What Is The 5 Minute Money Multiplier?

Jeff Clark recently released a presentation titled The 5 Minute Money Multiplier.

In it, he lays down his investment strategy promising you “The easy way to make an extra $1,400… $5,420… $7,470… in a matter of weeks — from the comfort of your own home.”

And with that kind of money, you must be thinking that your retirement can be sorted out in a matter of time.

But, you must have questioned the validity of his claims, which led you to look for answers (and you now find yourself reading this review).

Therefore, in this article, I will brief you on what The 5 Minute Money Multiplier is all about so that you can better decide whether you shall follow his trading strategy.

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What is The 5 Minute Money Multiplier?

The 5 Minute Money Multiplier is the title of a pitch by Jeff Clark promoting his newsletter, Jeff Clark Trader.

The 5 Minute Money Multiplier by Jeff Clark

But before he gets to that, he insists that he wants to guide people away from the “wrong advice” they have been fed by mainstream media and society.

He goes on to say that the bad advice is to blame for people living unfulfilling lives where their fate lies in the hands of Wall Street investors – whose decisions move the market.

“ALL of this bad advice has one thing in common:

It REQUIRES you to sacrifice decades of your life…

And ‘bet the house’ on the actions of a few ‘stuffed shirts’ on Wall Street…

All in the hopes that ‘it will all work out, someday.’”

He also detests how long it takes to make money the “normal way:

“Anyway, that’s why I say the “normal” way of investing is crazy.

It takes waaay too long…”

He wants them to embrace his advice whereby you only need to follow his recommendations, take around 5 minutes to trade, and earn enough money to retire on.

“This approach is so simple, it takes you as little as 5 minutes a week… and you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

It’s this approach I used to retire more than 13 years ago…

When I turned 42.”

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How does it work?

He trades options rather than stocks, and in doing so, he enjoys better leverage, potentially higher returns, and quicker turnovers. He calls this The Money Multiplier technique.

To demonstrate its efficacy, he shares an example where he compares the cumulative returns of a set of stocks that were held for one month:

The 5 Minute Money Multiplier by Jeff Clark

The average return is just 3%.

However, if you took the same set of stocks, invested the same amount of money for the same period but instead of stocks you traded their options, the outcome is different.

The 5 Minute Money Multiplier by Jeff Clark

In the second instance (to the right), the total average return is 582%.

Now, I should clarify that in this example, he makes use of a backtest, which may NOT be a reliable way to test the effectiveness of an investment strategy.

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Who is Jeff Clark?

Jeff Clark is a professional options trader and investment guru who writes about trading options. For instance, he spent 15 years editing Pro Trader and The Short Report, two newsletters published by Stansberry Research.

Before he started working on newsletters, he ran a brokerage house and private money management firm that was based in San Francisco that served wealthy clients from California. He also once developed the curriculum for an international MBA program.

Jeff’s strategy is situational; this means that he tweaks it depending on the market conditions. He alternates between a conservative approach and a speculative one to capitalize on moves in the market. For example, when there is a short-term move in a particular stock, he finds the right play to make money off of it.

He offers three advisory services based on this model. They are Jeff Clark Trader, The Breakout Alert, and Delta Report. He also runs a free newsletter called Market Minute.

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What is Jeff Clark Trader? ($19 first year, renews automatically at $99)

The 5 Minute Money Multiplier by Jeff Clark

Jeff Clark Trader is an introductory options trading advisory service targeted at people who are just starting to trade options. It also works for traders who are looking for a simple trading strategy. The bottom line is that you don’t need to know a great deal about the stock market.

This newsletter utilizes a strategy that Jeff claims to have used to make money so reliably, he retired at the age of 42.

Back then, he realized that if he focused on just three stocks at a time, trading their options plays, he could make enough money to retire on very quickly. He claims to have implemented his plan to spectacular success (he retired at 42).

Therefore, he built Jeff Clark Trader upon it and has been advising his followers through it ever since. If you subscribe to the service, you can expect to receive:

  • 12 monthly newsletters for the first year you will be a member. He sends you a new edition every third Thursday every month with a new trade opportunity.
  • Quick updates on when you ought to buy or sell.
  • Access to Jeff’s Quick-Start Guide.
  • Access to the Jeff Clark Trader Research Library.
  • The 3-Stock Retirement Blueprint. In the report, he outlines how he trades and how he picks the three stocks. He also shares the names of the three stocks he is working with at that instance. I have covered this report in greater detail in a separate review of the report (going by the same name). You can read it by following this link.
  • Money Multiplier Masterclass. He also gives you access to video tutorials detailing how options trading works if you are a novice.

Refund Policy

The subscription comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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The 5 Minute Money Multiplier Conclusion

In The 5 Minute Money Multiplier, Jeff Clark makes a lot of claims that suggest that under his guidance, you can make a lot of easy money – enough to build your retirement nest egg. And frankly, that almost sounds like a get-rich-quick scheme.

From my understanding of his strategy, he picks three stocks and trades their options over and over until they lose their edge. Then he moves on from them and picks another set of three stocks and repeats that. Therefore, he doesn’t fixate on three stocks as the title suggests.

You can read more about that in my review of The 3 Stock Retirement Blueprint.

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