What Is The 2022 Tech Time Bomb Summit?

Ray Blanco was recently featured in a virtual event titled “2022 Tech Time Bomb Summit.”

At the event, with the help of legendary investment analysts George Gilder and Jim Rickards, Ray looked ahead at how the global chip market may shape up offering suggestions on how best to navigate this crisis (The $11 Trillion Tech Time Bomb).

In this review, we take a closer look at what Ray and his colleagues discussed at the summit as well as the proposals he made.

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What is the 2022 Tech Time Bomb Summit?

The 2022 Tech Time Bomb Summit is a virtual event featuring Ray Blanco, with guest appearances by George Gilder and Jim Rickards.

The event was focusing on the global chip shortage and an event that they claimed will light an $11 Trillion Time Bomb in the technology industry. Ray believes that there is a big shift coming in the tech industry that will affect the chip-making industry.

2022 Tech Time Bomb Summit

Throughout the summit, they talk about how the chip shortage is a global crisis unlike any other we have witnessed in history because it is causing prices to spike for everything that has an electronic component.

He says that this shortage is affecting even the biggest companies. For example, Apple’s newest iPhones are already being delayed by over a year and car manufacturers like GM have had their profits slashed over 40%.

According to Ray, demand for electronic chips has gone up because people are buying more gadgets than ever before and there is more money in circulation due to stimulus checks and other measures that have increased supply.

At the same time, supply has been dampened by geopolitical problems, which he thinks will only get worse:

“I’m expecting the worldwide chip shortage is about to get FAR worse.

Chipmakers were already predicting the shortage could go on until at least 2023…

But a disruption at one chip “choke point” could be just days away from pouring gasoline on this blazing inferno.

That’s because at this moment, nearly ALL of the world’s most advanced semiconductors come out of Taiwan…

Which means the growing crisis between China and Taiwan could soon pose a MAJOR threat…

Cutting off the world’s supply of the chips inside EVERY single electronic device.”

However, he says that there is an opportunity to profit from the situation; by taking action to prepare for the impending tech time bomb.

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Ray Blanco’s Tech Time Bomb Summit Recommendations

During the summit, Ray Blanco claims that he has done his research and found companies that we should consider investing in because they are going to do well as the chip shortage happens.

His #1 recommendation is a tiny company with proprietary chip-making technology. The company’s technology can be used to make higher performance and efficient chips.

Its technology can be integrated into production lines without having to build new lines and with the upgrade, manufacturers can make more chips.

It has over 300 patents and its founder has published papers about the technology. He also has affiliations with Intel.

All the details are in a special report titled:

The 2022 Tech Time Bomb: The Top 3 Stocks to Buy for the Global Chip Shortage.

2022 Tech Time Bomb SummitIn the report, he has named the top three stocks (including his number 1 recommendation) that he expects to profit from the global chip shortage. In the report, he provides a breakdown of their businesses as well as details on his research and the price he’d recommend you buy at.

The other recommendations are options plays in two other companies that are bigger than the first one.

To get the report for free, you have to sign up for Ray Blanco’s Catalyst Trader.

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Who is Ray Blanco?

Ray Blanco is the chief tech officer of St. Paul Research and an editor at Agora Financial, a Baltimore-based financial publishing company that has several subsidiaries and partner organizations.

St. Paul Research is a financial publishing company that offers free and paid newsletters. It is a publishing imprint of Agora Financial.

Ray has a background in IT because he used to work as a network support technician, analyst, and specialist before he joined Agora Financial in 2009.

Ray joined St. Paul Research in 2010 and has been with Agora since 2009. He is the editor of the following newsletters: Breakthrough Technology Alert, Technology Profits Confidential, FDA Profit Alert, and Technology Profits Daily.

In 2019, one of his portfolios closed out the year outperforming the S&P500 by 50%.

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Ray Blanco’s Catalyst Trader Review

Ray Blanco’s Catalyst Trader is an investment newsletter published by St Paul Research. This service focuses on the biggest events in the technology sector to turn them into big profit opportunities.

2022 Tech Time Bomb SummitRay Blanco monitors significant events like press conferences about new tech products, an agency approval for new drug therapy, or news about a tech that could not only change our lives but make current tech obsolete.

He says that with Catalyst Trader, he takes a boots-on-the-ground approach to scour the market for the biggest profit catalysts in the tech industry. Ray does on-site visits and he interviews CEOs as he seeks the answers you need to start taking immediate action.

He then sends out his research along with specific instructions on exactly what you need to do.

When you sign up for Ray Blanco’s Catalyst Trader, you receive:

  • Weekly Catalyst Alerts. Ray sends you updates to his model Portfolio during a weekly Q&A session. He provides you with updates on his positions, the state of the market, and where he sees new opportunities. He also answers questions as long as they are NOT about seeking personalized financial advice.
  • Urgent Flash Catalyst Alerts. Ray Blanco has a team of researchers on the lookout for tiny tech companies with huge profit potential behind important events. Given the nature of these opportunities and the amount of research that goes into each play, he sends you recommendations every month. He sends you a trade recommendation with a full breakdown of his analysis of the opportunity and precise instructions on how to proceed.
  • Monthly “Action Point” Zoom Calls. Every month, Ray finds an urgent catalyst opportunity and outlines how to take advantage. He presents his findings from recent trips, goes through business models, and answers any of his audience’s most pressing questions in a direct Zoom call. He also discusses some of the most in-depth tech research in the industry.
  • Recorded Interviews With C-Suite Executives and Researchers: Mr. Blanco interviews management of promising companies to get a firsthand look at their products and research labs. He shares his findings with subscribers.
  • Ticket to the Catalyst Trader Symposium: At the Catalyst Trader Symposium, Ray Blanco shares insights from special guests. One of his past guests was an analyst who recommended Tesla when it was trading for just $4 a share. As a member of Catalyst Trader, you get a ticket to this virtual event for free.
  • The Catalyst Calendar: It is a digital calendar that has 12 upcoming and prominent catalyst event dates and how exactly Ray thinks you should get ready to take advantage.
  • Tour of the Tesla Fremont Factory: Ray Blanco will take you on a tour of the Tesla factory once they reopen their facilities for public access. As a part of the tour, subscribers also get to test drive a Tesla themselves. After the tour, guests get to attend a happy hour at a Fremont wine bar. On the first trip, there will be 50 guests allowed. Ray and his team will provide instructions on how you can be one of the attendees.
  • As a member of Catalyst Trader, you also get a free subscription to Ray’s flagship newsletter, Tech Profits Daily. You also get free subscriptions to The Rundown and 5-Minute Forecast.

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In addition to those benefits, you also get the following for free:

Picks and Shovel Profits: The “Hidden” Play Behind the Biggest Chipmakers

This is a special report about a company that makes the test equipment used by chipmakers in their manufacturing process.

2022 Tech Time Bomb SummitAccording to Ray Blanco, while semiconductor companies make headlines for their plans to spend hundreds of billions of dollars in the months and years ahead, the real winners in the story could be the little-known companies helping to build these new factories to meet the growing need for chips.

Five Stocks to Avoid in the Chip Shortage Crisis

This report has a list of five companies that Ray Blanco thinks will lose out as the crisis unfolds.

2022 Tech Time Bomb SummitHe claims that their profits have nosedived and if you’re holding these 5 stocks in your portfolio, you need to take action.

The Catalyst Trader Hotlist: The Top 3 Catalyst Plays in our Model Portfolio

In this report, Ray Blanco identifies a small group of stocks that could make a big run as soon as they hit their catalyst dates.

These companies will be active participants in the latest trends in the tech and biotech markets.

Ray Blanco’s Catalyst Trader Pricing?

You can sign up for Ray Blanco’s Catalyst Trader for $995. If you sign up through the link provided at the end of the summit, you get an extra year FREE.

This is a discount price because the newsletter typically charges $5,000.

Ray Blanco’s Catalyst Trader Refund Policy

There are NO REFUNDS once you sign up for the newsletter.

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Closing Remarks on 2022 Tech Time Bomb Summit

The 2022 Tech Time Bomb Summit is a virtual event during which Ray Blanco talks about investing in the tech industry at a time when there is a global chip shortage. He says that the crisis will only get worse and we should focus on finding investments that will enable us to profit from the crisis.

He has researched the industry and found companies that he feels he can predict the movements of and he wants you to get in on them. But first, you have to subscribe to his advisory service, The Catalyst Trader.

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