What Is The 2021 Investors Address? [Shah Gilani]

Money Morning’s Shah Gilani recently filmed a presentation called the 2021 Investors Address.

In it, he engages in a stock-picking marathon whereby he reveals the companies that he expects to perform well in 2021.

In this article, I distill the hour-long video into the main talking points so that you don’t have to sit through it.

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What is the 2021 Investors Adress? (The Pitch)

Shah Gilani’s 2021 Investors Address was released by Money Map Press to advertise the Money Map Report.

Money Map Press has been behind presentations like 20X Bigger than Bitcoin, Project 303, and The Virtual Black Diamond Conference.

Beyond that, it gave Gilani the platform to talk about the future of the market and the investments we should be focusing on as well as the ones we should be avoiding.

Shah Gilani's 2021 Investors Address

Throughout the presentation, he lists several stocks that he feels all investors should buy and a few others that should be avoided.

Speaking of the stocks you should be considering, he describes them as follows:

“I want to tell you about stocks that aren’t on your radar yet (or anyone else’s).

In addition, these are going to be stocks that…

Have a growing business in growing markets and are already making a lot of money.

Are profitable and have great cash flow – meaning they can survive any economic downturn.

Have all indicators pointing to the fact that they’ll continue trading at very attractive prices over the next few weeks.

In some cases, pay healthy dividends – meaning they pay you just to hold the stock.”

And the ones to avoid:

“On the right side, I’ll display stocks that I think every American shouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole.

Maybe they’re overvalued, maybe their recent boost in price is just temporary, maybe they’re hiding some overwhelming debt.”

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The stocks you should buy or avoid

This is not a typical presentation because Shah Gilani readily names the stocks rather than engage in a long-winded teaser only to require you to sign up for a newsletter to reveal them. He has broken them down into the industries they come from. The recommended ones are in bold:


He urges caution over oil companies because in 2020, oil supply outstripped demand during the lockdown and in April, oil prices even went into negative territory. Producers found themselves in the peculiar position of having to pay buyers.

Therefore, a majority of oil companies are on shaky ground and may have to take big loans to stay afloat. And to exacerbate the situation, there has been a growing desire to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy sources.

He wants you to invest in a small-cap company in the renewable energy market called Clean Energy Fuels Corp. (NASDAQ: CLNE). He sees potential in it because it is in the lucrative business of helping trucking companies modify their fleets to run on natural gas rather than diesel.

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In the cannabis industry, he notes that the biggest challenge facing stakeholders is the limited access to banking services. Therefore, it is hard for them to open accounts, access credit, or set up efficient payment systems.

Since cannabis legalization now has bipartisan support, Gilani expects the industry to grow considerably.

The companies he wants you to avoid are Cresco Labs (OTC: CRLBF), Green Thumb Industries (OTC: GTBIF), and Curaleaf Holdings (OTC: CURLF). He says that they are grossly overpriced and they do not make money.

He recommends a company called Innovative Industrial Properties (NYSE: IIPR). This company acquires production facilities from growers and then leases them back to their former owners. He says that their business model allows them to break even quickly and earn revenues fast.


He advises you to consider investing in companies that make guns and ammunition because there has been a massive surge in gun sales.

Stocks to avoid are Vista Outdoor Inc (NYSE: VSTO) and Smith & Wesson (NASDAQ: SWBI) because they have recorded low profits despite record sales.

His pick is Sturm, Ruger & Company Inc. (NYSE: RGR), which is the biggest gun manufacturer in the country. It is appealing because it makes money and has low debt. It also acquired Marlin Firearms in cash.

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The country will be spending over $4 trillion to maintain infrastructure over the next 19 years and this will create a profit-minting opportunity for investors.

The stocks to avoid are Cemex (NYSE: CMX) and ArcelorMittal (NYSE: MT) because they are in a bad financial state.

The stock to purchase according to Gilani is U.S. LIME & MINERALS INC. (NASDAQ: USLM). It supplies lime and limestone that will be needed for infrastructure projects. It has a large cash reserve and a small debt.

It also acquired a limestone supplier called Carthage Crushed Limestone.


Shah believes that healthcare is not an ideal industry to venture into because many hospitals have been losing some of their biggest sources of revenue. He gives the example of elective surgeries that were mostly canceled as attention shifted to COVID-19.

He lists a couple of healthcare providers that have had a tough time, including some of the biggest hospitals.

He recommends Universal Health Services (NYSE: UHS).


These are stay-at-home stocks that include remote business tools, telecom companies, online education, streaming media, home fitness, gaming and toys, and delivery platforms.


In the field of automation, Gilani recommends Rockwell Automation, Teradyne Inc, and Zebra Technologies.

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Who is Shah Gilani?

Shah Gilani is the chief investment strategist for Money Morning, which is affiliated with Money Map Press. He publishes the Money Map Report, Hyperdrive Portfolio, and Straight Line Profits.

Shah ran his first hedge fund in 1982 while he was working on the floor of the Chicago Boards Exchange. He was working as a market maker when options began trading in 1983. He was one of the experts that laid the foundation for what later became the VIX – a volatility indicator that is widely used to this day.

When he left Chicago, he ran the futures and options division of the British Lloyd’s TSB. He also worked for a boutique firm called Roosevelt & Cross Inc. where he established a packaged fixed-income trading desk. He also launched the firm’s “listed” and OTC trading desks.

He started another hedge fund in 1999 and ran it until 2003.

He is a frequent guest on Forbes, CNBC, and Marketwatch.

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What is Money Map Report? (The Newsletter)

Money Map Report is a community of over 50,000 members who are united in their goal of venturing into the stock market to take advantage of the investment opportunities on offer. After watching the presentation, you are rewarded with four investor guides:

  • Investor Guide #1: Buy This, Not That. It is a guidebook that has details regarding every stock that was mentioned in the presentation – both the ones you should buy and the ones you should dump. It also covers industry shifts that you should be aware of
  • Investor Guide #2: Tricks of the Trade: The Ultimate Tools to Secure Your Profits. This guide shows you how to automate buying and selling stocks on any platform by setting stop-orders.
  • Investor Guide #3: The Best Income Plays in the Market. This guide discusses dividend stocks. Shah explains how you can earn double-digit yields in dividends.
  • Investor Guide #4: 8 Stocks You’ll Want to Own Forever. This guide has stocks that you should own in the long term. They are “safe” plays that earn you capital gains consistently.

As a member of the Money Map Report, you are also entitled to:

  • Monthly newsletters that are physically mailed to you. Each comes with a “buy-now” stock recommendation.
  • Weekly investing alerts. Every Monday, Shah sends you a quick email about what to expect in the markets for the week.
  • Shah Gilani’s full four-part master stock investing series. These guides show you how to set up your trades if you are new to trading. They include specific instructions that clarify everything.
  • Profit alerts. Whenever there are profits to be earned, you receive a sell message to capture maximum returns.
  • Access to the model portfolio and the encrypted members-only web portal. You can monitor how Shah’s recommendations are performing by keeping tabs with the model portfolio. The portal also has an archive of every Money Map Report.
  • The Money Map Report Concierge Service. The customer care team handles any query regarding your membership.

How much do you pay to join Money Map Report?

A one-year subscription costs $39 if you subscribe through the presentation. The regular price is $299 per year.

Does Money Map Report have a Refund Policy?

Yes, it does. The newsletter has a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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Closing Remarks on the 2021 Investors Address

Shah Gilani’s 2021 Investors Address is a presentation that promotes the Money Map Report as well as gives Shah a platform to share his 2021 outlook.

Throughout the presentation, he explains how he expects each of the major industries to react to the economic climate and reveals his stock picks in each sector as well as the companies that face the threat of collapse.

Unlike many analysts who tease their stock picks, he is open about his even as he promotes his newsletter and that’s a welcome gesture.

Before you invest in any of those companies, do your research to ascertain that you are making the right moves. You should ensure that you are not investing money that you are not ready to lose because those stocks may not perform as well as expected.

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