his readers.

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What is the Lifetime Income Report?

Tied to the 5G Cash Towers opportunity is the Lifetime Income Report.

It is one of Zach’s main financial newsletters. In it, he emphasizes on teaching people how to invest in dividend stocks. He doesn’t publish it alone, enlisting the help of Jody Chudley.

He spends most of his time finding companies that not only offer a dividend but also show the capacity to sustain their yields.

He also teaches his subscribers how to skirt the system to pay fewer taxes (legally), finds income loopholes in markets outside the US, and pick up good stocks at a bargain.

The annual fee for one year is either $49, $79, or $129 according to the subscription plan you choose.

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What you get when you subscribe to Lifetime Income Report

As we’ve seen, if you subscribe to the Lifetime Income Report, Zach regularly recommends new dividend stocks whenever he spots them. He also sends you email updates and holds monthly FAQ sessions during which you can ask him general questions regarding his investment strategy.

If you subscribe to the Lifetime Income Report via the “5G Cash” Towers presentation, you will receive the following:

  • Big Data Payouts: As bizarre as it sounds, in this report, Zach talks of how you can make money when people use data-heavy apps. He reasons that companies like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook that own and run data-intensive apps pay rent to the data centers that store the data. You should invest in those data center companies because they pay dividends to their shareholders.
  • Income 2020: It is a book that contains 47 proven ways to earn passive income.
  • The Little Booklet of Retirement Discounts: It is a guide that contains tips on how pensioners can earn discounts on healthcare or not have to pay for things like electricity and college degrees.
  • The 5G 2020 Cash Register

The Refund Policy

Zach gives you a 210-day (7 months) money-back guarantee. You can cancel your membership for whatever reason within that time for a full refund.

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5G Cash Towers Conclusion

5G appears to be what every investment analyst is touting these days. I have encountered my fair share of similar presentations and reviewed some of them here.

Zach Scheidt believes that we should consider investing in companies that own cell towers. He says that a change to an old infrastructure law incentivizes those companies to pay dividends because companies that do enjoy tax breaks.

I have to admit that it is a peculiar presentation because Zach does not propose one or multiple stocks. Instead, he wants you to subscribe to his newsletter to grant you access to his portal through which he will issue his dividend stock recommendations.

Whether or not you agree with Zach’s Cell Tower approach, he provides you with a different perspective (if you already haven’t heard of it). If you hadn’t thought of investing in Cell Tower REITs, now you know that they exist.

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